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black and white || suho

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AU Prompt : everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.

1977 words; soulmate!au; suho scenario; romance, slight angst

For all his life, Junmyeon has lived in a black and white world.

The idea of colour was almost like a myth. Some people believed in colour like they believed in love. Others scoffed at the idea, rolling their eyes at the lovestruck beings.

They say that the whole purpose of a black and white world was to find your soulmate. When you found your soulmate, your world would completely change, and become much happier, brighter, and colourful.

Does Junmyeon believe in such stories?

It’s questionable.

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If only you knew how much I was hiding

               All the happiness, all the pain, all the joy and rain

You blame other things for bringing me down, holding me down


               This time it’s not the hoarding oppression of capitalism

               Nor the weight of politics and the world around us

No, this ones on you

Holding me down keeping me in black and white

               For a house with a different colour in every room you aren’t very accepting of mine

I’m hiding my colours even in this house

               The front room may be lilac, the dining room light blue

               I do see the bright blue of your room and the dark of mine

               But with you living in the house and suffocating me I only see grey

And then I moved out

               My uni room is cream but then they all are

               And I’m still much brighter and much more colourful, not that you can see

I barely noticed my colours showing even with the pride flag in my room

               Not til I had returned to those colourful rooms with no support of my own

I’m always going to want to show my colours

               I have three flags I could wave but you only accept the walls in your home

               Even if its not my own

“Father damn you, Michael, I didn’t spend the past century taming your hair for you to ruin it upon arriving to Earth!” - Gabriel, probably in the distance, being really, really done with his twin. 

Because I’ve got headcanons, and @suntosirius and @drinkbloodlikewine didn’t help at all with them ;)

My thoughts on the ending of DHMIS 6

Personally, I believe this trio are still the original three (Red guy, Bird man and Yellow guy), and they’ve just been given a chance to be themselves. Bird man’s wearing a little grandpa shirt instead of his usual suit, maybe he never wanted to act uptight and just wants to relax. Red guy now has more wide eyes, he’s still his expressionless self but he’s happier and doesn’t need to stay quiet and calm anymore. Yellow guy of course is probably more wary, but i think he and his friends can truly be happy together now. They’re all their favourite colours, meaning they can express themselves. I feel like they still remember everything that happened, and things will never be the same, but they have each other, and by the looks of things, no more pesky objects coming to life to cause any trouble, except..

There is sketchbook, who now looks much friendlier, with bigger eyes and brighter colours. She never was much trouble in the first video, but now she seems even more kind. I think now the three and sketchbook will just make normal art’s and crafts stuff, and all is well in the puppet household.

I love you more than I love the colours of the galaxy and all of the moons and stars.

For your colours were so much brighter and your pull had the strongest effect on me.

—  Me

Button Upgrade

I’ve switched the type of paper I use to make pinback buttons so now they’re extremely water resistant! I did the test above, running the raw paper under water for about 10 seconds and the ink didn’t run AT ALL! I’m super impressed with this paper and even though it’s more expensive it will fix the problem some people have mentioned to me of their buttons running after getting wet.

Another bonus is this stuff is slightly glossy and prints the designs much sharper and with brighter colours than the regular printer paper I was using before. So yay! Better buttons all around!

When you called me “the moon”, 
I don’t think it meant the same thing to you
as it did to me. 
See the moon has phases, 
and as soon as you likened me to her
I felt like you meant you could never tell
when I would be the woman you loved
or the person you loved to hate and hurt. 
New moon: its own form of perfect - 
a blank black canvas but
did you know that black isn’t supposed to be scary,
it just makes the colours shine through
that much brighter. 
Waxing crescent: a sliver, a piece, a taster, 
a single mouthful of unripened forbidden fruit
that still tastes so sweet. 
First quarter: it was then, I think,
that you started to fall 
in love with me, fuller figured, growing,
growing, growing…
Waxing gibbous: less of me in shadow 
than you can see. Bright enough
to show you the way home when the street lights
are too tired to come on - it takes a toll 
to shine every night and to not know the meaning
of “gratitude”. 
Full: now you see me, glory, unveiled and necessary - 
crater faced and still radiant. Ripe, the tide puller 
without hands (because you had them held 
and who was I to want to pull away?)
Waning gibbous: what made you love me 
is starting to fade. You aren’t quite so tolerant
of the shadow lands I thought you knew
all the routes through
anymore. But I have always been this way 
- do not pretend you didn’t know me:
you do. You did. 
Third quarter: the first night you didn’t come home,
I sat up waiting. I watched the moon rise and set
into the horizon - a welcoming home - I wondered
if you looked at her and saw and thought of me.
Waning crescent: the street lights have all been mended 
so it looks like you’ll never need me again.
New moon: just as darkness brings out the colour,
you cannot help but be swallowed by it
without a light. Old sky, beware the rising tides.
I hope that when you see them,
you’ll think of me again - I will not
be thinking of you.
—  To The Old Sky, From The New Moon