much brighter colours and such

rough attempt of a teenage Laurent aka actual throwback from the eternal WIP archive that I stumbled upon while digging for something else but why not share it here, I definitely won’t get around to re-work this anyways


Akira aka Chair-kun from Persona 5! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

I couldn’t decide if I like the version with or without the stars better so here’s both. This was my very first try with the airbursh tool and I think I like it. Maybe I should try it out more often c:

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Can I ask how you blend colours with the watercolour tool in MediBang? I find that when I use my watercolour tool it works more like a very light airbrush (i.e: it will just make the darker colour airbrush over the lighter colour, instead of actually mixing them properly). Any tips would be super appreciated, thank you! <3

so my general tips for blending with the watercolour tool in medibang are:

 have a high ease of mixing setting, and lower the load colour option if needed.

  • have the brush set to a larger minimum diameter. if you’re trying to blend two colours in a small-ish area, rely on the pressure sensitivity of your drawing device.
  • using the alt + click technique to colour pick when blending is VERY CRUCIAL. if the two colours i’m trying to blend are quite different (or if i overestimate how much brighter/darker the colour i’m trying to apply is) i will lay the colour on top, use the colour picker to get a middle value between the two (sometimes zooming right into the pixels to do so) and brushing that middle colour over the edges where the two colours aren’t blending.
  • this step is repeated multiple times until i get the desired blended effect.
  • when i paint i usually have one hand with the pen and the other on the ‘alt’ key to optimise the blending process.

 i’m not sure if these were like, superrrr basic tips that you would’ve known already but i hope they helped! feel free to pm me or send another ask if these weren’t specific enough *wwww*

First in my series, Anatomy Of Harajuku!

Uchuu Kei is first up. It’s a style that branches from Fairy Kei and incorporates space and planetary motifs! Materials that are usually seen in Uchuu Kei are holographics, PVC and translucent materials. Uchuu Kei can also be more minimalistic and futuristic, but the most common aesthetic of it is tied closely with Fairy Kei though it uses much brighter colours!

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Where do you get your super pretty dice from? I can't find a place that has really pretty pastel/neon or just fun looking dice

I get them all from - the GameScience dice there are by far the prettiest IMO (they’re the gem shaped, neon and pastel ones) but also the polished metal TDSO sets and Chessex frosted ones always arrive looking gorgeous.

The nice thing about that site is that you can buy every dice as a single rather than entire sets. Building your own collection becomes instantly more fun :D

For neon colours in particular, they don’t come much brighter than the Rubellite and Peridot colorways of GameScience’s “precision” dice!

some panthara ideas, because Yet Another Cat is boring

the bulkier, less saturated one has evolved in the more fel-tainted areas, its colours fading to blend in to the dark landscape. more heavily armored to deal with any scavengers or fiends that might encroach upon their territory, they mainly hunt the heavyset talbuk (or marsuul, for a few lucky groups) in krokuun or the basilisks (and demons) in the antoran wastes. they rely mostly on their “whiskers” for hunting, so they’ve evolved to be long and incredibly sensitive, while their eyes and ears have become less useful

the panthara of mac’aree are quite different, being all around smaller and slimmer, with much brighter colouration and far more bioluminescence, which they use to attract a host of manafeeding prey, if not going for stray mana outright themselves. their “whiskers” are wider and rounded, more sensitive to mana than to movement, and the fins along their back are used for mating rituals, where the krokuun/wastes panthara use them solely for threat displays

both “subspecies” are adept at climbing trees (or in the wastes, rock formations and cliffs)


It’s my new Betta, Fibh! We got him in at the PetValu I work at and I couldnt help myself from picking him up since I had a spare 10 gallon to pop him in!

His colours are so much brighter since I took these photos, his body has an outline of a dark, vibrant red and he’s so pretty!

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Could you show us how you did those beautiful potteries please? It just looks so beautiful :)

(( OOC: The pottery was already made and we just painted it in a studio! And we’ve left it with them to fire in the kiln, so the colours will be much brighter afterwards. ))

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So I have a question, Doctor. With them being nagas, no doubt their scaled skin would be sought after by poachers, for boots, purses, what have you. Have you seen any threats like that around? What would happen if some poachers decided to target Armitage, Kylo, and the babies?

So far I have seen no poachers, but I have no doubt that they exist. The colours on the nagas are much brighter than those found in other reptilian species. Such people are despicable and I can only hope that my presence is keeping them away. It would break my heart if anything were to happen to Armitage, the babies and Kylo.

If anyone were to try and hurt any of them I would fight them off! I’m not such a slouch! I’m very adept with a blaster!

*kerPLUNK!* I finally finished him! Okay, okay, I finished him a while back, I just finally scanned him. But still, it took me a really long time finish this!

So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m basically in love with BOTFA Fili like I can’t EVeeENNn *cries* Like, that costume is just my favourite in the whole trilogy probably, out of everyones. I mean it’s really hard to pick a favourite, since I love all the costumes but I remember the first time I saw the pictures of Fili’s outfit I actually kinda died and may have (may have) licked my computer screen. I think it’s the belt placement or something. And he’s got a bit of a “Dorito” thing goin’ on. And who doesn’t love Doritos! (Captain Erebor, anyone?)

…Anyway, so I’ve been on a quest to draw it, and finally with the release of the BOTFA EE I’ve been able to get some BTS pictures making it a LOT easier to reference.

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