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in which someone just needs some attention

Word Count: 1,500

Rating: R (i’m sorry mom)

You understood. You really did. Youtube was his job, and that meant that he had to spend a lot of time creating product, from videos to merchandise to books. However, Joe was very much so an all-or-nothing person. If he had a week full of work, you were lucky to steal a kiss and 5 minutes of alone time. On the other end of the spectrum, if you were spending a week together he would schedule tweets and spend the entire week fully unplugged. So all was well that ended well.

Most of the time.

Tonight, not so much. You had wanted nothing more than to have a relaxing day in cuddling with your boyfriend, which always ended up as something more by the end of the day. Hell, you were past wanting it. You needed it. And you tried to be understanding like usual while he edited his main channel video. And then the vlog from the past day. And then when he had a 2-hour skype meeting with Caspar about their production company. It didn’t help that he spent the whole day without a top on, and his abs were on full display. You caught yourself staring all day, watching the muscles ripple under his skin. You were patient, no matter how painful it was. But watching him enter the closet at 10:30 to grab his gaming hat practically made you groan.

“You’re filming a gaming video tonight?” You pouted from your spot on the bed.

“Yeah, I’ve gotta get another episode of Outlast II up, it’s been a few days,” he explained, picking out a Sugg Life shirt to throw on for the video.

“You can’t film tomorrow? I’ve hardly seen you today.”

“I know baby, I’m sorry. I just have to film this really quick and then I’ll be back. I’ll make it a short video, 40 minutes tops. I’ll even wait to upload it until tomorrow,” he said, arranging his hat over his hair.

“Alright, that’s fine I guess, as long as you promise to come right to bed when you’re done.”

“Promise,” he smiled, leaning down to give you a kiss before headed to his office.  

Once he was out of view, you slipped out of your jeans and shirt, revealing your matching bra and panties – some of Joe’s favorites on you. Let’s just say you’d woken up with a plan for how the day was going to end up. You strolled out into the kitchen, making sure he would get a view of you from the office.

“Do you want a glass of water before you start?” You called, watching him carefully.

“Yes please!” He responded, not looking away from his screen. You poured him a glass before grabbing a post-it note off the counter and scribbling a quick note.

Let’s see how long you can outlast. Gotta film a whole episode tonight, right? Finish before you come to bed Xx

You laughed slightly at your pun, but you knew it would get the message across.

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Imagine going hiking with Chris.

You listened to Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’ and ate Crispy M&Ms, padding along behind Chris and Dodger as the three of you made your way up the Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa Overlook. Chris chuckled when he glanced back at you because you were more engrossed with your chocolate than you were with the view. You weren’t much of a nature person, he knew that before he started dating you; it was something you made adamant on your first date. But you were the kind of person that tried for the ones you loved, even if you complained half the time. Chris was enjoying the moment now when you still had chocolate and weren’t all that tired, he knew it wouldn’t be long before you starting accusing him for trying to murder you.

“Babe,” Chris stopped in front of you and gestured for you to pull out your headphones; you did and raised your brows at him. “How are you doing?” He quizzed and you shrugged indifferently. “Do you need to take a break?”

“I’m good,” you shook your head. “But fair warning,” you held up your bag of chocolate, “I’m running low on M&Ms.” He chuckled and you bit back your smile, “I’m going to start complaining soon.” You looped your earpieces around your neck as he slipped his hand into yours, walking alongside you instead of in front of you. “Trust you to pick a seven mi-”

“Uh uh,” he cut you off, chuckling. “You still have chocolate, you can’t complain yet.” You tried not to smile as you squinted at him evilly; you pulled your hand out of his so you could continue eating your chocolate. “You really shouldn’t eat M&Ms while hiking, they’re not good for you.”

“Wrong,” you corrected him in a sing-song voice and he laughed. “Dean ate M&Ms while hiking and he killed a Wendigo.” You looked over at Chris, who was rolling his eyes. “So it sounds to me like M&Ms are the perfect hiking snack.”

“That’s a TV show, Y/N,” he countered in a weary tone.

“And you’re not really Captain America, Chris,” you retorted with a smirk.

“Touché,” he chuckled and you giggled, looping your arm with his and pressing a kiss on his jawline. “Do me a favor and keep your playful attitude when your chocolate runs out? It’ll make the next-” he checked his Fitbit, “five miles a lot easier.”

“We’ve only done two?!” You cried and he laughed. “It feels like we’ve been walking forever!” He pulled you along when you stopped walking. “Why are you trying to kill me, Chris?” You whined, stomping alongside him. “Ughhhhhhhh,” you groaned.

“Eat your chocolate,” he chuckled and you scrunched your nose at him, displaying your annoyance as you pulled your arm out of his and did as he suggested. “We’re nearly to the top. Once we get there we can just sit, relax, take a few photos, eat our lunch then make our way back down when we’re ready.”

“I’m ready now,” you told him with a cheeky grin.

“No you’re not,” he chuckled. “We have to get to the top.”

“Fine,” you huffed and plugged your earpieces back in, letting Ed Sheeran’s voice sooth you as you forced yourself to continue walking. You brushed past Chris and threw an M&M at him, making him and yourself laugh; Dodger followed behind you, his tail wagging excitedly; Chris, on the other hand, stood still and patted his back pocket where your engagement waiting eagerly to live on your finger. He was ready to propose now, but like he said, you needed to get to the top first.
• • • • • • • •
“I’m dying,” you dramatically wailed as you threw yourself on the picnic blanket Chris had laid down on the ground. He laughed as he unpacked the picnic lunch he made for the both of you, it consisted of kid foods: PB&J sandwiches, apple juice, orange slices, chocolate chip cookies, cheese and crackers. You sat up and raised an eyebrow at him. He just smiled and settled opposite you.

“You berated me for eating M&Ms and this is the healthy lunch you packed?” You laughed as you took a cookie from the box. “Here I was thinking we were going to eat quinoa, I’m so glad we’re eating kid food instead.”

“Kid food?” He chuckled as he poured himself a cup of juice.

“Yeah, the kind of food kids have.” You reached for a triangle cut PB&J sandwich. “When was the last time you ate something like this for lunch?” You quizzed then raised your eyebrows, prompting a continuation from him as you took a bite.

“As a kid,” he answered then laughed when you shot him an 'mm-hm’ look. “But you can’t just classify it as kid food, adults can have it too. You have PB&J sandwiches all the time, not for lunch- but you do have it quite often.”

“That’s 'cause I’m a kid,” you grinned at him and he chuckled. “It is beautiful up here.” You smiled at him then turned away to admire the view, whereas Chris’ eyes stayed locked on you as you were everything beautiful he needed to see. He slightly lifted his butt so he could pull the ring out, he took a deep breath as he held the ring in front of you.

“Not nearly as beautiful as the love of my life,” he said and you smiled and turned back to him. Your eyes widened and your lips parted when you saw what was in his hand. He got on one knee, smiling as he took your left hand in his. “I’ve spent the last two years with you fantasizing about this moment, and now that it’s actually here- I feel like I’m at a lost for words.”

“Chris,” you chuckled nervously, feeling your eyes fill with tears of joy and excitement.

“You are the love of my life, Y/N,” he told you with so much assertion, it made your heart ache. “There is no one I want to see out the rest of my days with, but you. I could even do this hiking thing with you complaining and whining for the rest of my life because all of that is just cute to me.”

“God, I hope we’re not hiking for the rest of our lives because- I don’t think I can do that,” you chuckled and he laughed.

“You are the best thing in my life and I’d be damned if I ever let you get away, so will you please marry me and spend the rest of our lives together?” He asked and you nodded, smiling till it reached your eyes. “Really?” He chuckled and quickly slid the ring on.

“What else did you expect me to say?” You laughed as he pulled you into a hug. “Of course it’s a yes, Chris. I love you,” you pulled away and cupped his face in your hands. “I love you so damn much.” He smiled and met your lips for the kiss you were offering. “If you didn’t know that from the way I force myself to come on your stupid hikes, you’re a bigger idiot than I thought.” You teased him and he threw his head back, laughing.

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Last week a good friend of mine invited me to go with him to paint some walls… I’m not a graff writer, nor would I EVER pretend to be, but I have been interested in creating with spray paint for a while. My friend is a complete badass. His name is Hatziel Flores (google him). He basically taught me the basics of can control in a SUPER crash course one day this past summer, and I’ve been bitten with the “spray paint bug” ever since. 

Hatziel was going to paint to knock off some rust because he was chosen to do one of the official pieces on the wall for “Go Paint Day” this past weekend. I figured, if I’m going to go out here I might as well go in with a plan for once, since the other couple of times I’d tried to spray paint, I went in completely blind. I sketched a quick crude outline of what would become “Temper Tantrump”.

We arrive at the walls, and another artist “Grand” is already working. Grand is one of Hatziel’s homies, and tells us “Hey, these walls have been assigned to different crews, but y’all can go ahead and paint on them because they are going to be buffed tonight or tomorrow to get ready for Saturday. So if you just want to get up for practice, go ahead.” 

We both pick our spaces on the wall and get to work. While we’re working another artist arrives to start his piece for the event on Saturday, a person I later find out is one of the GODFATHERS of Dallas graffiti, Ozone. 

All 4 of us had been painting for about an hour, and Ozone walks down from his piece at the end of the wall to check everyone else’s progress, and stops at my piece, and tells me how much he loves it, and how he can already tell it’s going to be epic. Me, a guy that had no business being on this wall in the first place with these three Dallas graffiti legends, was getting love from Ozone. 

I put in another 2 or so hours and had to leave. The piece wasn’t exactly finished, but it was finished enough that I could take a photo and post it and not be too mad at it. Grand comes down from his scaffolding, and looks at the piece and compliments it as well. Hatziel who’s painting next to me, tells Grand, “yeah this is only his second time really painting”. Grand is visibly blown away. He then says, “yeah I’m going to make sure they don’t buff this and leave it up for the event”. I don’t take it too seriously, and don’t really care if it gets painted over because I had taken some solid photos. 

Thursday evening passes, then all day Friday, then Saturday morning. I arrive to the event about 2 or so to find it’s a much bigger deal than I expected. There were 18 wheeler trailers, and people live painting on easels, and literally creation happening EVERYWHERE. B-boys breakdancing on custom floors that were built for the event, DJs, cypher circles, basically every element of hip-hop was there except for KRS-ONE. I walk into the alley where the Varsity Graff writers were, and get to the section of the wall where my Temper Tantrump piece was to find… it was still there. There really skipped my part of the wall when they were buffing to leave it up for the event. Me, the person who isn’t a graff writer, and had no business being on that wall with those legends. People were taking pictures with it and wondering who the mystery man was that painted this piece. There were people speculating it was another well known writer that no one had ever seen, and it wasn’t finished because someone came into the alley while he was working, and spotted him and he ran off. Hearing all the theories of who it could be was entertaining, but as an artist I wanted them to know it was me, and what better way to let them know than to finish the piece. So I rushed home, grabbed my paints, and paint clothes and headed back to get to work. 

And here’s the finished product. It’s not perfect by graffiti standards, but I’m REALLY proud of it. Plus I met A LOT of really cool people and told them my story, and got some really good pointers from people who have been doing this since the 80s/90s. AND got some love from some graffiti ICONS along the way. 

ironic dyslexia

pairing: lin x reader (go figure)

prompt: dyslexic author writes a book that lin loves and he meets her and invites her to see hamilton

warnings: hastag makeout and swearing

word count: 3,069

a/n: happy to write some more for you all. this is one of my favorites. kind of pointless, very sweet. i love lin, but what’s new honestly (ps mY SISTER GOT ENGAGED AND IM SO HAPPY)

Masterlist / Prompt List

Today was hard. You could usually manage, but there was something about today that just made writing so fucking hard. God, you couldn’t even get through a paragraph without the little red line haunting every mistake you made while typing. You had an interview today with a publishing company - what if they asked you to read a chapter from your book? The job would be gone the first time you messed up your w’s and m’s. You groaned, pushing your computer away from you seat at the diner.

It was strange. You would go to type a ‘g’ and think, “g is the lowercase version of G,” and “G looks like a 6,” so you would type a 6. It took much longer for you to get your thoughts out, and you often had to stop and think about what you were writing. God, you hoped they wouldn’t give you a typing test. Do they even still do those?

The waiter brought over a plate of hash browns and your cup of coffee. You ate silently, hoping that maybe the food and caffeine would lift your moral. Dyslexia was hard enough, but being an author made it ten times worse.

Your mom laughed - actually laughed out loud - when you told her that you were writing your first book. She thought you had been completely joking. You pushed it though, not only proving her wrong, but more importantly proving to yourself that a disability wasn’t your definition.

And you did. Your first book was off the charts, every day gaining more attention and praise. You even did a segment on The Ellen Show; that’s what happens when you work your ass off.

You had just started packing up your laptop when a voice startled you.

“Excuse me?”

Your head turned quickly as you jumped back slightly. You settled when you realized it was just a young girl. She was kicking the ground, embarrassed. You laughed lightly, “Yes?”

She looked back up to you - she couldn’t be older than ten. “Are you Y/N?”

You nodded, “What can I do for you, love?”

Her smile grew. She pushed a piece of hair from eyes behind her ear, “My mom read me your book and it’s my favorite.”

Taking in a breath, you grinned. This was a whole new community of people that you hadn’t expected to reach, “Thank you so much, that means the world to me.”

She smiled a little bigger, “I have dyslexia too,” she said. Then, instantly embarrassed, she looked back down.

Your heart swelled; you were rarely confronted about your reading disability. Still, rather than being sheepish over the comment, you felt empowered - inspired even.

You leaned in a little closer, touching her shoulder. “Don’t ever let it stop you from doing what you love, okay?”

She looked back up, then nodding a little, she gave you a hug before running back to the table where her dad sat. He gave you a nod of gratitude before looking back to his daughter.

Honest to God, this had never happened to you before. Sure, you had met a few teens who had read your book, but never anyone younger. Even then, never someone who had felt empowered by reading your story. It was a story about a beach house for God’s sake. And they probably had no idea how many times you spelt ‘beach’ 'baech.’ Still, your heart smiled at the gesture. Maybe today wouldn’t be so hard after all.

Pulling your bag over your shoulder, you headed towards the door before you were stopped once again.

“Wait!” Someone called from behind you, your foot halfway out the door. You were rarely noticed in public - and especially not twice in one morning.

It was a man with a shoulder length hair, the top pulled back from his face. He had a book in his hand. It wasn’t until he was right in front of you that you recognized the cover; it was your book. You let a small smile escape, a blush flooding your cheeks. He was handsome.

He let out half a grin, “Y/N?” You nodded, cueing him to continue. “I’m a huge fan - I’m actually kind of awestruck right now and I’m rambling because you’re very pretty and very talented and -”

You laughed, interrupting him, “Thank you.”

He took in a sharp breath, shoving an outstretched hand towards you, “I’m Lin.”

You shook his hand, thinking about how Lin shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. “Y/N,” you greeted, hoping your hands weren’t too clammy.

After a moment of holding your hand too long, he quickly pulled back, scratching the back of his neck.

“What can I do for you?” You asked softly, bringing his eyes back to yours.

“Oh!” He laughed, extending the book towards you, “I was wondering if you could sign my book for me.”

You fished around your bag for a pen for a moment before realizing that he had a sharpie in his hand. You giggled before started writing in his book.

Lin -
     Thank you so much for reading my book. And don’t worry - your nervous ramble was adorable.

Rereading your note to make sure you hadn’t mixed any letters up, you debated on adding your phone number, but you figured that was much riskier than you felt like being.

He gratefully took the book back, shutting it before even reading it. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled, “My cast is going to flip.”

“Cast?” You questioned, suddenly confused.

“Uh, yeah - I’m in this musical about Alexander Hamilton.” He said sheepishly.

Your eyes went wide, “The one here?”

He nodded, “Why? Is there more than one?” He threw you a wink, making your heart skip despite your eye roll.

Still, you giggled before shaking your head, “I don’t think so. My sister just saw it a few weeks ago.”

He smiled with his entire face, “Really? What’d she think of it?”

“She said it was incredible.”

Lin laughed before doing a little dance, “I can try and score you some tickets - the cast would love to meet you. We’ve all read your book.”

You snatched his copy from his, causing his brows to furrow. Quickly, under your name you scribbled out your number. He smirked at the addition, accepting the book once more.

“Call me?” You asked, using your back to push the door open.

“Definitely,” he said, waving slightly as you walked off. Once you had turned around completely, he gave himself a power fist. “Go Lin,” he smirked.

And call he did. Ten minutes after you left the shop, actually.

“I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fake number,” he defended.

Feeling flirty, you teased back, “Why would I give a cute guy a fake number?”

“Because you’re way out of his league?” He curbed, making your face flush red.

“Tease,” you mumbled under your breath.

He called that night too: “I wanted to double check it wasn’t a fake number.”

“Lin, you already called me. You know it’s real.”

“Okay, maybe I just wanted to talk to you some more.”

And again in the morning, you hadn’t even gotten out of bed.

“Good morning!” He chirped, eliciting a groan out of you as you quickly turned down the volume on your phone.

“Too early,” you mumbled.

“Noted,” he said before continuing. “I got you a ticket for Friday night.”

This seemed to wake you up, “Really?”

He nodded before realizing you couldn’t see him, “Does that work?”

“Yeah,” you said, sitting up and smoothing back your hair. “What do I wear?” You thought aloud.

He laughed, “A dress. But comfortable. It’s a long show.”

“Okay,” you grinned, “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he answered quickly. “But you have to promise to meet the cast afterwards - they’ll be pissed if they know they didn’t get to meet you.”

“Absolutely. I’ll be the starstruck one.”

“Doubtful,” he said. You could practically hear his smirk through the phone.

You were writing again the next day. Your mind was elsewhere, thinking about Lin and what dress to wear and Friday. Still, when you went back to correct your mistakes, your writing had a different tone to it; much lighter and more fluid.

Friday came soon enough and you were a wreck. You had called your sister and explained what happened. She instantly gushed about how attractive Lin was - and how talented he was. You called him after, frustrated that he hadn’t told you he was the star of the show.

“You’re telling me that my writing is good, but you’re an Emmy winner for your musicals! I feel like you gassed me up.” You heard him laugh through the phone, making you frown. “Lin,” you whined.

“Okay, okay!” He giggled, “I play Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, but I didn’t gas you up. I’m actually obsessed with your book.”

“Shut up,” you grumbled. He only laughed again.

“You’re adorable,” he settled on, making you blush. “But seriously, Jasmine - you’ll meet her, she is so talented - was the first to read it, right? She gave it to Pippa - you’ll meet her too - and then Diggs -“

“His name is Diggs?”

“Daveed Diggs, he’s ridiculous. He’s a rapper.”


“And then they gave it to me because they wouldn’t shut up about the book, and they were annoyed that I couldn’t talk about it with them.”

You were smiling by now, listening smoothly, “So you’ve got a book club,” you teased.

He threw his head back, “I suppose you could call it that.”

The two of you talked for the rest of the night, by the time it was midnight, he suggested that you just come over.

“Lin, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Well, it depends how you look at it, in some parts of the world -“

“Lin,” you laughed. “For someone who has a never ending supply of energy, how is it that you don’t need sleep? It’s so ironic.”

He smiled into the phone, “Says the dyslexic author.”

You let out a hard laugh. It was new to laugh so freely about something that had limited you for so long. He wasn’t using it against you, simply acknowledging it.

“Too far?” He asked, suddenly nervous.

“Absolutely not. It feels good to laugh about it. To recognize it.”

Lin smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the show?”

“In a dress,” you returned.

“Goodnight,” he said, lingering.

“Goodnight, Lin,” you said. You waited a moment before handing up the phone. You fell asleep smiling that night.

You spent an hour picking out a dress. An hour. Even then, you settled on a simple low cut red dress - it wasn’t even that excessive! Still, you curled your hair and did your makeup, giving yourself ample time to get to the theater.

The show started at seven and you arrived around 6:30. A few people noticed who you were, a pair of teenage girls even asked if you were planning on writing more.

“I’m working on something right now, actually,” you smiled, playing the tease you knew you were.

Their eyes lit up as they begged for details. You laughed as you shook your head, “Sorry! You’ll just have to wait.”

After snapping a photo with them, you found your seat, still clutching your playbill. You flipped through the book, a paper falling out with the cast list on it. The cast changed frequently, so they used scrap paper instead of printing the bios and photos of the new actors. Your heart leapt when you saw Lin’s name across the dotted line of Alexander Hamilton.

The lights dimmed and the show began, the beat instantly pulling you in. You had no idea what you were in for, but boy, did you love it.

You weren’t sure what to do at the end of the show to be completely honest. After the final bow, you were overwhelmed to say the least. Sure, you had written a book. But that? Hamilton? They just made magic onstage.

You waited a few minutes before deciding to text him. What was he thinking? What were you thinking? You had absolutely no idea where to go or who to talk to. Before you could get your phone out of your bag, however, an usher had placed a hand on your arm.

“Miss L/N?” He smiled. When you nodded, he continued, “Mr. Miranda asked that I invite you backstage.”

A smile rushed your face as you followed him towards a back door, still gripping your playbill as if your life depended on it.

The guy who had played Hercules Mulligan was waiting for you behind the door. Thanking the usher, he pulled you back into the dark hallways with a grin so big it filled his face. He hugged you, making you jump for a moment before accepting the gesture and returning it quickly.

“I’m Oak, I love your book.” He said as he pulled away.

“I loved your performance,” you smiled, feeling awestruck.

He laughed but was abruptly shoved away, “Oh my gosh,” the girl behind him said.

“Jas, this is Y/N,” Oak introduced.

A curly head bobbed over, instantly hugging you, “You are one of my biggest inspirations.”

You took in a breath, softly thanking her before hugging her back. When you pulled away, you squinted before asking, “You’re Jasmine, right?”

She nodded quickly, slightly slapping Oak on the chest before turning and whispering, “She knows who I am.” Suddenly, Jasmine was pulled away from you to reveal a dressed down Lin. He had on some sweats and a black Hamilton tee. The sight of him made your heart skip. Who the hell looked that good in sweats? He was unreal.

He puffed up his cheeks before slowly breathing out.

“Hi,” you said.

Lin shook his head slightly before offering a hand and leading you away. Gratefully, you accepted. His hand left yours, resting on the small of your back, flooding your body with fire; making you burn.

His lips trailed to your ear, slowly breathing out, “You look incredible.” Electricity traveled down your spine as his words hit you.

You tried to push your smile down, but his hand fit perfectly and his hair was messy but he was so damn hot and you couldn’t help it.

“Only one person to dress for,” you quipped, moving a little closer to him, as if there was any room between you. He let out a soft groan, moving you more curtly to his dressing room.

He took a deep breath when he got into the room, as if to calm himself down. Lin pulled you to the couch, sitting much closer than two friends would.

“So what did you think?” He asked, nudging your shoulder, “Was your sister right?”

You let out a laugh before you nodded, “For the first time in her life.” You turned to face him. His grin made it’s way to his eyes, “You are ridiculously talented,” you said, still starstruck.

“Then I won’t let you see Javi play Hamilton. You might like him more than me,” he laughed. His laugh was breezy, like the conversation wasn’t filled with heat.

“Who says I like you?” You said, your brows furrowed, a teasing tone making its way off your lips.

“That dress,” he said quickly, easily. You let out small gasp, rarely allowing yourself to flirt so liberally. Speechless, you shook your head with a smile on your lips. He played off of this, taking your hand in his. “But seriously, you liked it?” He asked, turning the subject.

You nodded instantly, “It… was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

He rolled his eyes, “That’s exaggerating.”

“Maybe, but it was still amazing.” You shrugged.

He was closer than he was before. When did he get so close?

“You’re amazing,” he tried.

You crinkled your nose, “Cheesy.”

He giggled, placing his other hand on your cheek before touching his lips to yours. Melting immediately, your hands found his neck and you pulled him closer. His hands dropped back to your hips as his lips molded yours. Your lips parted as his kisses got longer, hotter. You sighed into him, tugging his hair lightly when he nipped your bottom lip. The fire in your chest had traveled to every part of your body and you had never felt so good.

“Dude! Why didn’t you tell me Y/N was here - oh shit!” Someone yelled, barging into the dressing room and causing you two to pull apart. Accidentally, you smacked Lin in the face as you jumped back to the end of the couch.

“Shit,” you both groaned, you in embarrassment, him in pain. Reaching towards him, your placed your hand back to his jaw where it had previously been in much different context.

He laughed lightly, “I’m okay,” he assured you. Your eyes were still worried so he leaned forward and pecked your lips once more, making you smile.

A curly haired boy walked in sheepishly alongside Jasmine. Lin laughed, flopping back on the couch. “Go figure.” He laughed.

The boy furrowed his brows, letting out a slight huff.

Throwing a hand up, he introduced you, “Anthony, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Anthony.”

You offered a small wave, your blush undeniable. Quickly, Jasmine broke the tension with a laugh, “You couldn’t even lock the door, Lin?”

Lin face palmed, slapping a hand over his eyes. You looked down, trying not to giggle (and failing). Maybe it was the way Jasmine leaned so easily against the counter, like this was something enjoyable for her to see, or maybe the way Lin had kept one hand around your waist during the entire affair, but you weren’t nearly as embarrassed as you should be.

“We’re going to get some pizza if you want to come,” Anthony said, scratching the back of his neck.

Jasmine was quick to kid, just like Lin, “Unless you guys are preoccupied.”

Lin groaned, standing up and ushering out the door, mumbling something in Spanish before turning back to you, “I am so sorry.”

You shook your head, “Don’t worry about it. I love your cast.”

He was back to the couch, sitting just as close as he had before. “Oh yeah?” He grinned, giving you no time to respond before his lips were back on yours.

anonymous asked:

When I look at TLJ poster I keep thinking about how it's the Jedi order symbol that divides Luke and Ben. What ever happened I think it's so much bigger than just Vader. It has to have to do with the old ways. (I'm of the opinion the prequels we telling the story of how the Jedi order failed and was wrong.) Luke should have never tried to recreate them. opinions?

I have a lot of opinions on what I think could have happened. SO HOLD ON. It’s a long post… again… then again, what else could you expect from me? Are we surprised I have too much to say?

We are in agreeance on one thing: I don’t think the Vader heritage is the only reason Ben turned either. In fact, I think his Vader worship is just a way now to justify his turn to and remaining in the Darkside to himself - so that he can absolve some guilt and feel that he is following some legacy and not making a HUGE mistake.

That aside, I have my own theory about what turned Ben to the Dark Side, which I’ve written about before. This speculation is based on the novel Bloodline written by Claudia Gray. It has been noted that Rian Johnson gave some guidance to Claudia about certain aspects of the plot line, and that he offered several ideas to her as she wrote. Because of this, I think it’s an important read for ANY big fan if we want to understand TLJ going in at a deeper level. Plus, it’s about Leia’s perspective, so WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT OUR SPACE PRINCESS????? <3

So, here’s what I think could happen:


My speculation is that - after it comes out as public knowledge in Bloodline that Leia, Luke, and Ben are descendants of Vader - someone (how many someones I can’t really say) went after Ben, Luke, and their Jedi Order in fear of these powerful Force users who are descended from one of the most terrifying Force using figures in the galaxy’s history.  Not only was an assassination attempt made on Leia but…

Leia openly worries about Luke’s and Ben’s fates in the novel - realizing that even though most people don’t know she has Force powers, they still are terrified of her.

How much worse would that fear be toward open Force users starting a new Jedi Order - like Ben and Luke?

We also know that Rian Johnson helped Claudia Gray with several plot points in Bloodline.

If my theory is somehow correct, it would tie a lot of things together nicely - Leia starting the resistance, Luke going into hiding (he’s a pacifist who wouldn’t face a whole political group even if they tried to kill him - he’d rather just walk away in peace), Ben betraying everything he knew and loved (can you imagine if your government came to kill you? I’d be pissed and heartbroken… What is justice, if you cannot trust the government that you grew up in, that you trusted, that your own mother has given so much to? And on top of that your whole family lied to you for 20+ years about your heritage - a heritage which is now threatening your existence simply because you were born a Force user without choice… And so here comes this Snoke guy promising to tell the truth and teach more about his Force powers?? And not try to kill him?? I’m sure he was easily swayed - and I for one, can understand how easily he would be manipulated at such a vulnerable time in his life).

It would also build sympathy for Ben. If it was actually he who was attacked, and thus provoked into turning to the Dark Side - and not a decision prompted by nothing but Vader worship (I just really doubt it’s that simple, personally - maybe I’m wrong, but…) - how could we not sympathize? Can you imagine the terror of your own HOME government - where you grew up as a child - coming to kill you because of an ancestry you weren’t even aware of? Your sense of justice and faith would be shaken to its core.


I must say, though, that it’s entirely possible his turn was prompted by a discovery about the Force? But… I think it’s a discovery that would prompt less sympathy from the audience… maybe? I guess I’m merely making guesses in the dark.

What I will say is that it’s possible he and Luke made discoveries that have informed his turn to the Dark Side, rather than causing it. It’s possible that there can be a multitude of motivations for Kylo Ren’s actions, and it cannot simply be boiled down to any one thing.

However, I think my scenario is possible, simply because it ties a lot of loose threads together - it explains at least 3 character’s motivations, could be presented simply in a Force back of Rey’s (all you have to do is show a younger Ben - and possibly other students of Luke if he had any - being attacked by soldiers/assassins from the New Republic), and gives a reason for Ben Solo’s turn and actions with the First Order that we can understand. It suddenly makes sense why he would call the Resistance or New Republic, “murderers, traitors, and thieves.” It makes sense why he would see them as evil - if they want to eradicate Force users out of fear.

As for why he thinks the Jedi need to be destroyed… well, I think it could tie in, as well. But Luke seems to be in accord with that, so I am inclined to believe that Ben’s turn wasn’t prompted necessarily by some huge disagreement with Luke.

To be frank? It’s not dramatic enough to have had Ben and Luke just disagree.

At least… it seems like a pretty weak motivator in terms of Star Wars. Usually these big paradigm shifts in characterizations or motivations are prompted by SOMETHING BIG - like death or betrayal, not just disagreement.

Curious to hear more ideas though!
You Cannot Keep Spring from Coming - Chapter 1 - Baneismydragon - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Past Adrien/Lila
Characters: Adrien Agreste, Gabriel Agreste, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chloé Bourgeois, will add others as they become relevant - Character
Additional Tags: Comfort, Non magic AU, Flowers, Recovery, Divorce, Family Feels, Starting Over, friendship feels, Lots of Symbolism

In the wake of his failed relationship- 24 year old media darling Adrien Agreste struggles to start over with the help of family and friends. The road to recovery is never easy, but no pain lasts forever and while you can cut all the flowers- you cannot keep spring from coming.

OH THANK GOD!!!! I can finally talk about one of my anon. pieces cause its not anon. anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK- so for this most recent exchange I got assigned one of my favorite authors, which is kinda terrifyingly awesome… 

Awesome because YAY!!! I get to write something for someone I really admire (demistories on AO3 @sadrien​ on tumblr if I am not mistaken) 

Terrifying because then I am stressing myself out that I am going to somehow completely ruin it all!!!!!!! Seriously, let me tell you the mess that was getting to this fic- So the prompt I had was pretty open ended. Pretty much any pairing on the table (I ended up going Love Square cause I miss them being the focus of my fics. Most of my recent works haven’t been focused on romance), with a particular affinity for AUs and Flowers… open ended prompts and me are a horrible Idea cause I will go crazy… I knew from the get go that I wanted a few things- 1. Adrien Chloe friendship feels, and 2. a nice mix of angst and fluff. 

The first thought I had (and wrote a complete outline for) was a Fairytale AU retelling based on “East of the Sun West of the Moon” which for those of you who aren’t giant fairytale nerds like me is a Norwegian Beauty and the Beast/Cupid and Psyche style fairytale 

Unfortunately the outline ALONE for this story was 10 pages… There was NO WAY I was going to be able to make it happen in time for a challenge. 

I then went through 2 other stories that just were terrible. Like I won’t even tell you about them awful… and then I went back and reread “Tangled Ribbons”. I realized that what I loved so much about that story was that it was real. I grew up in a fine arts academy surrounded by dancers and when I read the story it was like being back with people I knew and loved. And I realized that that was the sort of story I could tell- something real, with real problems and sorrows and issues that we struggle with as told by these characters. So that’s how we ended up with this story. I started writing it while sick and listening to “The Secret Garden” musical and it turned into something much bigger than expected. I Love what I have of it so far, and where it is going. And I just hope you guys will love it too! 

~Bane ^_^

Alcohol- Jaebum (Day 51/100)

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Prompt: Alcohol
Member: Jaebum x Reader
AU: Royal!AU

Word Count: 2079

This is a fic describing the first kiss of Prince Jaebum and his assassin guard~

You stopped in front of the prince’s tent and cleared your throat, hoping to get his attention.

“My lord,” you said, waiting for a reply. There was a moment of silence before Jaebum spoke.

“You may enter,” he called from inside the tent.

The two of you had been travelling for a while to get to a nearby city, keeping off the road as much as you could. You finally reached the outskirts and had insisted on going to check it out before letting the prince go in order to make sure it was safe for him. To your surprise, the city had been extremely lively and was filled with kind people that continuously asked if you were okay or if you were lost.

You managed to obtain information from one of the elders in town and were about to take your leave when he handed you a bottle. You were surprised at first, but he assured you that it was a custom to give those kinds of gifts to new friends in the city. You had taken it with suspicion but simply thanked him and headed back to where you and Jaebum had made camp.

“What news do you have?” he asked when you entered. He had let his long hair down and it framed is sharp face nicely. You sat cross-legged before him and pulled out your bag.

“The citizens are all in good health. The town seems to be wealthy and, at least at the moment, there don’t seem to be any disturbances,” you said. “Also, some of the older men said that the leader of the town hall would be making an announcement tomorrow afternoon about the new water supply system. I think it’s worth going,” you added. Jaebum nodded at your information.

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anonymous asked:

When do u think Sakura saw Sasuke completely naked? I think in the hospital after his big fight with Naruto, because u know for sure she took care of her boys? 😊 How do u think it went?

Hmmm, I don’t think the hospital would be an option! I highly doubt they had to get totally naked to get tended to. And I doubt even more that Sakura would have peeked on him if he needed to change, I can’t see her not turning her head/body to give him his privacy. 

Imo, she saw him completely naked for the first time at the same time that he saw her completely naked for the first time. Unless there was some sort of accidental incident where she’d have walked in on Sasuke bathing, but even there, if that happened she probably wouldn’t have gotten anything more than a glimpse before quickly panicking and turning away.

But she’d be much more shy about taking all of him in, I think. Getting embarrassed about staring too much, especially at his arousal, because she didn’t want to look like the world’s biggest pervert, but damn, Sasuke was gorgeous. And despite her growing embarrassment, I think it would really give her the urge to touch him, so she would. Not anywhere too nerve-wracking, but she’d run her hands softly along his shoulders, his chest, and the lines of his abdomen. Feeling the hard muscles ripple underneath her touch, a clear sign that he was enjoying this. I think she’d really take in every little inch of him—except beneath the waist, because she’s a little too flustered to outright gawk at him there.

Until, well, she couldn’t ignore it anymore. And then she’d look. And she’d blush as madly as she ever did before. Because he was very hard, and that sticky wetness was already beading at the tip, proving that Sasuke was very much enjoying what he was seeing, too, and that was a thrill like nothing else could be. But… I think she would definitely panic a little inside at the thought of him… fitting inside. Because despite the fact that he wasn’t HUGE, he was still, well, bigger than she expected. Oh, and also, it MOVES. WHAT. SHE DIDN’T KNOW THAT.

The whole thing, really, is just a storm of embarrassing situations for her. But she wants this, and she’s ready… so she barrels through the embarrassment, cause she knows it’ll be worth it.

Here are some thoughts on the TLJ trailer and the panel that probably no one is going to care about anyway, but meh. 

I sure as heck didn’t expect to see an unmasked Kylo in the trailer or on a poster. I was bracing myself for Super Duper Evul Kylo, but we didn’t really get that (I mean, I guess it could be arguable, but that’s not the impression I got). But we’re at least going to avoid a whole lot of annoying af discourse, thank God. The scar isn’t too bad, but I didn’t expect it to be, and I honestly was never concerned about it either. (I admit it, I kind of rolled my eyes at people’s comments about them being worried about it being bigger than a paper cut, and that’s all due to me still believing TLJ is going to be Kylo Ren’s Pain Train) It is true Kylo seems pretty vulnerable and almost sad on the poster, compared to a much more sinister-looking Luke. Someone who hasn’t seen TFA could almost believe Kylo is a good guy and Luke a villain, lol.

- As for Kylo’s shattered mask (because it’s clearly Kylo’s with the metal strips and all, and not Vader’s)… if that isn’t huge, in your face foreshadowing of his redemption, then I don’t know what the heck it is. Well, you could say it’s hinting that he’s going to die, but for me, that’s a VERY unlikely possbility. Interesting we also hear Vader’s breathing in the background: it kind of reminds me of a theory going around that Vader and/or Kylo’s helmet are Dark Side artefacts that influence the person who possesses them to go Dark Side (Sith holocrons, anyone?).

- Yeah, totally a library in the tree. Whoever found out that the book a (gloved) hand is touching at some point is the Journal of the Whills had me squeeing out loud. Thank you, you made my day (among other things)!

- Straight after Rey says “Balance”, someone whispers “It’s so much bigger”. Who is the one saying that? Luke? Kylo? 

- I’ll just scream it with everyone else: GREY JEDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

- To me, Kylo is the one saying “I only know one truth”. It sounds more like Adam’s voice than Mark’s. I mean, the trailer just happens to coincidentially show Kylo’s face at the same time. As for that shot… I think it’s happening in the present, and it’s not a flashback of Whatever-Happened-At-The-Let’s-Not-Call-It-An-Academy? 

- I’ve seen a theory going around that whatever is burning behind Kylo is the Ahch-To tree, in which there’s the shelf of books seen in the trailer. My theory right now is that Kylo needs to find Luke’s hiding place because he needs to “retrieve” something from it (in TFA, he’s pretty dead set on finding the map, while Snoke and Hux are just “Aw, just destroy the thing, who cares), so that leaves me wondering: what if he burned the Force tree in order for whatever knowledge it has not to fall across the wrong hands? Especially with the shot of the Millennium Falcon getting chased by X-Wings and the possibility the FO might come to Ahch-To… JUST THEORIZING. 

- Also, if Kylo wants the end of the Jedi like Vader, why does Luke want that too, and why are they on separate sides? Or more generally, what is Kylo’s motivation? BECAUSE HONESTLY THE DUDE IS A WALKING MYSTERY BOX GAH


- Speaking of the panel itself: I squealed when Daisy talked about meeting your hero and them not being the way you expect them to be. Rey and Luke are not going to get along well. I called it.

- So according to an interview with John Boyega (can’t find the link) later today, Rose is a Finn fangirl?  It’s cute. But that pretty much debunks Rose betraying Finn according to what (false) leakers have been saying? But when John talked about choices Finn will have to make - either fighting for the Resistance and finding his place within it, or keep running from the First Order - that leads me to think: will Finn be forced to make a terrible decision? Potentially being a hero but falling in the hands of the FO? Or running away and leaving the Resistance helpless? Especially in front of Rose’s eyes? 

It could be interesting: Finn is, according to Maz, a man who wants to run. He finally stands up in the end of TFA by facing Kylo Ren, while being fully aware that he doesn’t stand a chance against him, but all that to give Rey an opportunity to run away to safety. Behind-the-scenes pictures imply that he has a confrontation with Phasma at some point in TLJ… so I think Finn will be forced to face his worst fears. And he’ll do the right thing, but that will throw him back into his worst nightmare. 

Now… considering Rian Johnson described Rose as a bit of an “everywoman” who gets thrown in the middle of an adventure she didn’t ask for, I wonder if after Finn getting captured, she’ll do anything to save him. THAT would be awesome. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but I might have other things to say later.

Behind The Scenes 3 (5/???)

Author’s note: A portion of this is going to be familiar because it was from the sneak peek I gave out a while back. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still other details to this scene that are important to the story. Also, in terms of my writing, I just finished my Malaysia scene! This means I’m a step closer to finishing BTS 3 and knowing how many parts its going to be! Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Idk to be honest (Ft. GOT7′s Jackson)

Word count: 2075

City: Hong Kong

Summary: Rap monster calls you and the rest of the boys into his hotel room for an announcement

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Unlike the other cities, to go from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you all flew on a plane. From the time wasted waiting in the airport, to the plane ride, to the drive to the hotel, it was as total of about six hours of being stuck with everyone. You spent the whole time avoiding the Rap monster’s overbearing glare and Hiro’s existence as much as possible.

Aside from your own problems, Jin had a trouble of his own Every second he could, Jin was on his phone, keeping in contact with his girl Chuntao. Since you all were going to be in Hong Kong a few days, Rap monster suggested that Jin meet up with her as soon as possible to “better seal the deal” and make sure she would still take the “stuff” to Taipei.


The Hong Kong hotel was much nicer than the one in Shanghai. Well, in general, the more cities you traveled to, the better the quality of the hotel had gotten. The grouping for the hotel rooms was the same, except this time Jin got his own room, a room he was to share with Chuntao.

In this new hotel, the room you all got was much bigger that the last. It was furnished in a beautiful modern, monochrome theme. Although it was one large room, there was enough space for one very large TV accompanied by a couch and loveseat. The furniture made it feel as though it was an actual room on its own. The two queen beds were separated by an aquarium giving the impression or spate bedrooms. The bathroom was much more extravagant than the last as well. It was huge, practically the size of the room you and Jimin shared back at the dorm. There was a beautiful glass shower, a large Jacuzzi bathtub and his & her sinks.

“Wow, the last deal must have gone well.” Jimin said, placing his bag on the first bed.

V threw himself on the black leather couch. “Yup! We should also expect bigger cuts too!”He smiled.

Jungkook flopped face first into your bed “Except me!” He grumbled into the pillow

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but after tonight’s concert I call dibs on the bath tub!” Jimin said.

Just past your bed was the balcony. You slid open the tinted doors and stepped out onto the dark tile. “Wow, I didn’t realize we were so high up!”

V came up next to you, leaning on the dark metal railing to take in the view. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly? We could be this high all the time.”

“And we could fly anywhere too.” You added.

V pulled out his phone and began taking pictures.

“Are you gonna send those to your parents?”

“Yup!… Oh! Namjoon texted me. He wants us all to go to his room.”

The four of you  poured out of you room just in time to see Jin walking out of the elevator.

“Why were you on the elevator?” Jimin asked.

“The single bedroom rooms are on the floor below.” Jin explained.


Jin nodded. “This place is nice though! My room had this beautiful beach theme. It feels so relaxing just being in there.”

“Ha, I’m sure “relaxed” is the last thing you’re goona be feeling when you’re taking Chuntao from behind!” Jungkook laughed with his pervy smile.

Jin rolled his eyes and ignored the maknae’s perverted comments. Being, the first one to reach the hyung room door, Jin quickly knocked in a way that expressed his growing agitation.

The door didn’t completely open. It just clicked open and you heard a voice fade away from the entrance. Jin held the door open and let the guys in, that was, up until it was your turn. As you straggled your way up to the door, he quickly ran inside and swung the heavy door in your face, trying to locking you out.

Lucky for you, you acted fast and used your foot to keep the door open and quietly let yourself in. “Fucking dick! Is he trying to get me in trouble?!?” you thought.

Upon first glance, the hyung room was very similar to yours. The only slight difference was that this room had a nature theme to it. It was decorated with lots of greens and light browns.  As you walked in, you spotted Rap monster and V on one side of the room as Rap monster spoke on the phone. You could feel his eyes on you as you came into the room. To avoid his gaze, you went over to the group of guys huddled at the corner of one of the beds and stuck yourself between Jimin and Jungkook.

“So why does he want us all here? We don’t have to leave for another two hours.” Jimin said.

“I don’t know why exactly… All I know is that Jackson is going to show up in a bit, but I don’t see why you guys have to be in here too.” Jhope said. He seemed just as confused as the rest of you.

“Just Jackson? What about the rest of the GOT7?” Jungkook asked.

“He is gonna be on a talk show here in Hong Kong, the rest of the guys are back in Seoul.” Suga mumbled.

Without you all realizing, there was a knock at the door. Rap monster was the one that opened it and let Jackson in. You guys only knew that he was there when you heard him shout, “Namjoon!” The second Jackson saw Rap monster, he dropped the bags he was holding and engulfed Rap monster into a bear hug. After a rather long embrace, he made his way over to the rest of you all. “Hey guys! Finally, I see you all again!” He smiled and proceeded to greet the rest of the guys in the same manner he did Rap monster. However, when he came up to you, his demeanor changed. His face wasn’t so cheerful as he glared at you. “You must be y/n.” he said ominously.

You were scared by his sudden change. The crazy look in his eye made him more threatening. It didn’t help that he seemed to hold himself the same way rap monster does. All you did was give a tiny nod.

“Hm, I thought you’d be prettier in person.” He scanned you from head to toe. “She’s in rather good condition.” His comment seemed to be directed to Rap monster who stood a few feet behind him. “Too good if you ask me…”

“Only for the sake of ARMY.” Rap monster said getting closer to the two of you.

Jackson’s eyes spotted the start of the scar on your collarbone. Without warning, he grabbed your shirt and pulled it off your shoulder to reveal the whole thing. “Was this you? Nice!” He said, once again referring to Rap monster. Finally, his eyes met yours. “Hm. You’re lucky you aren’t stuck with me. I would have done much worse.” He grinned

“What’s with the bags and boxes?” Suga asked, diverting Jackson’s attention.

Instantly, Jackson’s demeanor switched again. “Oh! I got you all some gifts!” He ran over and grabbed the stuff and then walked up to Suga first. “For you, a gold flask and new soundproof headphones. Hobi, for you, I got ahold of the newest shit on the market!” He pulled out a small bottle of pills. “The high is fucking amazing. It had me seeing fucking dragons and shit!” He took a step to Jimin. “Bambam suggested all this skin stuff for you! It’s all the top of the line stuff too… Jin! Here is a pokemon collectable thing for your kid. He likes that stuff right?”

“Mario actually.”

“Fuck! I was thinking about Taekwoon’s kid. Sorry about that!”

“No worries, he’ll still like this.” Jin smiled.

“Tae, for you I got you a leather jacket!” he grunted picking up the large box and unloading it into V’s arms. Then he moved over the Jungkook. “And for you, this new laptop! I got you one that wouldn’t get viruses and shit. Now you can watch all the porn you want! I figured that you wouldn’t be getting as much pussy anymore that you’re “dating”!” He laughed with his signature cackle. Now at the end of the line up, he looked down at you, once again his demeanor switching. He grabbed you and pulled you towards him. “… And why don’t I be your present?” He whispered.

Jimin let out a snort. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you~!” Jimin sang.

“Me either.” Jungkook added.

“Why not?” Jackson asked, still holding you.

“Take my word for it, she’s not that great.  You could definitely get way better from any random bitch.” Jungkook said in a nonchalant tone.

“She’s been passed around a lot. She’s probably got some shit going on down there.” Jimin said with a look of disgust.

“Ew!” Jackson said pushing you off him.

Rap monster came up a bit closer to Jackson. “And where’s my present?” He asked jokingly.

“The deal we have coming up is your present! You wouldn’t believe the strings I had to pull to get you in on it!”

“Ah, I see how it is.”

“If this deal goes well, we are set for life! I had to let you in on this to make it up to you. If it wasn’t for you, damn, I wouldn’t know where I’d be.”

“Dead… I’ve saved your ass at least 20 times.” Rap monster smiled. “… It amazes me that you’re deeper into to all this than I am.” You could hear a bit of bitterness in his voice.

“You can’t blame me for my connections. Athletes love their ‘roids!” He said matter-a-factly. “Ah, look at the time! I gotta head to the set. I’ll show up Sunday and we’ll head off to the deal! Bye guys!” he said as he left the room.

Rap monster’s eyes followed Jackson as he made his quick escape. “One of these days, I’m going to slaughter that precise mother of his right in front of him.” He growled.


Not long after Jackson left, you and the maknaes were dismissed. You four, followed by Suga and Jhope returned to your room. While everyone relished in their gifts, you thought about what Jackson being around could mean for you. In a slight daze, you sat next to Jungkook at the edge of the bed you both had to share.

Having noticed your mood, and in general not wanting you sitting next to Jungkook, Suga came and plopped himself in the small space between you and the youngest member. Jhope too had noticed your somber expression and placed himself at your other side.

“Sorry about what we said earlier y/n. We had to be that way…” Jimin said as he walked to your side of the room.

Jungkook leaned forward so that you were able to see him past Suga. “Yeah, we didn’t mean anything by it!” he added.

Suga raised an eyebrow at the both of them.

“Don’t give us that face!” Jimin said. “We didn’t want Jackson getting his hands on her!”

You rested your head on Jhope’s shoulder “It’s okay guys. I know what you were trying to do.” You mumbled. You felt a squeeze of your fingers and looked up to see Suga offering you a slightly reassuring smile.

“Don’t be so mopey guys!” V grinned. “The good news is, with Jackson here, that means Namjoon is going to be pretty~ busy! He probably won’t even sneak into the room tonight.”

“Sneak in? When did he sneak in?” you swung around to face him.

“Remember! I told you guys that he’s been taking our room key! He’s been coming into the room every night, sometimes even twice a night. Haven’t you guys heard him?!?”

“No!” you, Jimin, and Jungkook said.

You looked between Suga and Jhope. “Has he really been doing that?!?”

They both shrugged at you. “We are always knocked out at night.” Jhope peeped.

“What does he do when he’s in here?!?” Suga asked V.

V gave a small shrug. “Eh, he just walks in, stares at us all and then walks out.” He spoke as if it was completely normal.

You shivered at just the thought of that happening.

“But~ with Jackson here, they will be busy all night, so that shouldn’t happen!” V reminded.

“Cautious” - Part 7

“Cautious” - Part 7

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6)

My Masterlist - Here

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4520

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers. She is slowly getting more comfortable with the Avengers, but is still working on it. Bucky stayed with her while everyone went on a mission. They have grown feelings for each other but want to wait until reader is more comfortable with the group. Maybe dinner and movie night will help?

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 7! One thing I want to point out are my color choices in this piece. I used descriptions from this post about the psychology of colors. I didn’t want simple and overused colors. So this post really helped me. I will link it here so you can see the descriptions and swatches if you want to.

There should be a few more parts after this one. I have the next couple planned out. The next few parts or really the rest of this fic is also going to be on the lengthier side. I hope you guys don’t mind!

Just a reminder: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

As usual, a special thank you goes to @goodnightwife​ for being a wonderful person and always being supportive. Please go check out her page for some really great fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicryptids@mayfeather27

After Bruce got the last of your scans done, he had to go back to the lab and help Tony with the chemicals that they found at the Hydra base. He told you that they most likely weren’t going to make it to dinner or the movie tonight. You knew how hard they worked when something new happened. You decided to just head back to your room and try to do something in there.

You sat at your desk and looked around a bit. You opened your laptop and put on some music and you tried to stand up. Using the desk as a stabilizer, you tried to put some weight on your ankle, just to see if you could even limp instead of always having to use your powers, use your crutches, or have someone help you. Much to your surprise, you could actually limp a few feet away to your shelving unit in the corner.

You grabbed your pad of paper and paints, put them on your desk and went to fill a cup with some water for your brushes.You didn’t know what you wanted to paint at first, but then it hit you like a truck and you began working.

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Auston Matthews - Part 22

How am I already at part 22?? 

The next week is a whirlwind of planning, packing and hidden tears. My final request to the university was to be housed someplace that allowed me to bring my two dogs, because there was no way in hell I was leaving them on top of leaving my parents. So I spent many hours on the phone and computer trying to find a place that wasn’t downtown (as much as I had loved being downtown while staying at Auston’s, there was no way I wanted that for myself every day), and that had plenty of space for my girls to run.

               Finally settling on a neighborhood that was not yet completely developed, I was able to get a good price for a house that was much bigger than I expected with two additional bedrooms besides the master. The university expected me to choose two roommates to join me there, which I had absolutely no plans to do so, and the university wasn’t too pleased about it but agreed regardless. I’m not a huge fan of being around people more than I have to be.

               Auston tried to be helpful in pointing out various things in different neighborhoods that I was looking into, but eventually he had to give Mitch my number because I was being so picky. Which resulted in a chain reaction of my number being handed out to several players on the team which then resulted in gaining several new snapchat friends. Who, because they are just so “gracious” as Mitch put it, send me snapchats night and day of Auston, “to help me cope with the separation” as Mitch also put it.

               Most all of the snaps were of Auston with either a grumpy expression on his face at being photographed or with pink cheeks which I’m sure was from one of his teammates giving him a hard time. To be completely honest, they were always the highlight of my day. In addition, I had started watching the Leafs more than I had before, which annoyed me but I couldn’t help it. I missed Auston already and seeing him on the ice was calming, and afterwards he would always find a private place to call me.

               I glance at the clock and do the quick calculation of what time it is in L.A, and almost instantly my phone vibrates on my dresser. I scramble over the many boxes in my way and snatch up the phone, seeing the new very familiar name flash across my screen.

               “Hello?” I ask a bit breathlessly for having only ran ten feet.

               “You always answer like you don’t know who’s calling,” Auston’s voice says through the speaker, a teasing tone to his words.

               “Sometimes I don’t, especially after that conversation with Mitch two days ago,” I reply, flopping down on my bed.

               “Yeah, that’s not going to happen again.” Auston huffs into the phone and I giggle.

               “You weren’t very nice to him afterwards,” I remind him, grinning at my ceiling.

               Auston makes some noise into the phone and I burst out laughing again.

               “He just wanted to make sure I knew how much you missed me,” I tease.

               “I don’t miss you,” Auston grumbled into the phone and I bite my lip to hold in another laugh. “That’s it, we need to facetime instead, it’s driving me crazy hearing you laugh and not getting to see it.”

               Before I can say anything back the phone call is ended and within seconds a facetime request comes through.

               “Hi,” I say shyly, the screen popping up with Auston’s face in clear view. He’s lying in bed as well.

               “Hi,” he says softly back and my cheeks flame. “How’s packing?” He asks the same question every night, I think he’s more eager for me to be in Toronto than I am, even though he’s currently on the other side of the country.

               “Almost done, just clothes and things I need between now and two days from now are left,” I say, panning the camera off me and showing him the stacks of boxes creating a hectic path through my room.

               “I wondered what your room would look like,” he says and I cock my head to the side.

               “Why?” I ask, bringing the camera back to me.

               “You’re just a hard person to read I guess,” Auston shrugs and looks a little embarrassed.

               “I don’t have to imagine what your bedroom back home in Arizona looks like,” I say, stretching back across my bed.

               “No?” He asks, a slight smile tugging at his lips.

               “Nope, I even slept in your bed once,” I nod.

               “You what?”

               I have his full attention now.

               “You heard me. Alex had the flu and Breyana already had a friend sleeping in her room with her, so Mrs. Matthews set me up in your room. It was when I was in my sleeping naked phase,” I muse, hiding my grin by pressing my lips together.

               Auston goes still on the other end of the call, and then brings a hand to his face, rubbing it and I bite my tongue to hold back a laugh.

               “Why do you have to do that to me,” he groans and I can’t hold it back anymore, I giggle and roll onto my side. He watches me with an amused expression on his face that makes my cheeks blush again. “There’s my favorite blush,” he murmurs and I look away from the camera shyly.

               “I wasn’t actually naked, just to clarify,” I say after a moment, peeking back at him.

               “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that, I liked my vision better,” he says.

               I roll my eyes and sit back up on my bed.

               “Where’s Connor?” I ask, not hearing him in the background.

               “Dinner with some guys,” Auston answers and glances at the clock on his nightstand it looks like. “I’ll have to go soon to meet with Mitch and a few others.”

               “Well then I’ll give you a really fast tour,” I say and slide out of bed. I hold the phone up a bit higher and I point to various things. “That’s my bed,” I say obviously, gesturing behind me, Auston rolls his eyes at me. “Where all the magic happens, obviously. Cause I…” I climb my way over to where my T.V is mounted and pick up my stack of Harry Potter movies. “Watch these all the time on it.” I laugh at my own joke while Auston just scoffs at me.

               “Good one,” he says but I can see him holding back a smile.

               I purse my lips thinking about what the show him next. My eyes travel to my ceiling again and I bound back to my bed, stepping up onto it and stretching up to move one of my ceiling tiles.

               “When I was little I would climb up onto a ladder and write down the name of the boy I currently had a crush on up here on the wall,” I tell Auston, finally getting the tile to shift over so I could see the messy sprawl of my adolescent handwriting on the small foot of space under the vent work. I flip the camera and point out a few of the names.

               “Owen, he was the first boy I had a crush on. In kindergarten he used to pull my hair and I punched him the nose, he didn’t like me as much after that. Logan, he was my first kiss when I was in eighth grade,” I smile at the faint memory of him having to stand on the sidewalk curb so that he was taller than me in order to kiss me.

               “Eighth grade?” I hear Auston say and I flip the camera back to me.

               “Yeah, does that surprise you?” I ask him.

               “Well kinda, you seem like a confident person. I would imagine you had boys trailing after you since you could walk,” Auston says, raising his eyebrows at me.

               I laugh as I answer him. “I don’t think of myself as confident, I’m comfortable with myself, there’s a difference. But when I was younger I was terrified of kissing, I only kissed him and one other boy before I graduated high school, I didn’t like it then like I do now.”

               “Why didn’t you like it?” Auston asks.

               “I guess because it just seemed like a very intimate thing. Even now I think of it that way sometimes, altogether I’ve kissed five boys, including you. Kissing means more to me than most people I think, I would never kiss someone that I didn’t care about in some way,” I trail off staring at the couple other names of insignificant boys that I had crushes on.

               “I prefer feeling over lust, I guess,” I say after a moment. I look back down at my phone and see Auston smiling at me.

               “What?” I ask self-consciously, eyeing him.

               “So you do care about me,” he smirks and I roll my eyes.

               “No, just want you for your body,” I huff at him.

               “Doesn’t surprise me,” he says and I want to reach through the phone and wipe that smirk off his face. “Though you also just admitted you want me,” he adds.

               “I thought that much was obvious when I took advantage of your emotional state on the stairs of the science building in Toronto,” I quirk an eyebrow at him and his eyes narrow. “But I’m more than willing to refrain from all future advantage taking if you want,” I tease him and I can see the blood pool in his cheeks.

               “You know I’m starting to think you’re too smart for me,” Auston starts, a smile finally quirking his lips up. “Every time I try to get under your skin it always backfires.”

               I laugh and slip back down onto my bed, sitting crisscrossed and holding the phone up.

               “You get under my skin more than you might think, Auston,” I tell him.

               “That’s good to hear because I’m a mess of jealousy over little Owen and Logan and all those other names on that damn wall.”

               “Would it make you feel better if I added your name to the wall?” I ask him jokingly, this makes him laugh and shake his head.

               “As long as my name is on that sweatshirt you’re wearing, I’m okay,” his nods at me and I realize that I’m wearing the USA hoodie he gave me back in Toronto.

               “My dad almost fell over when he saw it actually.” I laugh at the memory of five days ago when I was outside with my dogs and he saw the name across my shoulders, he almost slipped down the ice covered stairs in his stupor.

               “I always forget Mr. (Y/L/N) is your dad, I spent so much time with him when I lived in Ann Arbor, lusting over his only daughter who never paid me the slightest attention,” Auston muses and I roll my eyes.

               “Don’t you have a dinner to get to?” I ask him, though I really don’t want to hang up with him.

               “Unfortunately yes,” he says, glancing at the clock again. “Don’t want Mitch to be mad at you for holding me up.”

               The moment the words leave his lips my IPad lights up with an Imessage from my phone, unable to go through because of my current Facetime call. I pull it over to me and glance at the message. Low and behold, it’s from Mitch.

               R u on the phone with my boy? If he stands me up im gonna be pissed

               I laugh and read it out loud to Auston who rolls his eyes this time.

               Don’t make me come up and get him. I don’t wanna know what u’ve been doing on the phone but im not afraid to walk in there.

               The next message comes through and I blush, Auston asks me what he said and I reluctantly tell him. A cocky grin creeps across his face. I ignore him and type out a reply to Mitch.

               I’m hurt you think I would purposely keep your boyfriend from you for so long

               That’s it. I’m comin up.

               I giggle and tell Auston he better get going.

               “Mitch is on his way, apparently he’s a little jealous,” I wink at Auston and I hear knocking on his hotel door.

               “Well, the fun police just arrived so I better let you go,” Auston yawns and I can’t help but admire how adorable he is.

               “Alright, don’t let them ruffle your feathers too much,” I smile, still not wanting to hang up.

               Auston eyes me a moment, the knocking on his door getting louder.

               “Three days,” he says and I nod.

               “Three days,” I bite my lip and give him a shy smile before ending the call.

               I lay back in my bed, the giddy feeling in my stomach still flying around. I eye the still exposed wall behind my ceiling tile and I grab a marker from my nightstand. Getting back to me feet I stretch up as far as I can and hesitate just a second before writing out one more name on my wall. I step back to admire my work, a smile playing across my face before shifting the tile back into place and hopping back off my bed to get back to packing.

               Just as I expected, my snapchat was soon flooded with pictures from Mitch and Nylander, all pictures of either their faces or Auston’s. I had barely had a conversation with either of them but I was already attached to both of them, which was making to easier as I packed. Knowing that there were people in Toronto that I could make relationships with. I laugh softly at how just over a week ago I had been sobbing in Auston’s car to him that I had no one in Toronto, which was just the opposite.

               There’s a soft knock on my door and I look up to see my mom peeking in.

               “Hey,” I say, halting my progress of getting as many socks into the outer areas of the duffle bag in front of me.

               “Hi, sweetheart, how’s it going?” My mom asked, smiling softly at me though I can see through it. She’s just as sad for me to leave as I am.

               “It’s going,” I give her a halfhearted smile back.

               She silently moves farther into the room, moving gracefully through the mess of boxes and bags to get to my side. Grabbing the box I had just finished shoving all my shoes inside and dragging it over to sit in front of her, then taking the socks in my hand and placing them inside the shoes already packed away.

               “Oh,” I say dumbly and flash her a smile.

               “You learn after moving a few times how to save room,” she says softly, continuing the process until all my socks are out of sight. I sit silently and watch her work. When she’s done she pushes the box over to where she found it and we stare at each other.

               Tears well behind my eyes and I stumble to my feet into my mother’s waiting arms, already outstretched to me. I wrap my arms around her slender waist and burry my face into her neck, grateful that I never reached her in height. Her hands slowly stroke my hair that is so much like hers, I can feel wet tears falling into it as well. We don’t say anything for several minutes, only holding each other and quietly sobbing.

               From the time I could talk my mother had been my best friend, my constant support even when my dad went on scouting trips to Europe or Western Canada for weeks at a time. That only meant that we ordered take out and I got to sleep with her in her bed for a week straight. We became even closer when I graduated high school and was home during the day. Being an engineer, she was able to work from home most of the time, creating models and blueprints on her computer a few hours a day when I would go to class. Other than that, we were constantly together.

               The night my dad told me the story about the North Star for the first time and how when he had met my mom, the need to keep following it stopped, she was out there with us. I was seated in my dad’s lap, my head rolled back on his shoulder as I stared hard at the star, thinking there was nothing more beautiful in the world. However, when my dad spoke I looked at my mom in time to see the biggest and most beautiful smile I had ever seen on her face, and I knew in that moment that I was wrong about the star. It wasn’t the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, my mother was.

               Now standing here with both of us crying, I still think the same thing, she’s more beautiful than I could ever aspire to be. My dad always said he was thankful that I got every positive gene from my mom; her brains, compassion, sense of humor, her beauty and most of all her love. He also complained that I got all my negative genes from him; his too big of eyes, temper and stubbornness. None of which I thought were negative in any way.

               “Mom?” I ask.


               “Can you just move with me?”

               My mom’s body vibrates with laughter and she puts his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back gently and wiping at my tears with her thumbs, making me feel like when I was nine years old and fell off my bike, skinning my knee. I was trying to be tough like my dad taught me, trying to keep the tears in but I couldn’t stop them all.

               “No, honey I can’t. And even if I could, I wouldn’t because it’s your life starting.” She smiles softly at me and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear, I always used to hate when she did that but now I wish she would do it all the time.

               I pretend sigh. “Worth a shot,” I grin at her and nuzzle against her again. My mom laughs again, wrapping her arms around my back. Her hand grazes the name written across my shoulders and I tense slightly.

               “I remember him, you know,” she traces the last name with her fingers and I open my eyes.

               “What?” I ask, pulling back to look at her.

               “When I would go with you and your father to practices or games. He was good, even better when you were there watching,” she continues on, smiling to herself, lost in some memory.

               “What are you talking about?” I frown at her.

               “One time they were playing and they were playing awful mind you, falling behind four to nothing within the first ten minutes of the first period. You came late to that game, but when you got there it was just at the halfway point in the second period and I saw the moment he spotted you in the stands. It was like someone lit a fire in his skates because he jumped over the boards and flew down the ice, stole the puck and within seconds it was in the back of the net. Everyone cheered, but you cheered the loudest. He went into show off mode then, I believe he scored once more and then had-“

               “Four assists…” I finish for her, remembering very clearly the game she was referring to. I make a face at her. “Honestly how did everyone see it but me,” I wonder out loud and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

               “Because you’re Y/N, who only had eyes for the sky. Just like her father,” my mom laughs.

               “Until he found you,” I say and she blushes, another trait that I just so happened to get from my mom.

               Her eyes dart down to my wrist, exposed because I have the sleeves of the sweatshirt pulled up to my elbows.

               “From what I can tell, you seemed to have found something as well,” she taps the golden charm in the middle of my bracelet and winks at me. I turn pink and swat her hand away.

               “I have not!”

               “Keep telling yourself that for as long as you can, honey,” my mom says, a smirk pulling at her lips as she makes her way to my door. “But I can see it in your every being.”

Laveau | Part 5 | Blood

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A few hours later you found yourself sitting at Rosalie’s bar with a strong cup of syrupy black coffee. She had done well in your absence, opened a bar for herself with a small hoodoo shop she ran out of the back selling supplies and small spells to locals. It was a cozy set-up.

Rose had always been around both of your families and was frequently mistaken for a Laveau. Yours and Magda’s sister. ‘Three peas in a pod’ she could remember Mamé saying. Mamé had even referred to her as a daughter on a handful of occasions and that woman valued family above all else. Rosalie was a Devereaux by birth but had run away to the Laveau family home when her father raised his hand one too many times.

She still carried some of the scars and you would never forget the sight of Mamé standing between her and Rose’s father in the foyer. You couldn’t remember exactly what words were exchanged, but you do remember the look of terror in Mr. Devereaux’s eyes as he stepped back over the threshold of your family estate.

Mr. Devereaux had been dead for some years now, heart attack. ‘The man smoked 20 cigarettes a day since he was 17 years old and beat his wife ‘n kids twice that many times,’ Mamé drawled, ‘bout time something came along and put a stop to it.’

That had been an awkward funeral. You didn’t think Rose ever knew much about her father’s ‘heart condition’ but you could be wrong, she never really spoke about it

“So you’re telling me that after all these years my waspy bitch-mother still can’t bury the hatchet?” Rosalie scrunched her nose in disgust, “You don’t really think that she did something to Mamé?”

“I know it, she so much as confessed it to me when she,” it turned your stomach to think about Father LeRoy and your voice lowered, “spelled my house.” You fingered the silver locket Mamé gave you and sipped the chicory brew.

Rosalie stood tall behind the bar, thought quietly for a minute, then bent low to whisper over your drinks. “You know she’d always been pissed at Mamé after that incident with Magda. She’s wanted that book back for as long as I can remember and when I wouldn’t do her dirty work for her, well you know….”

“I know, that’s part of the reason I left town. I know Magda was sick, but they never told me just how sick until it was too late. Then we had our falling out with the Devereaux’s.”

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time to get soppy

So in around a week its a month since i made this account. I feel so lucky and grateful to have gained 250 followers already. This might not seem a lot to bigger accounts but this means the world to me, I expected it to take so long for me to gain any followers at all. Im so happy that people follow such a shitty account like mine. 

I also want to say a huge thankyou to @danshugehands for being amazing. Again i might have only known them for less than a month but we have spoken literally everyday and i have loved it so much! I feel like i have really made a friend! THANK YOU so much for actually talking to me when i messaged you 

 Also @phanisthetearinmyheart thankyou to you too! You were the first person i spoke to in here and you have been amazing! You helped me so much with writing (although i still take forever to do everything). And you have given me a group of people to confide in with the netblog.

So the netblog @phanfiction-writers-network im not gonna tag you all separately because that would take literally forever but thankyou for allowing me to be a part of this with you all. You’re all amazing writers and I aspire to be like every one of you one day! 

Finally i want to say thankyou to @determinedphil for helping me out SO much with my writing. You have been the most helpful person, thankyou for always being there to help me and I promise ill finish that fanfic soon!!

Sorry for how disgustingly soppy this is but i feel so overwhelmed and happy that i decided to make this blog, i think id sill be pretty down and sad if i didn’t. Thank you to anyone who has spoken to me and literally every single person that follows this shitty blog. Ily all

The things I write: My first Witcher story


The things developed quite fast but they came naturally. First I discovered this site, then I discovered the people here. I started writing about some symbols from the Witcher world and now I write the first fiction story about it.

It’s the first time I write fiction so don’t expect to be something fantastic. It all started with a fun idea suggested by @daisyofgalaxy10 (Thank you so much for all the support!), to write a story about a dog Geralt and Yen would adopt. I took this thing as an exercise. At the beginning it looked like a small thing until I started writing and I discovered it became bigger than I expected. So I decided to divide it into chapters, I’ll  post one of them every Sunday.

Well, I must say I am a little nervous sharing this thing with you, I hope you won’t get bored too much. Like always, feel free to let me know what do you think, just remember I’m only a beginner in this thing. Here is the link for the first chapter:

I wish you a beautiful Sunday!

l.j 5.1

I will always believe that there are people to listen especially when it isn’t true. This is because of you who left me with so much youthful expectation and left too early because it is you. I understand. You could do no more.

They buried you quietly. There was a memorial in the paper quick in the morn. I’d read it over and over in the shocking break of day. There was a service I could not attend due to our distance but I had committed to coming seeing you as you are.

I fucked up again. This is how some of our conversations started. There is no bigger heart than you to accept the things I do and am and were.

I took some of your records from your home. I felt a thief. I wish I took them all. They were like puppies, brothers and sisters. I wish I took them all.

I play some. I can never finish them. I stop them before.

It was Sunday. It is Monday. I fucked up again. 

I wish to tell you how.

Jimin As Your Lover

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  • eye smiles every fucking day
  • that cute contagious lil giggle he would always make when you do something cute or when he does something cute and you laugh about it
  • there would always be smiles everytime he’s with you tbh 
  • other times it would be one of those horny smiles, but I’ll get to that in a bit ;)
  • his voice would always be in a higher pitch when he’s laughing or just smiling really big
  • he would always make up a cute pet name for you 
  • like angel or cutie or sweetheart 
  • tight, warm back hugs with him resting his head on ur shoulder 
  • even tho you might be a wee bit taller than him or as tall, he would still stand up on his tiptoes and rest his chin on ur shoulder
  • he would want to get everything for you
  • “why didn’t you tell me you wanted that from the top shelf, i could have gotten it for you” 
  • he would try, but you would have to help him in the end
  • tbh i think he has this radar that when feels someone is sad, his body probably tingles and he would go to that person and comfort them
  • he would definitely do that to you
  • like he would come to you, hug you, kiss you, tell you that its gonna be okay, that he’s here for you before you would even know that ur sad
  • let’s change the subject to something more…exciting 
  • i really do think sex with him would be h e a v e n l y
  • i feel like he’s more a sub than a dom but when he’s in dom out
  • like he would tease you… a lot
  • orgasm denial, just saying
  • lots of thigh kissing
  • he would also love you to ride his face 
  • pussy licker (just saying)
  • and when he’s a sub he would still do that (^^) but he would want to call you mommy if ur into that kind of stuff
  • he would also let you control him in any way possible bc he would just love that
  • but when you guys are done, he’d just stare deeply into ur eyes 
  • for a long time
  • so long that you would try to shift ur gaze to somewhere else bc you were getting kinda embarrassed by the way he was staring at you but then his smile would get bigger and you both would laugh
  • he would touch ur face, ever so gently
  • put a serious face on and say,
  • “i love you so much y/n, with all my heart”
  • “i love you too, jimin, with all my heart”

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i kinda went overboard and made it a wee bit longer than my other ones but…what do u expect? he’s my bias 

i hope you enjoyed this lame attempt bc i know i did