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Hahaha, this is so late and short and it sucks and I’m sorry @carinecaldre69  (Happy Valentine’s Day?)

“Don’t worry, babe, I got this…” 

The day you and Soryu Oh married was the happiest day of his life. Yours too, of course. Never before had you looked so stunning, walking down and exchanging vows. That night was magical, it was like no one else existed but the two of you. He let you know how much he loved you and promised to always protect you and stay by your side. He didn’t think anything could be better than this…than you. That is, until you found out you were pregnant.

Little Ryusei was…an energetic child. You realized that the second your son went from barely sitting to running around the room. You couldn’t help but smile as your husband, Inui, and Samejima chased the little one around in a poor attempt to calm him down. (You also recorded it, but he doesn’t know about that yet) You always took it upon yourself to do a majority of the work when it came to Ryusei. It wasn’t that Soryu didn’t want to, no. He just didn’t have the time…or the same effect you had on your child. Ryusei LOVED you, and would do anything you say. If dad said to take a bath, no. Mommy said take a bath, he’d happily oblige. He only knew four words, mommy, dada, no, and play, but he sure knew how to use them.

“Ryusei, it’s time for bed.”


“Ryusei, it’s past your bedtime.”


“Don’t say no. Put your toys away and get ready for bed.”

“No. Play.”

“You can play tomorrow, right now you need to go-“



“No, no, no no!”

“Listen to me!”



“…no, dada.”

Meanwhile it took you no less than five minutes to get him to go to sleep. Soryu still doesn’t know how you do it, but he’s glad he has you.

One day, you find yourself typing away at your laptop while Ryusei played with his little blocks beside you. Soryu had been busy talking in the other room, but now the place was silent, save for the clacks of blocks hitting each other. Your ears perked up at the sound of your son sighing and you looked down as he stared up at you.


“Mommy has to finish this one thing first…why don’t you go play with daddy?” you suggested, and smiled when his face lit up. He nodded his head eagerly and clumsily picked himself off the floor, bolting out of the room. You shook your head and continued typing. It wasn’t a second later when you heard Soryu shout out in surprise in the other room followed by what you assumed was Ryusei squealing. Sighing to yourself, you looked at your laptop. “I’m never going to get this done…” and with that you shut your computer and ran towards the noise.

Your immediate thought was that Ryusei had unknowingly gotten himself in some trouble and Soryu was trying to save him. You were not, however, expecting to see your son bouncing on your husband as if he was a trampoline. Standing at the doorframe, you put your hand to your mouth in an attempt to stop yourself from laughing.

“Dada, dada, dada, play, play, play!” Ryusei shrieked as he hit Soryu’s shoulder and jumped from his arm to his leg. You couldn’t help it. Soryu looked so helpless as Ryusei used him as his own personal playground and you laughed. Your husband heard and directed his attention to you, mouthing the word ‘help’. Chuckling, you leaned against the door and smirked.

“I dunno, Soryu…looks like you have everything under control…” you teased. He didn’t have time to say something before Ryusei practically started climbing his face. “Pfft…” Rolling your eyes at the fact that your mafia boss husband couldn’t even beat a 2 year old, you walked over to him confidently, prepared to save the day.  

“Don’t worry, babe. I got this…” you said and easily picked up the rambunctious Ryusei. He was still fidgeting and moving his arms and legs around wildly.

“…Ryosuke must have given him something sweet…” Soryu mumbled. You smiled at him softly before turning around, not giving your son a chance to assault your man again. “…thank you.” He said and you replied with a nod and a ‘mm-hm.’ Looking down at your son, you smiled at each other at he playfully tried to get down, drool already starting to cover your arm.

‘I wonder if he’ll always be like that…?’   

Was…was that fluff? Did I do fluff? I never do fluff…     

Dear Y/N

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I am writing this letter because I thought it would be an easier to write everything that I had to say to you down because I’ve ever had the guts to say it to your face and since Valentine’s Day is coming up I couldn’t think of a much better way than to write it down, leave it for you to find so I have time to find a place to hide in the instance you find the current situation hilarious.

I want you to know just how beautiful you are. You truly don’t realise just how special you are. There’s an unspoken elegance that you managed to carry with you no matter what you are doing. If your meeting with someone or getting your daily fix of coffee you have this ability to snap everyone’s attention to you. I’m not the only one who’s noticed just how beautiful you are which is why I have to tell you first.

Secondly, your carrying personality is remarkable, your continuously putting people above yourself. You go above and beyond to make someone happy. You don’t care how long it’s going to take you or how much you have to go out of your way. You don’t complain or voice if the issue is somewhat inconvenient or you’ve already made other plans you get on with whatever you have to do. Some people love to take the mick out of you when they ask for too much but you smile and do the favour anyway. Well its about time someone did nice for you. I want to be that person.

What else am I forgetting right? (There are too many things I want to tell you so I’m gonna have to list one final thing. I love how you love to mess around. There’s this playful side to you that’s beyond amusing. You can have a laugh and a joke. Some people struggle with the level of banter that I exchange but you deal with it perfectly. It’s remarkable. Your remarkable.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is maybe you’d like to go on a date with me sometime?

Come and find me if your not laughing hysterically at this letter.

Corey x

Requests are going to be closing for Love Letters soon so please if you have any requests for any Male Superstars from RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Crusierweight division please send them in.

Happy Valentines day to ME 💕💎

It has honestly taken me so long to love myself as much as I do now. I feel like my journey to self love has been me vs ppl trying to get me to believe I am less that what I actually am, but when God reveals your identity to you that’s something that can’t be denied or undone by the opinions of others.

So happy Valentines day number 1 💕

(​I think VDay is a social construct but seeing couples embrace each other made me really happy and I felt that I was deserving of that public display of love also so who better to give it to me than myself)

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and honestly I’m in a much better place than I was this time last year. I feel free and in control of myself and, idk, genuinely loved for who I am. I legitimately don’t have to tone myself down at all to be loved and idk it goes to show there’s some truth behind letting things go. Like that coffee that you think keeps you alive but has been poisoning you from day one. I couldn’t dream of going back to that life. Being obsessed with it. Being a slave to the false energy that only dragged me down with anxiety.

Idk I’m just in a much better place. I am myself. And @erwins-on-fire loves me for it and @darthvders and @punkbarbie have become some of the most caring friends I’ve ever had (not to exclude the rest of you! These are just newer friendships). I wouldn’t want anybody else in my life right now than the people I have. Love you guys 💕

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Honmeichoko For Mattsu, Iwachan, and Kyou <3 Happy Valentines Day to my favorite boys~ I love you very very much ^^ I hope you like the chocolates <3 they're actually strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, so they aren't too unhealthy for growing athletes like yourselves

“’Growing’?” Matsukawa teases, nudging Iwaizumi. “I don’t think this’ll work for you anymore though, but you can try. Here, have a first bite.”

Iwaizumi growls and you can almost see the vein pulsing on his temple; but he has better things to attend to than giving Mattsun a little bump on his head. He shoots a glare that speaks more than words instead; Mattsun laughs.

Favorite?” Kyoutani asks, trying to make sure, tasting the word in his mouth. He can barely believe it, but he bows sharply to acknowledge the strawberries anyway. “Yeah. Fine. Thanks.” He does his best to keep his mouth into a straight line but you see the tiny smile forming at the edges of it.

Iwaizumi punches Kyoutani’s shoulder lightly. “Loosen up a little,” he chuckles, before turning to you. “Dark chocolate is my favorite, so I’m definitely enjoying this. I’ll try my best to share this with these two,” he says. The way he speaks is carefree, like suddenly he feels like saying everything in his mind. “Thank you. Happy Valentines, babe.”

Mattsun snorts. “Babe?”

The blush on Iwaizumi’s face while he decks Mattsun is priceless.

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Ima message you so we don't keep reblogging the huge post. I think him in a pink suit would be much more fitting for Valentine's Day than anything lol Add the little clips in too, it's just be more Sanji like.

Hahaha I guess that’s what I’ll be posting tomorrow! Aside from the ZoSan NZFW I’ve got already halfway done so I better just finish that. It’s mostly to fulfill my patreon rewards I promised. Although Sanji in a suit with heels is oddly appealing to me. But oh well! Ooooh…actually, if I’m in a real hurry, I can also color in their 20th Anniversary outfits but in pink. Hm. There’s a thought.

Thanks for the feedback though! I mean, I’ve only been arting on tumblr for…a month? So I do appreciate everything I get back! 

I just imagine how cute it will be if simmers decide to do Valentine’s Day stuff with their sims. And I hope that’s the day we’ll spread some positivity since Valentine’s Day tends to stress or depress some people a bit.

I kind of wish Valentine’s Day wasn’t so much about romance and all… In Finland we celebrate friendships and people close to us in general. I like that better, it brings joy to others as well than just couples. Though we should remember that in the and Valentine is just a day among the others. Whether we feel up or down is about our attitude and way to think about it. 

I hope you all have wonderful plans for Valentine’s and if not, I still hope it will be a great day for you!

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Hey, um so I've had this crush on this girl for a while now, and to my excitement found out she was pan and I really want to ask her out, and I'm planning to on Tuesday (Valentines day) with a rose, but what would I say? I'm really nervous and would like some words of advice, also I have never really dated anyone before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!

okay I’m not the best when it comes to confessing to crushes (I literally sent my current bf an email….. he turned me down) but I think the best advice is to just be honest !! and if all else fails, quote sappho bc she is much better at putting feelings into words than the rest of us

Oh look, oh wow, I actually get to celebrate valentine’s day this year with someone who loves and appreciates me and doesn’t make me feel like a worthless piece of shit.
Much better than last year spent trying to go to sleep but being told all the ways he doesn’t think we will work out and how he lost faith in us. Then getting into a fight because I actually just want to fucking sleep but am being told that apparently he is trying to have a conversation with me while I am trying to leave the room. Yeah ok. Wow.

Word of advice, if you are with someone who constantly makes you feel worthless, it isn’t because you actually are worthless. Fucking dump them and never look back. If they think you don’t deserve love and affection and respect then they don’t deserve your presence. If you stay you are just wasting everyone’s time. All the excuses and mental gymnastics will not change the fucking FACT that they are dodging and don’t want to do their part.

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“Oh, come on, Lux. You can do better than that,” Atticus teases her. “What makes you better than everyone else?” He can think of quite a few reasons why he would rather have her as a Valentine than anyone else, but he wants to hear her say nice things about herself.

“Uh…” what made her better than everyone else? Not much. “Um… I sing good? I… will give you nice kisses? My butt is not bad to look at?” Or so she’d been told.

No sleep

So, I haven’t slept.. but, I think it was a productive night.
Going to get a new tattoo this afternoon, a small one, but, extremely important and meaningful. Today is the day to do it, my appointment is at 3. Yeeeeeey!!!
Yesterday was a long day, my boyfriend is so strong. It was our first Valentine’s Day and he had so much going on, but, still stayed up to spend quality time together, that ended with us watching Finding Dory and bawling our eyes out together..
Probably the best gift I could’ve ever recieved.. We are closer than we ever have been, and our bond is getting stronger every day.
Annnnnnnd my family loves him so much already. I couldn’t ask for more, except maybe all of his time and to cling to him like a koala, on a eucalyptus tree. I’m rambling..
Pictures of the new tattoo will be up this afternoon!

Experimenting with dark paper, chalk pastels & pencils in artrage.

It’s Valentine day, red roses are everywhere and I started thinking of things that would work better than flowers (booooring) as Valentine gifts in some of the fandoms I’ve been in over the years:

Hannibal’s murder valentine is canon, and kinda amazing.
Mulder would like an alien, or a giant bag of sunflower seeds.
House pretty much only wants Vicodin.
Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin would play duet, like every other day.
And I just like drawing Harry & Draco flying.

Happy Valentine Day!


@rivermlevi You mean the world to me. I’ll never understand how I was able to be so lucky to have found a person like you all those years ago. You’re my best friend and my heart. You understand me better than any guy I’ve ever met and I’d like to think I understand you better than most. You’re my other half. Simply meant to be in my life. I’m so grateful to have a guy like you. I love you v much. Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤❤

Happy valentine’s day, @kvngslvyer.
It’s been a wild few weeks, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.
I spent the night thinking back to when I first met you. I’d heard so many people say so much good stuff about you that I was sure I’d hate you right away, just because I’m like that. But you were nice, and way cuter than I’d realized, but with a serious girlfriend. So I locked all that away, and soon I realized you were so much better in the ring than I’d ever heard. They were right to compare you to Shawn Michaels. I focused on our matches, and learning so much more about myself and my abilities by working with you. We were golden in the ring, and it was one of the best times of my life.
I wouldn’t be me without you. On any level. And adding this new dimension to our intertwined lives has opened so many doors to me. It just feels so right; I can’t imagine a future without you in it. It feels like we’ve always been together, and I hope we always will be. Sun and moon, dancing eternally.
Love you, babe.


Imado Jinja (今戸神社) in Asakusa is famous as an enmusubi ( 縁結び or えんむすび) shrine. A rough English translation would be “love knot” or “partner for life”. If you want that fateful encounter that will change your life, visit Imado Jinja. If you’ve already found your beloved, you can visit the shrine together to pray for continuing happiness.

The shrine is also alleged to be the birthplace of Japan’s beloved lucky cat, the manekineko. That, at least, is what locals believe. Here’s the legend: once upon a time, a long time ago, an old woman lived in Imado. She was so poor that she was forced to sell her beloved cat. One night the animal appeared to her in a dream, and told her to make and sell its image in clay. She listened to its advice, sold thousands of cat statues and became very wealthy.

So much shit happened in 1 minute and 28 seconds

•Misha being cute and whispering to us that he would secretly video them in the green room
•so much glitter
•not enough glitter, apparently
•Rob: “I think we’re gonna need more glitter glue, guys”
•Jensen ruining Richards card because Jensens has to be better than everyone’s and fuck you your not better
•"Awe thank you that’s so sweet!“ IM NOT OKAY
•Jared being late and wanting to get in on the gay card making action
•but I thought Jensen was afraid of glitter
•"here you go buddy” KILL ME