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“Hanzo -” His voice was strangled, his lips drier than the desert.

“That’s better,” Hanzo murmured as he rose up on his toes and brushed his nose against Jesse’s once, twice, three times. “Eskimo kiss,” he explained. “You looked sad and I’ve been told that kisses fix stuff.”

I’m so glad you’ve commissioned me to draw this scene, @mariejacquelyn. It’s beautiful. The whole fic is. You’re an awesome writer; please, keep gracing us with your stuff <3

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tea witch.

I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

i’m waaaaay too late for #MerMay HUHU that this has become #MerJune lolol! Here’s OtaYuri for you! <3 

Also, thanks @yanumii​ for being a lamay buddy. I wonder how we can never run out of topics to talk about lololol #dimensionpowers And credits to your bruuuush <3 I alternately used it with Speckle! :> :> :> 

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9 3 0 3 0 9
happy birthday
m i n y o o n g i

Your image that has been neglected
Even then I didn’t know your significance
No matter where I am
You always defended that spot


you’ve met one another, right?

words: 4337.

or the one where everything is still the same: even and isak still do happen. but it’s observed under sana’s watchful inspection. on even.

(or the one where ten times, sana sees even, as even and isak happen.)

canon compliant, but, with a little bit more. this wasn’t meant to turn into a full blown fic but, oh well, no can do.

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Twins and Triplets Headcanons

-Preschool age triplets and the two Alphas being very worried about their clumsy and small Omega sibling so they always insist on each of them holding one of their hands and keeping the Omega safely between them when walking around crowded or public places

-Identical Omega twins in high school that think its funny to take turns flirting with the same Alpha, and the Alpha has no idea that he’s flirting with two different Omegas because they look and smell identical, and then the Omegas causing a big dramatic scene when one of them “catches” the Alpha flirting with their twin. And the Alpha just being so embarrassed and confused by the whole thing

-Twin Alphas that fight constantly but if anyone else picks a fight with one of them, the other will become extremely protective

-Older triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, other Omegas always befriending the Omega just to get closer to their Alpha siblings and the Alphas very bluntly rejecting any Omega that they catch doing it

-Twin Alpha and Omega that are very close and the Omega always goes out of their way to try and take care of their twin while the Alpha is very clingy and protective of them

-Twin Betas in middle school getting revenge on Alpha bullies by leaving fake love notes from Omegas in their lockers and watching the usually arrogant Alphas become flustered messes when they confront their “admirer” and are told that the note must be fake because the Omega doesn’t like them

-Triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and the three of them going places and hanging out and the Omega walking ahead happily, not noticing their Alpha siblings behind them, giving death glares to any other Alphas that even glance at the Omega for more than a second

-Twin Alpha and Omega, the Omega being extremely picky about what kind of mate their twin will end up with. Partly because they don’t think anyone is good enough for their twin, but mainly because they want all the Alpha’s attention for themselves, the way it’s always been

-Baby twin Omegas and one of them almost never cries, except when their twin is extremely upset because even as an infant they can sense just how distressed their sibling is and it causes them to also become very distressed because they can’t make it better

-Twin Omega and Beta, and the Omega always really admiring the Beta and looking at them like they are the most impressive person in the world, so even when the Beta is looked down on by others it never really bothers them because their twin thinks they are great and that’s all they really care about

-Little triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and whenever the Omega is sad the Alphas try their hardest to cheer them up, making funny faces and attempting squeaky croons until their Omega sibling is once again content and giggling

-Little triplets with two Omegas and an Alpha, and the Omegas always pulling the Alpha along into whatever they are doing like building nests and playing house and the Alpha going along with it all because they like making the Omegas happy

even more gorillaz headcanons
  • they tried to get noodle to eat brussels sprouts when she was little and they went on a health kick. she didn’t understand what they were called and thought they were called russel sprouts. to this day brussels sprouts are referred to as russel sprouts by everyone in the band and this is just an accepted phrase now. whenever they pass the produce aisle someone inevitably yells “hey russel!” and holds up a brussels sprout when he looks over (at least, 2d and noodle do. murdoc tends to just chuck a brussels sprout at russ’s head from all the way across the aisle and then pretend it wasn’t him.) 
  • they all love the beatles so much. they tend to play beatles songs to warm up before practice; can’t buy me love was a favorite of noodle’s when she was little because 2d would dance with her and swing her around during the instrumental part while they sang. i want to hold your hand is also a popular one because during the bridge — “and when i touch you i feel happy inside” — 2d and noodle go all fake-sentimental and dramatically sigh and swoon all over the room. usually they sing to russ and get him to clasp their hands during this part or stroke murdoc’s face dramatically (he always pushes them away but he’s laughing.) one of the first songs murdoc learned was blackbird and he tends to play it to himself in his room when he’s alone, singing quietly. he taught it to noodle when she was really young and caught him singing it and even now, sometimes they’ll sit in the studio with their guitars singing blackbird together — it’s their thing. 

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A Broken Man with No Home

Request: Newt x Reader with a storyline where everything is going Extremely Bad. Desperate situations calls for desperate measures so Reader “takes the chance to sacrifice her own life to save everyone because she can only do it” cliche. Angst like a punch in the gut.

Word Count: 3,025

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @duquesarosa but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @whatinbenaddiction @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

“Dada, where are we going?”

Newt looks down at the little girl squirming in the train seat next to him. Her thumb’s lingering near her mouth, ready to pop back in the second she gets her answer, and a part of her hair’s sticking up.

Newt smiles halfheartedly and reaches over to tuck the errant hair into a butterfly clip. “We’re going to Bulgaria, honey.”

She frowns, the thin wrinkles hiding some of the freckles that dot her face. “Where’s that?”

“Far away.”

“Where?” She persists. Newt almost laughs at the stubborn set of her small features. She’s a near copy in that aspect, an exact match.

“Do you remember when we went to see uncle Theseus? How far we traveled then?”

She nods, thumb now in her mouth as she watches Newt with patient eyes.

“It’s right next to there. Do you think you’ll make it?”

“Yes. Teddy and I are gonna be just fine.” She pauses, as though she’s thinking something over, then continues. “Thank you very much.”

“Someone’s been spending too much time with aunt Tina.”

“Auntie Tina likes me. She said she’d have a whole bunch of chocolate for me when she gets to see me again.”

“Yes, well, Aunt Tina spoils you too much.” Newt busies himself with the bag at his feet, digging through it for the box of crackers.

She kicks her feet. “She says she wouldn’t if you listened. She says you’re a bad listener, dada.”

He slows his search, the familiar anger he’s felt over the past few months stirring in his chest. “Does she, now?”

“Mmmhmmm.” She hums. Her summer green eyes are focused on the box Newt pulls out, and she completely misses the flash of annoyance her news earns.

He takes a deep breath as he shakes the crackers into his hand. It’d be best to ignore the comment. “Here, love, eat up. We’ll be on the train for a long time before we can leave.”

She grabs the crackers, her grubby fingers leaving streaks of saliva on Newt’s hand.

Newt wipes his hand on his blue jacket as more commuters lumber onto the train and shuffle past him. The train hisses, a bit of steam making its way in the door a few rows away. Newt’s surprised he can even hear it over the dull drone of the others, those who take the route daily speaking about politics and the recent construction started in London. Others, those who are new to the train like him, sit quietly, hands folded in their laps as they watch the crowds move past the window. Some squint at crossword puzzles, doing their best to make out the tiny clues in the dim light of the sunrise.

Newt’s nose wrinkles as a particularly strong cologne passes by. He quickly covers his daughter’s mouth when her nose wrinkles too and her mouth opens.

“Hush,” he murmurs. “We should be nice.”

He can hardly bring himself to say the words. Not after what he’s done the past few months, the things he’s said to Tina, the way he’s treated his brother. Hypocrite. Newt never expected such a description to fit him, but when Theseus shouted it in the middle of the family’s Christmas gathering, earning the attention of every aunt, uncle, and cousin he’s ever met, he’d been unable to argue the point.

“Dada,” she whispers against his palm, “why can’t we go home?”

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