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I ended up picking the first one. Maybe I’ll do the second one later on, but here you are for now. It’s been ages so I hope you enjoy!

Naruto can’t focus.

Sasuke’s lips move and Naruto doesn’t hear what’s coming out of them. He can only focus on the way Sasuke’s lips form the letters or how he has to wet his lips after he explains something particularly long and tedious. There’s even moments when Sasuke is working through a problem himself and his tongue will slip between his lips, concentration clear in the set of his eyebrows.

It just makes it really hard to focus on the homework at hand.


The words bring Naruto back to earth, eyes blinking and Sasuke’s annoyed face clear in front of him. He smiles cheekily, rubbing the back of his head.

“I’m assuming you can’t tell me the answer to this question then,” Sasuke sighs, shifting so his body is facing Naruto now, defeated look setting into his features.


Sasuke rolls his eyes and Naruto’s own slip down to Sasuke’s lips. The only thing he wants to do right now is kiss him, long and hard. He wants to move to the bed and kiss down Sasuke’s neck and take off his shirt.

“Naruto!” Said boy is so rudely drawn back to reality, eyes snapping back up to meet Sasuke’s. Naruto can tell he’s done with this whole thing. If Naruto’s mind wanders one more time he was walking out the door.

“But Sasuke,” Naruto whines. “You just look so sexy when you’re talking about this kind of stuff.”

“You’re the one with the test. You’re going to fall the class if you don’t do well, Naruto.”

“Maybe just one kiss.” Which will hopefully turn into two and then three until the homework is forgotten and Sasuke is under Naruto, moaning his name and begging…

“Stop that train of thought right now!”

“But Sasuke!”

Sasuke sighs and Naruto knows he should shut up. Sasuke only puts up with his antics for just so long when he gets annoyed like this. He’s right too. Naruto needs to pass this test or he’s screwed. It’s the only way he’ll pull his grade up enough so he won’t fail and have to take the class again next semester.

“Look,” Sasuke’s voice is calmer now, more focused. “If you can get the next few answers right then we can take a break.”

Naruto knows said break will include kissing and clothes shedding and Naruto can’t say no to that. He likes being rewarded by Sasuke when he gets the answers right or does well on one of his tests. It isn’t just the sex or the blowjob he usually ends up getting, but that proud smile that tugs up Sasuke’s lips. That little glint in his eyes that says how proud Naruto is. That kiss on the cheek to hold Naruto off until they get back to either one of their dorm rooms. It’s a nice feeling having Sasuke proud of him

“I like that idea.”

An hour later Naruto has answered more than half the questions right and the ones he didn’t, he tried and Sasuke smiles, all proud and shinning and Naruto dips his head in embarrassment. “I knew you could do it,” Sasuke says, leaning forward to press a kiss to Naruto’s lips.

Naruto gets his reward, all breathy moans and fingers running over skin. When the afterglow wears off they work through the problems Naruto got wrong earlier and it starts all over again.

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Hi, I really love your account and your kindness when you reply random things. There is a near holiday in my country, can you recomend wontaek fics for me to read during these days? I did read House of Blossoms, it's ok if your fic rec are fluffy or smut. Sorry for my english, i could also ask you in spanish, but my best friend isn't here for help me (she's kind of fluent). Thank you so much!

ahhh thank you so much ;____; (your english is perfect okay~) and wow okay this is gonna be kind of long but let’s do this haha:

  • scroll through this tag for the wontaek fics I’ve reblogged 
  • ntheonlycha has many wontaek fics and i completely love all of them~
  • Poor Life Choices Lives (mature. age gap. angst.): it only has one chapter but I love it so far
  • Warm Fur (animal!au. fluff): basically wolf!Ravi and kitty!Leo but it’s so cute and funny to read
  • Home (mature): it’s a HOB verse so I’m sure you’ll like this one~
  • High Rise (mature): it’s just really hot smut lmao
  • Thrice (mature): there’s wontaek, but also keo and luck lol. it’s still ongoing but sooo good~
  • Come on home (mature): wontaek and luck, once more some hot smut ;u;
  • Scary Fairy Tale (mature. horror? not really): super mysterious at first and a bit twisted but good smut and one shot
  • Red Strings (soulmate au): it just started but i love it so much ;;
  • Sixty Six (mature. mild horror. age difference): wontaekbin and sooo good i cannot express just how much this will captivate you
  • 0215 (mature. smut): wontaekbin again and just birthday smut for Ravi lol
  • The Devil You Know (mature. supernatural): demon!ravi and human!leo who meet and fall in love (give it a shot, it’s quite nice~)
  • Amnesia (mature. angst): the title pretty much says it ^^ it’s still ongoing
  • The Laugh (fluff): sort off but it’s nice 
  • Us And The World (mature. angst): one of ntheonlycha’s works and possibly my most favorite wontaek fic next to HOB (you will cry a lot)
  • The Need For Words (pg 13): i just started it but it’s pretty good so far
  • Imprinted (mature): Leo gets a tattoo and Ravi falls in love haha
  • Barefoot (mature. foot fetish. smut) :-))))
  • 25 Days of December: (fluff) SO MUCH FLUFF I LOVE IT
  • Sexy Bitch: (mature. smut) just kitty!Leo and smut :^)

I wrote a sort of prologue for baseball league au Rhoda, inspired by this prompt. This au makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside (even though I know nothing about baseball and never thought I would want to.) If I get time next week I might write another installment about her actually joining the team…

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ooa;; one thing i really gotta thank the splatoon game/community for is making me feel welcomed and also for making me wanna draw again.

 like drawing isn’t my thing but it’s all i can do right now to get shit out and vent but.
 i stopped for a bit but then i made my octoling ocs and its’s all i ever wanna draw anymore. but like im actually pulling through with what i say im drawing. i’ve never done that. ever. 

 so i guess ty for everything everyone and splatoon for being there hfskgsj


the squadratic formula (( @nearly-professional-fangirl & @fobxes ))

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Your opinion in Shinkiro art

It’s great, especially his early stuff.

I really hate reading for work. Like… I’ll sit there for literally hours reading material to find quotes and reference and gain a better understanding of the subject, but often I’ll come away with like… 3 or 4 quotes and a tiny bit of understanding that I didn’t have before. I t just seems like such a waste of time… like I know it’s important and I couldn’t write essays without reading, but it just takes up so much damn time. In the time I’ve spend reading, I could have got so much written work done, or learnt lines or analysed text….

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hello! I hope you don't feel like I'm rushing you but I was just curious how your coming along with the tumblr awards?

It’s 70% finished!