much ado film review


Much Ado About Nothing (2013) - dir. Joss Whedon

A little over a decade ago Kenneth Branagh did a terrific job of adapting Shakespeare’s play into a film. So why all the hubbub about Joss Whedon’s version? It’s in black-and-white, so its artsy. It’s Whedon and he’s immensely popular. It’s got an indie cast so you have to take it seriously. But it’s Whedon, so it’s supposed to be funny. 

I think Much Ado About Nothing works better as a title for all the hype. It’s an interesting effort, but pales even to Romeo + Juliet in imagination. Clark Gregg is terrific, but he couldn’t hold my interest throughout a story I’m already familiar with. I’d rather watch Branagh’s film… or better yet, just read the play.