22 april 2017

@pixlokita scibbly comic for shinichi ½!

Don’t tell me Natsu and Gray hate each other
Don’t tell me they don’t care about each other
Don’t tell me they don’t think of each other as brothers
Don’t tell me they wouldnt kill for each other
Don’t tell they they don’t have each other’s back and will never have their back
Because they don’t, they do, they would, and they always will.
Because that’s what best friends- hell, brothers do.

Non so perché tutti ti compiangano. Cosa ti manca? Prima ti muovevi, ora il tuo movimento passa ai vermi che tu nutri. Crescevi unghie e capelli: ora colerai liquame che farà crescere più alte nel sole le erbe del prato. Diventerai erba, poi latte delle mucche che mangeranno l'erba, sangue di bambino che ha bevuto il latte, e così via. Vedi che sei più bravo a vivere tu di me, o cadavere?
—  Italo Calvino, Il cavaliere inesistente
woodscout!jasper is whipped: a documentary

[ this is a fucking mess im sorry ]

Max sighed. Another boring day at camp. He leisurely strolled by the lake, avoiding the current camp activity that was canoeing. He took amusement in watching everyone fall into the lake as they struggled to get away from the dock, though. 

He glanced at David, the tall redhead being easy to spot because of how tall he was. The campman was currently trying to help Space Kid get into a life jacket, as the kid refused to take his helmet off, and they only had pullover life jackets. Max grinned a little, before he was startled by a loud noise from across the lake.

He whipped his head towards the Woodscout camp, intrigued by the noise. He scanned the land before spotting a group of boys, standing at attention as a buff guy around 25 marched back and forth in front of them, yelling about something or other. 

David seemed to hear it as well, his head whipping toward the source of the noise. He smiled a little, rolling his eyes before walking as close as he could to the other camp without getting into the lake, cupping his hands around his mouth.

“Hey, Jasper!!” he yelled. The man immediately stopped yelling, turning towards the counsellor’s voice. A small smile grew on the man apparently named Jasper’s face as he saw David. 

“Go a little easy on them, okay? Remember they’re just kids, they have feelings!” David yelled again before smiling sweetly.

Jasper nodded, a blush rising to his face as his smile grew a bit wider. David waved, satisfied, before turning around and walking back to SK.

A lovestricken look crossed Jasper’s face before he turned around and said something to the scouts, who nodded before scurrying off in different directions.

“Well..“ Max thought, looking between Jasper and David. "That was weird."