22 april 2017

@pixlokita scibbly comic for shinichi ½!

Don’t tell me Natsu and Gray hate each other
Don’t tell me they don’t care about each other
Don’t tell me they don’t think of each other as brothers
Don’t tell me they wouldnt kill for each other
Don’t tell they they don’t have each other’s back and will never have their back
Because they don’t, they do, they would, and they always will.
Because that’s what best friends- hell, brothers do.

Non so perché tutti ti compiangano. Cosa ti manca? Prima ti muovevi, ora il tuo movimento passa ai vermi che tu nutri. Crescevi unghie e capelli: ora colerai liquame che farà crescere più alte nel sole le erbe del prato. Diventerai erba, poi latte delle mucche che mangeranno l'erba, sangue di bambino che ha bevuto il latte, e così via. Vedi che sei più bravo a vivere tu di me, o cadavere?
—  Italo Calvino, Il cavaliere inesistente
Monsta X Reaction “GF’s smile is adorable”


He wouldn’t be able to stop himself, but everytime you smiled that friendly budha smile would appear. 


His heart would flutter everytime you smile, making him smile too. He’d always want to hold you when you smile.


He would admire you from afar and smile, watching your face light up. He’d probably brag to the others about how adorable you are.


He would tease you about how cute you are and sneakily take pictures of you when you smile.


He would silently pinch your cheeks and and hold you, not saying anything. In those moments he’d realise how mucch he loves you.


He’d get shy, he’d wonder what he did to deserve someone that adorable. He’d take a picture and send it to the others. “See how cute she is?” 


He’d tease you so much and brag to his hyungs. You smiling would be his wallpaper.