My 616 fic rec list, Part 2!

Thanks to all of the amazing BB entries and excellent suggestions from passionate followers, I’ve read so many incredible fics recently that I had to make a new post. Here it is guys, in honor of Author Appreciation week– arranged from shortest to longest. Enjoy!

Childhood Sweetheart by valtyr (G) 
Gay marriage becomes legal in NY and Steve and Tony have a moment. It’s short but very, very sweet. =3

Vacation Benefits by Nix (NC-17)
It’s just sex at a beach house but oh my god. I think I have a thing for early morning sex? Is that tmi?? Okay, I’ll shut up. This is lovely. 

Let Me Down So Low by schmevil (NC-17) 
I’m usually not a bottom!Steve person but this was hot as hell. And he’s not even a bottom, really. He’s just a…. well, just read it. It’s quick and sexy, just how I like em. (Also read part one of this very short series, When the Levee Breaks!)

Apricity by nostalgicatsea (PG-13)
Villain Steve. I repeat: Villain. Steve. This fic is based on this incredible artwork and it’s just perfect and dark and terrifying. Villain Steve being horrible and protective of Tony? Yeah…… I think I just found a new favorite trope.  

Learning Opportunity by Nix (NC-17)
I can’t believe I never read this one before! A Young Avenger goes looking for Tony when she catches him with Steve. In his bedroom. Doing things. Doing wonderful, romantic, naughty things. Who wouldn’t stand there and watch, right??

Would You Like to Join Me? by Niki (G) 
Peter accidentally breaks a table and Steve and Tony spend way too long trying to fix it because it’s the best excuse they have to spend time together. Since it’s set in the amazing Marvel Adventures universe, it’s so damn cute it hurts.

Unintended Results by theappleppielifestyle (NC-17)
So Tony decides to prank Steve after Steve pranks him and things go…. really….. really………….. well……… @_@

They Say It’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry (And Mean It) by SakuraTsukikage (NC-17)
This is hands-down the most depressing blow job fic probably on all of AO3. Who knew the words “depressing” and “blow job” could go together, right? Only for our boys, I guess! SakuraTsukikage has a way with words that even a depressing blow job fic can sound so beautiful. 

Heart Burn by nightwalker (PG-13) 
Anytime a fic is set in the MA universe, always expect adorableness and fluff. The Avengers are fighting a dragon and Tony somehow ends up naked and in Steve’s arms. I loved this so very much. 

The Tipping Point by nightwalker (PG-13) 
FLUFF! FLUFF GALORE! Because this fic also takes place in the MA universe, it literally made my throat close up from all the goddamned sweetness. I just, I want to hold Tony against me forever and ever and tell him over and over that he’s fucking wonderful. Apparently “a failure to communicate” follows our boys into every universe.

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ by Muccamukk (NC-17) 
Sex pollen and identity porn; two tropes I never thought I wanted to see together but it happened and it was awesome. There’s just something about classic Steve/Tony that really, really gets to me. Everyone’s so innocent, and poor little Tony has to plug himself into a wall socket before his heart stops beating and I just…….love it all. So very much.

Intercorrelation by thyrza (NC-17) 
OH MY GOD. Steve and Tony find another Tony from a different universe and of course, what ends up happening?? A GLORIOUS THREESOME. Just go read it, it’s fantastic. (And here’s hoping for a sequel with two Steves…. =D)

These Cold Nights by Captain_AI (NC-17)
Who else loves a really long build up to the inevitable sex scene towards the end??! I do!!! Steve and Tony get caught in a blizzard, Steve almost gets hypothermia and Tony’s just being a good friend by warming him up with his penis. He’s a really great friend.    

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by laireshi (PG-13)
You know what else I love? Established-relationship fics. Those are just the bees knees. Steve comforting Tony, Tony comforting Steve. It’s amazing that these two still manage to be angsty and heart-breaking while actually being together. Being sexy boyfriends must be really tough. 

Love Across the Multiverse by Sineala (NC-17) 
This. Was. A. Mazing. Oh my god. This has got to be a favorite fic set in the Ultimates universe because damn. Steve is still an ass but it totally works! Of course Ultimates!Steve would be a little squeamish about being forced to have sex with Tony in front of a live audience for Mojoworld. Who wouldn’t be, right?!?! The ending is also super fantastic. 

Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines by captainshellhead & vibraniumstark (NC-17) 
There are times when my love for fandom trumps all other things. After reading this 1872-based fic, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I kept reading it over and over again. I was obsessed. It’s one of those fics where you wish there were 2,000 more chapters because you want to know more about EVERY LITTLE THING. It’s so good. It’s the best one I’ve read yet.   

Look After Your Heart by Sineala (PG-13)
Jeeeeeeesus christ this one hurt. It hurt so good. Steve’s dead and Tony’s dealing with it and the ending was just….. Tony hits rock bottom but this somehow manages to end happily! If only the comics were this well-thought out. 

I’ll Make You Feel Pure by SakuraTsukikage (NC-17) 
Okay…… you’ll need a cold fucking shower after this one because DAAAAMN. Like, really, be warned. Especially if Top!Steve and taking-care-of-Tony is your thing, which it’s definitely, definitely mine. Phew!

The Meaningless and All That’s True by missbecky (NC-17)
To be honest I’m getting tired of Civil War fics, but I will literally read anything missbecky writes. One of my favorite things about this fic (and her writing) is that she’s really good at keeping Steve in character. And that’s so fucking hard to do when you’re dealing with things like feelings and kissing Tony. So this is really good and really satisfying.  

Sex, Lies & Newsprint by nightwalker (NC-17)
This fic is just too much for me. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, the sex is smoking hot. I can’t believe it took me so long to find! It’s got a little bit of everything– it’s another go-to fic when I’m feeling sad and disappointed about Marvel. =D

Slipping Off the Page into Your Hands by Sineala (NC-17) 
This fic is everything to me. It combines two of my absolute favorite tropes: identifty porn and soulmates. You just, you want to cry over Tony’s pining and for Steve’s confusion and you just want to reach in and grab our boys and tell them YOU DESERVE TO BE TOGETHER, NOW PLEASE FUCK. I loved it.

If these weren’t enough to quench your thirst, hop on over to Part 1 of my fic recs! 


From Problems in Relativity by muccamukk where Cap was a Space Captain and Tony was…..well..Tony. And they wore nifty space suits and Pepper’s suit was not zero-gravity appropriate and they had zero-gravity sex.

It was wonderful and I put Tony in a VELLLOOOOUUURRRRRRRR suit. Steve’s is in some sort of Code Geass inspired body suit that I MADE SHINY FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN MY OWN.

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Haha, I think BNFdom is a far cry from whatever this is, but also, I tried bossing you and airgeer around, you barely ever listened. My minions are clearly subpar.

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