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Buddha Statues’ Heads: What it actually means.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Homegoods with my mom for some interior decorations and a few gifts. And what do you know: Buddha’s heads, either in brass and sold as “antique” or dipped in bright neon paint. My mom shook her head in disapproval and laughed. This really got my mind thinking that shoppers have literally no clue what these statues’ heads are really about.

This really got my mind thinking about that Thai movie “Ong-Bak” about how a group of thieves decapitated a Buddha statue’s head  & how a Muay Thai skilled warrior volunteered to return it before it is sold in the black market. Cutting off that religious statue’s head is seen as an act of vandalism & violence. It is one of the utmost disrespectful marks one could do in the religion. The original heads were stolen from respected places of worship. Cutting off Buddha statues’ heads have been happening for who-knows-how-long originally by greedy thieves.

And now they are replicated into fashion statements or interior decorating. They really have such a dark history behind them that nearly a lot of people had forgotten. (None of those pictures belong to me.)


Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing class at RCW

Last week we covered a variety of slip drills and evasive head movement as it relates to boxing. This week we continue the trend in Muay Thai as the use of the slip, bob and weave, and other evasions are performed under different context in Muay Thai.

Kickboxing is known as the science of eight limbs, they count the two knees and elbows as part of the physiology. As such with more tools available there’s a greater range of offensive and defensive knowledge required when compared to boxing. Both are incredible chess games with the human body and tons of fun. Yet both are unique in their approach, footwork, mechanics and delivery. Often the similarities pay off and make learning one method a natural fit for the other.

Other pieces like stance can be mission critical that you know the difference. For instance a wide stance as demonstrated here is great for punching power in western boxing and allows the trunk to be more nimble. In Thai Boxing it exposes the leg to the heavy kick and inhibits mobility. Sometimes in the UFC you can observe this when the fighter with the wide stance repeatedly takes shots to the leg.

It’s important if you pick an MMA coach or start taking kickboxing classes that your coaches understand the unique approach required for cross training. At RIver City Warriors we offer a variety of stand up classes in Tigard including Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Grappling, and Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s method.)

Don’t be fooled by others who say MMA is a simple blend of a little bit of this or that. At RCW you’ll find experts who’ve spent decades in each program studying them individually and as a cross training regimen. We can do the same for you, and you’ll find it a rewarding education. Casual in our attitude, serious about the training, welcome to RCW.