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Guns and Being a Martial Artist

I got into an argument on facebook (haha yes I do regret it) about gun control, and at one point someone tried to make the argument that I was somehow stupid/a hypocrite/some other shit because I like guns and am a “martial artist” (I think that phrase is somewhat overrated for what it’s worth). If you lot didn’t already know this, I like guns. I have a side blog that is pretty much entirely pictures of guns, pictures of me screwing around with guns, pictures of /k/ posts of guns, and text posts where I make fun of Europeans/Californians/New Yorkers (same difference really) for not being able to have guns. 

The other person’s argument was something like this: if you train, why would you want a gun? I would argue that training in an alive martial art is what taught me the value of having a gun. Martial arts work really well against people that aren’t a lot bigger than you. Technique can overcome size, but only to a point. I learned this the hard way fighting a ninja (It’s been over a year and my neck still doesn’t feel the same post powerbomb), and it’s been demonstrated over and over again in the UFC, PRIDE, and K1. Think about all the beatings Sakuraba took. Look at what Bob Sapp did to Ernesto Hoost:

This means when it comes to protecting yourself: alive martial arts training isn’t enough. Especially if you are smaller than average. Or not in possession of large amounts of testosterone, natural or otherwise. And this doesn’t even bring weapons into the mix. Other person has a knife? All of those “knife disarms” you may have learned at a seminar aren’t going to mean shit. One of my old training partners from my Muay Thai days (cool guy, used to effortlessly beat the shit out of me) also had an extensive Kali background. He told me that his main takeaway from all of that training was how dead he would be if he ever got in a knife fight. Think about the margin of error here. If the other guy has a knife, as long as he retains control of that knife and doesn’t get knocked out he has a pretty good shot. You only need to screw up once to be bleeding everywhere and in need of emergency medical attention.

Part of being a good “martial artist” is being aware of your limitations. Both of your body and your skills. I’m 5′7″, 165lbs, and train on and off as a hobby. Yeah. I can take the average untrained bum that weighs less than 180lbs.If I’m facing someone bigger then that or weapons are involved I have a problem. My unarmed training works in two ways: it can either get me out of a scenario where a weapon is unnecessary, or it can buy me enough time to get to my weapon. BJJ/Judo/Karate is great. But weapons and size advantages are a reality of the world we live in. And the notion that you can just train to deal with that too is delusional as far as I am concerned. Unless that training involves going to the range with your sidearm of choice every so often.


I received the Anon above (screencap top left). Anon, the last time Sam and Abbie were paired together publicly was when they both posted clay shooting pics on IG in November of 2015. First, Abbie posted a picture on IG of her going clay shooting. Then AFTER Abbie posted her clay shooting pic, Sam posted one too. That’s when the fandom knew they were still together. I couldn’t find Abbie’s now deleted pic, but I posted two pics Sam posted, and also a comment left on Sam’s IG pic that confirms Abbie also posted one. In addition, I’m showing comments from ES blogs referencing Abbie posting a clay shooting pic, along with Sam. As you can see, not much has changed—here we are almost TWO YEARS after the ES made these horrible comments about Abbie, and the ES are making the exact same comments about Mackenzie. Same as it ever was. 

So, the above is PROOF that Sam and Abbie were still together mid-November 2015, but by Christmas 2015/New Year’s 2016, Sam was in Thailand alone. Sam himself, Nell Hudson and the Muay Thai gym guy all posted that Sam was in Thailand for Christmas 2015/New Year’s 2016. Abbie posted from London. So Sam and Abbie broke up sometime between the end of November 2015 to December 2015. Sam was not linked to anyone after Abbie and before Mackenzie.

The first sighting we have of Sam with Mackenzie is April 1, 2016 at the Guns N Roses concert in Los Angeles, where eyewitnesses saw them holding hands and leaving together. I’m pretty sure, Sam and Mackenzie started talking again in the early part of 2016 (they originally met in October 2014), then she had to grapple with having to end things with Billy, her boyfriend at the time, eventually Sam’s Scottish charm won, as it always does, 😎 and Mackenzie and Billy broke up, and TMGD swooped in…the rest, as they say, is history. Go Samzie, over 18 months strong! 💘

That’s the Fact, Jack

This is a post being circulated in Shipperville:

The ES are applauding this post because they think it means they can say that we NSTs aren’t dealing with “facts” but are just “speculating” or making “assumptions.”  And they can also claim that they are just “speculating” even though they often state their speculations about Sam and Cait as if they were fact.

That doesn’t mean that we NSTs don’t speculate sometimes, although the way that ES distort what we do and say on our blogs is interesting. For instance, this is a comment on the post from a “silent” ES whom I assume is criticizing NSTs:

  • Actually, what we NSTs have said is that Sam’s publicist had to have gotten Sam’s permission to send a press release out stating that he was dating Mac. That’s a fact. Publicists cannot send out press releases about a celebrity’s personal life without their client’s permission–or they can have legal action taken against them. You can choose to disbelieve that Mac and Sam are a couple, but that Sam approved of a press release stating that they were is a fact.
  • I agree that suggesting that Sam went to NYC is pure speculation. I am guilty of that.
  • I agree that cropping videos and taking things out of context is “distorting the facts.” I am not aware of NSTs doing so but the ES do that all the time. I have written extensively about how they mislead their readers by making a gif of a video, framing it just so, and slowing down the speed, all to make something appear to be something it never was. Here is a LINK to dozens of posts I have written about this.

Let’s look at some more “facts” vs. “speculations.”

  • It is a fact that Sam and Cait denied being a couple many times. You can choose not to believe them, but it is a fact that they stated that.
  • It is a fact that Cait was with Tony this past NYE because we have picture proof that she was.
  • It is a fact that Cait was with Tony two New Year’s ago because there is a picture of her bouncing on his knee posted by Donal on New Year’s day 2015.
  • It is speculation (at best–a lie at worst) to say Sam was in CR with Cait when we have no picture proof of it (silhouettes labeled “Donal” by Cait’s friend are not proof that Sam was there). It is a fact that Sam, Nell and the Muay Thai gym guy all said that Sam was in Thailand through New Year’s 2016. You can believe they are lying but that they said those things are facts.  It is a fact that a neutral fan said she saw Tony in the CR airport with Cait. You can choose to disbelieve her but it is a fact that she said she saw Tony there.

You want me to go on?

We NSTs base most of what we say on facts. You can choose to disbelieve the facts but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

And here is another fact. Cait really made this statement. You can choose to respect it or not:

And that’s the fact, Jack.

Ummm, yes we absolutely know that Sam and Cait aren’t a couple--it isn’t a matter of “opinion.”
mummacamella replied to your post “Mac posted new pics and she geotagged them in California. If she…”

I don’t think we will know who is with who until something definitive and public happens. The pictures of Sam and Mac did not seem quite right to me regardless of the fact it was at a family wedding. There’s been pics of Sam and Cait away from work hugging but we still we should not draw conclusions. Either way we won’t know if the people involved don’t want us to know

We do KNOW that Sam and Cait are not a couple. They told us so in an unprecedented stand alone interview (the KDS/ IFH denial video). Yes celebrities have denied being in a relationship but no two co-stars who weren’t married or engaged to other people have ever made a stand alone video denying a relationship and then it later turned out not to be true. EVER.

We have photo evidence that Cait spent New Year’s two years ago and this year with Tony–not Sam, and an eyewitness who saw Tony and Cait at the aiport in CR last year, indicating they spent New Year’s together there. (And yes, I believe her despite an ES troll’s attempts to discredit her.) We have Sam, the Muay Thai gym guy and Nell Hudson all saying that Sam spent New Year’s last year in Thailand. This year we know he spent New Year’s with Mac in Amsterdam. Real couples spend New Year’s together. They certainly aren’t apart for three New Year’s in a row.

A former s-shipper who used to be as close to Jess as she is now with Lauren and Julia, went to Tony’s bar in April 2015 with the s-shipper’s blessing to debunk the Tony and Cait thing and came back broken hearted because she discovered that Tony is Cait’s boyfriend. And the journalist Gerry B who is friends with Tony accidentally outed Cait as his girlfriend over two years ago. Cait has also said she doesn’t date “actors” and she is currently dating a “civilian.”  She has taken Tony to events all over the world with her–as her date. She sat right next to him at the Season 2 premiere and kissed him. What on earth more proof do you need?

Sam has been spotted all over the world with Mac. Just Jared is friendly with Sam. He would not have stated that Mac was Sam’s girflriend if she wasn’t. He had permission to state that. Sam’s taking her to the BAFTAs and being photographed with her for a picture that made it to Just Jared’s (which ISN’T a clickbait site) was his coming out with her. His defending her twice on her IG is further proof that she means something to him. 

Sam and Mac have worked hard to keep their relationship under the radar. You don’t do that if you are pretending to be someone’s “girlfriend.”  Beards don’t invite their fake boyfriends to family weddings. Most real couples who are adults and not teenagers don’t show much PDA in public.

You don’t have to believe that Sam and Mac are a couple but no it isn’t a matter of “opinion” that Sam and Cait aren’t a couple. It in fact “bothers” Cait when people keep “insisting” that they are. It isn’t respectful to keep spreading false infomation about Cait and Sam, especially when Cait is “bothered” by people doing so.

Personally, I think it is crystal clear that Cait and Tony are a serious couple. That isn’t a question for me. I firmly believe that Sam and Mac have dated this year and that it wasn’t a fake relationship. I have no idea how serious they are though or if the relationship will last. But all the ES conspiracy theories are from the tinhatting playbook and should be completely ignored. (JMHO as a fan.)

THE BIG REVEAL: The Answer to “Why Now?”

I am starting to wonder whether certain super-shippers are choosing to be deliberately obtuse about why Sam and Cait decided to do “The Big Reveal” videotape about their relationship status right now. It is amazing to me that super-shippers don’t seem to  realize that the answer to “Why now?” is the fact that super-shipper social media behaviors have gotten way out of hand in the past month–and they want to stop those behaviors now before they escalate further.

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