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How do the nh diamonds feel about Muave ?

In the past they’d fuse to purge planets that their new gems weren’t strong enough to do alone. It would usually be no problem even though their fusion is a little unstable when its just them three.

It’d be a bit of a hassle but they’d do it and not mind too much.

Nowadays though, YD and BD would rather avoid fusing into Mauve while WD avoids the topic of fusing completely even though sometimes she really wants to do it.

BD and YD reasons for not wanting to fuse are different from WD’s reasons for not even bringing it up.

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Cinnamon,Periwinkle,Muave,Blush,Copper, Lavender,RazzMatazz,Saffron,Burgundy <3

CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh

MAUVE = You are really talented

BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.

COPPER = Your blog content is trash (and I love it)

LAVENDER = You inspire me

RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you

SAFFRON = I love your ideas

BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

(ᗒᗨᗕ)(ᗒᗨᗕ)(ᗒᗨᗕ)(ᗒᗨᗕ)(ᗒᗨᗕ) HEHEHEHE THANK YOU SWEETIEPIE <333333

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Green, periwinkle, cinnamon, muave, RAZMATAZZ

send me a color that describes what you think of me over here!

green: I think you’re cute.

everyone needs to stop calling me cute and start giving me reasons if they want me to believe it

periwinkle: You make me laugh.

but i am the least funniest person on this site i can promise you this (you make me laugh too except half the time i’m messaging you i’m in class so i have to master that pokerface)

cinnamon: You’re a really cool person and [I] admire you from afar.

cool as in refrigerator cool because that is the only cool i can ever be

mauve: You are really talented.

aww thanks, so are you!! I love your writing so much no joke especially mcfucking sniped i wish i were that good with words.

razzmatazz: I would share my favorite food with you.


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aqua, muave, indigo, ivory, mustard ❤️

Aqua: What songs give you nostalgia?
ooohhh boy there’s a lot, here’s a few
- tengo un amor by toby love
- la tortura by shakira
- solo quedate en silencio by rebelde
- la camisa negra by juanes
- todo cambio by camila
I think we can blame all this for me being an angsty kiddo now

Mauve: 5 Favorite tumblr blogs?
1. @yoongsblooms
2. @mexicancherry
3. @squizzlez
4. @princejvhnny
5. @hobisgothicbride
(i love sososo many but these are just a few and @ the blogs mentioned I love you guys 💞💖💞💖)

Indigo: Compare yourself now to yourself 5 years ago. What has changed?
5 years ago I was like 9? 10? I went through puberty, figured out I’m gay as hell, learned to care for my appearance, I have anxiety + depression, I moved away from my hometown, lost people but found newer and better ones. I think 9 year old me would be spooked but proud.

Ivory: Put your playlist on shuffle. give me the first six songs that pop up
okok I’m gonna put on my current favorites playlist
- born for this · paramore
- drive · with confidence
- wings · bts
- too good · troye sivan
- amor prohibido · selena
- one dance · drake

Mustard: What are your favorite words in your native language?
Ahhhh I’m really tempted to put in all my favorite curse words
- cariño
- rosa
- pendejo/a
- tamales
- principe
- and my favorite phrase: “jodete hijo de tu chingada madre”

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Green, Teal, Scarlet, Maroon, Cinnamon MOVE BACK YOU BITCH, Periwinkle, Muave, Blush, Indigo babe, If fuchsia and copper had a baby, Honeydew mahoney, lavender ,Coral, Wine, Saffron, Timberwolf, S a g e, Crimson (chin), Chartreuse, Burgundy~