EXO Reaction: His significant other is always singing her favorite song

Anon said: “Can you please do Exo reaction to their s/o being Dominican and singing Su Veneno by Aventura. I’m Dominican and I literally love this song more than my life. I love y'all too. Muaaaa“

Romeo Santos from Aventura is bae af, I changed it so it was to his gf in general. I hope you don’t mind, lots of love!

Xuimin: “You sound really good”

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Lay: “You should sing my song next”

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Suho: *dances along to your singing*

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Baekhyun: *you sing a highly inappropriate song to him*

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Chen: “If I were you I would let the professionals sing it” *you pull his cheeks for being sassy*

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Chanyeol: *trying to figure out what you’re singing in Spanish*

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D.O: *You sing Pick Me by I.O.I for 5 hours straight*

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Kai: *you mess up because you’re singing it in a Korean and your ass doesn’t know Korean*

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Sehun: “Jagi you’re prettier when you’re quiet”

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Damn they’re too hot for me *_* !!!

Im also using this pic also for saying Thank you for all the followers,the newbies,the old’ ones and everything Im very happy to see a lot of person sharing what I love so continue like that and enjoy what you like !

Peace to all of youuuu muaaaa d=(-3-)=b love u all <3

Khloe ts mexicana

Hello como están soy khloe una dulce 🍭 i tienes trasenxual mexicana originaria de Monterrey N.L soy una chica buena honda muy complaciente bien portada i educada me encanta 😍 tener amistades de todo el mundo 🌎 los hombres soy mi delirio i más los derechos date la oportunidad de conocerme i seguirme a donde quiera que yo voy muaaaa te aseguro k no te rrepentiras

Tag game thingy

My lovely @bloodybroadchurch tagged me in this, thanks *muaaaa*

Name: Tina
Birthday: April 4
Gender: female
Orientation: straight
Age: 33
Favorite Soda: Coke. And Italian Aranciata
Favorite Candy: ummmmm idk…let’s say Kinder Schokobons lol
Favorite Pizza: Quattro Stagioni
Favorite Salad Dressing: yoghurt
Favorite Meal: ehhhhhh probably still lasagna
Best Memory: soooo many, can’t pick just one
Best Friend: my twin and my lil sis (you know who you are lol)
Best Pet: dogs. Always dogs
Best Celebrity: I have to say DT. How could I not?
One random fact about you: I cut my own hair
One random fact about your day: I bumped into the doorframe THREE times (YAY awful coordination)
One random fact about your job/school: I don’t work and don’t go to school anymore, so…pass
One random fact about your favorite TV show: I don’t have a fave, but I’m pretty into The Last Kingdom right now, so…I guess Vikings used to wear guyliner bahaha

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