mua to know

I’ve decided that I want a TV show centered on the great Renaissance painters (Like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, literally all of them) that have been reincarnated into modern day life.

The kick? Instead of creating paintings and statues, they’re a bunch of highly skilled makeup artists that are super petty against each other and have super gossipy lives.

And they all wear the period clothing of the Renaissance. This is never questioned, simply accepted as a natural part of life by everyone who meets them.

why is everyone’s makeup that works at sephora or ulta cakey? as a “mua” shouldn’t they know tricks so their makeup doesn’t cake up throughout the day?

Open discussion

@ vegans, environmentalists and makeup and clothing enthusiasts and anyone else (i wanna here all opinions) I have a question… so I’m a vegan and I always look at the materials and ingredients in products I buy to make sure it aligns with my beliefs blah blah but I wanted to know how strict are you guys on what you buy or don’t buy? For example I want to buy this professional eyeshadow palette from a great brand that doesn’t test on animals contains plant and vegetable derived ingredients but on their label it says it MAY contain Carmine which is derived from and insect… would you still buy it? Also I wanna know if you’d buy leather or suede products from a thrift store or second-hand because technically your recycling the material instead of letting it go to waste?

Does someone want to come teach me to do my makeup? Or better yet, just do it for me? Because I’m useless. And I own 1 lipstick and I’m pretty sure it’s not my color lol


Finally is here, the perfect fruit of the stream made by @rainbowchibbit .
Sailorfell was born XXD here a picture for the moment, becahse i get laizy to continue drawing XXD, sorry for the picture not to be digital, but the only way to be in the stream was by the app. But wathev also there is a comic, so enjoy