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I’ve decided that I want a TV show centered on the great Renaissance painters (Like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, literally all of them) that have been reincarnated into modern day life.

The kick? Instead of creating paintings and statues, they’re a bunch of highly skilled makeup artists that are super petty against each other and have super gossipy lives.

And they all wear the period clothing of the Renaissance. This is never questioned, simply accepted as a natural part of life by everyone who meets them.

i was at an elementary school grad (gr 7) today and I was just…shocked at all the girls i saw. these kids are TWELVE years old and they already have their faces beat and their nails done and i never did that or was allowed that when i was younger and it’s so weird to see how much social media has influenced the younger generation(s)

GUYS this saturday i’m gonna meet STAN LEE and DAVID HAYTER, plus another list of AMAZING guests at AWESOMECON. Like Good Burger actor and doctor who, +++ of awesomeness to begin! Not only i bought a 135$ comic of spider man for Stan Lee to sign. But okay to the part for you guys to be apart of. I will be MIA a bit on June 16-18th, going all the way to D.C Washington for this. NOT FOR ME; for charity for MAGFEST. ( Haven’t heard of it, check it out!  is in Januarya convention :D ) But i can’t wait cause i can share my experience with youuuuu. On snapchat ( marvelrin ) or instagram ( Marvelrin ) DO it now, if you like or until friday :D this will be reposted so you guys will not be confused to where i am. Ultron is super excited cause like STAN LEEEEEEEEE. Weeeeeee <3333 love you guys

How To // Sophia Smith Makeup Everyday Look

So as some of you may know if you are a fan of 1D, Liam Payne is dating the lovely Sophia Smith.
She is amazing inspiration for a very nautral makeup look. She normally wears a very nautral dewy look, and for events she may add a colour lip etc. So here is a post on how to get her standart makeup look and in the next post some of her event looks! 

Everyday Look 

So her everyday look is a very nautral dewy/semi matte (sometimes matte) skin, with a very light dust of neutral pink/brown blush, a filled and shaped brow, a few coats of mascara and sometimes a brown pink-ish, neutral pink or a neutral brown lipstick. 

Since she goes for a dewy/matte foundation these are amazing! She is also going for a more light foundation look but still with a little bit of coverage. 
If you want a very light foundation the MAC face & body foundation, Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation, and the Maybelline BB cream are amazing for that. If you want more coverage you can build the MAC face & body foundation but if you want another foundation the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation, Giorgia Armani Foundation, NARS Sheer Glow, Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is a great choice! 
It doesn’t look like she is wearing concealer because her skin is so even toned, but you can always apply and work your foundation in a little bit more where you need it! + I would recommend that you use a primer before you apply your makeup to make it last all day! Rimmel London, No.7 and YSL have great primers!

If you wanna go for a matte look Rimmel London has a great powder for that!

In some pictures it looks like she is wearing a very tiny bit of blush, just for a light colour. Sometimes it looks like a pink-ish tone if you wanna go for that look Bobbi Brown, Clinique & NARS has some really lovely blushes. If you wanna go for her more brown tone H&M, Too Faced & NARS have great colours! 
But remember she is only going for a light dust of colour, so when you apply colour to your cheeks go for a very light and quick dust! 

In all the pictures I have seen of her everyday look she has very full long lashes. To create that look you can decide only to use one coat of mascara, if you wanna go for that YSL, Lancome, and Charlotte Tilbury has some great mascara’s for that. If you wanna apply a few more coats Maybelline and Clinique has great build able mascara’s.  

Her eyebrows are quite filled and shaped but not the instagram kind of eyebrow. Her eyebrows are big from the inner corner till the arch of her brow and then it goes thin. If you are a beginner a powder or pencil is your best friend! Rimmel London makes amazing pencils and H&M makes great powders, you can also buy a single eyeshadow in your shade, I know MUA makes amazing single eyeshadows! 
If you are more on the know how to side Anastasia, ELF and Topshop make super amazing gel’s! 

Sometimes it looks like Sophia is wearing eyeshadow. It’s always neutral brown & pink shades. Wet’N’Wild, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Chanel, MAC and H&M makes some amazing single and palettes with the shades you see on Sophia! 

So to finish the look, Sophia some times wear a light brown pink-ish and sometimes just a very neutral pink or brown shade lipstick. Burberry, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC & Topshop makes great pink and brown pink-ish shades! Clinique, Topshop and MAC makes great pink shades too! 

So this is how you can recreate Sophia Smith’s makeup look! The next post will feature a few of her event looks! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! x