mua tips

some makeup tips for lower-budget beginners

hello younger girls, trans girls, and anyone who wants to learn how to do makeup and doesn’t have $3k to drop on a kit, here’s a compilation of things i’ve learned doing makeup on myself and others over the years, and overspending on like, everything

- if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in foundation that won’t clog your pores/irritate your skin
- nyx has good eyeshadow singles
- nyx primer is also a+
- nyx is just great ok
- morphe palettes are twice as big as sephora palettes and half the price, and they’re almost (if not equally) as good.
- if you’re spending over 8$ on mascara you probably have something to prove
- take care of your skin your makeup will look 10x better if you do
- makeup wipes are convenient but overpriced and wasteful: garnier miscellar water is like $6.50, works better, and lasts a long time. put it on a paper towel or a kleenex or a cotton pad.
- beauty blenders are just fancy sponges that soak up your product and grow bacteria. don’t let instagram tell you you need one
- all the brushes you need: foundation (there are lots of kinds, my favorite is a japonesque round tapered synthetic brush), big fluffy powder, little fluffy blender for crease, little flat one for eyelid, medium fluffy cheek brush, eyeliner brush (angle or tiny skinny one, whichever you like better. sephora has an amazing angle liner brush for ~$14), brow brush if your aren’t using gel. the rest are great but you can do a full face with just those 7.
- don’t use creams with natural hair brushes. morphe + real techniques have great synthetic ones.
- maybelline 24 hour tattoo gel eyeliner is $9 and better than every gel liner i’ve ever used
- light-medium foundation with buildable coverage: one foundation for everyday and full glam
- colourpop’s lip products are ~$6 each and they’re amazing
- spray brush cleaner!!!!!!!!! (you can use rubbing alcohol but it can dry out natural hair brushes, and make sure it’s dry before putting it near your eyes bc that shit hurts)
- buy lashes online, buy duo lash glue at cvs
- HALLOWEEN STORE GLITTER (make sure it’s cosmetic grade!)

Being A Makeup Artist Today

Becoming a make-up artist 8 years ago to me was exciting, uneasy and very challenging.

I believe the new generation of “Professional” make-up artists now have a strenuous and tiring time to grow and become the artist they wish to be. Is it because there is so much competition & easy for anyone to title themselves as a “Makeup Artist” with the access to social media platforms? This debate is becoming more & more of concern to those that have been working in this industry for years. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Even though it seems easy to label yourself as a “Makeup Artist”, it’s not as extremely glamorous as people believe, being a makeup artist can be anything but. I’ve been working as a makeup artist for nearly 8 years now, and I am here to fully confirm that there are several things that people never tell you about the job. The first being that working in the beauty industry isn’t all frills. There are extremely crazy shoot schedules, a plethora of personalities, and lots of curveballs to prepare for especially keeping your regular clients and keeping regular work coming in with so much competition about today.

I have come across many people that wish to be a makeup artist professionally. They ask me; where do you begin? So with everyone wearing the title, how can you really set yourself apart and cut your teeth on our side of the beauty industry?  I’m not talking the Youtube side of things..I’m talking a strong body of work you can be proud of, TV, campaigns, editorials, magazines, movies etc and really earn a living from what you love to do!

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.”

Why would you want to be like that other make-up artist ON Instagram or YouTube? To become a true artist you must have your own unique style, own direction, goals and most of all to be YOU!  Expect more from yourself.

For those wanting to become a makeup artist today here is a check list to help you get started:

  • Work on building a professional portfolio of images, after all, this is your C.V.
  • Manage time
  • Learn the art of the business
  • Learn to market yourself
  • Be humble
  • Learn to be a collaborative art director with your client
  • Find your niche. Whether that be you becoming the best bridal makeup, editorial, TV or film artist.
  • Assist other artists. Breaking into the industry may require you to work unpaid at first, by assisting established makeup artists. This is a fantastic way to pick up skills & build contacts.
  • Real-life work experience is everything, so take advantage of opportunities that will add credibility to your CV.
  • Know how to take direction from authority
  • Know how to use social media & web development
  • Know communication skills
  • Networking is vital to building up contacts and discover new opportunities.
  • Keep Learning: Study the real beauty experts, NOT YOUTUBE OR INSTAGRAM artists (I use these as inspiration)
  • Read Makeup Books
  • Keep practicing your make-up skills
  • Be on trend. Every fashion week is a great opportunity to keep an eye on makeup trends & new product launches.
  • Invest in a decent camera(images to be used on social media to market your work, people love behind the scene images!)

Today everything is here and now! And I guess you want to be a famous make-up artist right now? That’s because you see the generation of instafame, getting what you want and coddling. But guess what? It doesn’t work like that. Just remember that Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath, and Lisa Eldridge didn’t make it overnight. They are the true beauty experts who started their careers back in the 90s!

“Overcome your barriers, intend the best, and be patient. You will enjoy more balance, more growth, more income, and more fun!”

I created this note on Facebook and had some fantastic feedback which encouraged me to post it on my blog. I hope this blog post can help you achieve your goals in becoming a Professional Makeup Artist today . The next generation of make-up artists excites me and if there is anything I can do to help those achieve their dream as a make-up artist that makes me happy,  please do message me for any guidance you may need. In my eyes I’m new to this industry and believe this is the start of my career for me, however the experience I have had may help those along the way.



Decanting & Melting Lipsticks - Ideal For MUA’s & MakeUp Hoarders

If you saw my last post then you’ll have been expecting this tutorial! 

Enjoy! x


The Summer has finally arrived here in the UK, and so has the Wedding season.
We get invited to so many celebrations throughout the Summer, and many of them start in the daytime and carry on through to the evening.
This makes it hard to choose a makeup look that will carry you through both daytime and nighttime, and that is also going to last in the warm weather.

I decided to do a talk-through tutorial covering some of these aspects, while providing you with the ‘how-to’ on recreating my Summer daytime glam look.

This makeup is perfect to wear if you’re a guest at a Wedding, going to a ladies day, or even Prom. The warm shades are just enough to give you definition but not too dark to be worn during the day.
The Peach Pink glitter is what really gives this look that added ‘Glam’!

The tutorial for this makeup can be seen here: All the products used will be listed in the description bar of the video and on tomorrow’s blog post.

A photo of this weeks upcoming tutorial!

This look is all about precision, tones and blending. And although it may look difficult to replicate, my tutorial will show you that it’s actually very simple!

I’ve chosen eyeshadow finishes that best accentuate and define the shape of the eye.

* Shimmers and metallics help to reflect and bounce light, so putting those finish eyeshadows on the lid will help to make it look bigger.
We know this to be true with light coloured eyeshadows, but even if you are using darker toned shadows, if they are reflective and drawing light to that area then the surface will look bigger.

* Matte finish eyeshadows will help make the area appear flat.
Dark eyeshadows that are matte will help areas look pushed back or sunken.
You maybe familiar with this when you think about how contouring works.
It’s the same with eyeshadows.
If you have mono-lids or hooded eyes, with the use of a dark matte finish eyeshadow you can create the appearance of a false crease - thus making the eyelid look much bigger than it actually is.
Also, matte finish eyeshadows are best for mature lids as shimmer can accentuate wrinkles and lines.

Week 3 in college: smokey eye and false lash application

I was so nervous for this look as I’ve never done a smokey eye this heavy before. I also applied the eye make up first this week rather than after i had put the foundation on. Which way do you prefer?

To achieve this look i have used the products mentioned in my first blog. I first start with a fresh face by cleaning and toning the clients face and then applying a small amount of moisturiser.

Then prep and prime the eyelid, i use mac prep and prime in light shade, but concealer works just as well. I use mac vanilla pigment to cover the lid all the way up to the brow bone as a base. Next use a soft kohl black pencil liner to colour in the bottom half of the eye lid. Take a small soft blending brush and blend the liner to create a smokey affect.

Use a really shimmery bronze or brown colour, apply it with your finger and dab along the lid. This stick to the kohl pencil and creates a really lovely affect.

Next i use a highlight along the brow bone and tear ducts to really make the eyes pop. Personally i love the peaches and cream pigment called pearl.

I use black track mac gel liner to line the top lid and create a flick, also line just underneath your waterline. Use a kohl pencil to line the water line and a small soft brush to drag the colour under the eye.

Wipe away any excess and conceal any blemishes, redness or rosacea. Apply foundation on face starting at the chin jaw line with a foundation brush then blend in. I love mac prep and prime translucent finishing powder over the top to take away any shine and set the face.

Mac melba blush on the cheek, nose, chin and forehead over the top creates a really warm skin tone Nd highlights where you would naturally catch the sun.

I used stud eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps on the client rather than creating a new brow shape for her, and i chose a nude colour lip as not to distract from the eyes.

It was really fun creating this looks and I have learnt a few little tips to pick up speed and improve my technique next time i have a go.

Next week i will be having a crack at mature make up so wish me luck!

Sash x


This week I filmed a look using warm eyeshadows with a beautiful Champagne shimmer!
In the flesh these colours are so much more true to Rose & Champagne in hue, but they have photographed a little bronzy, due to my change of lighting.

The tutorial for this look is now up on my channel - click here to watch:

I used a mix of MAC & MakeupGeek eyeshadows to create this look. The lashes I used are from Eldora False Eyelashes, and they are a multi-layered set for added volume and dimension.

Full details will be included in the next post along with the video link!


This is not what you expect, trust me. I’m not in the business of telling people what to do - I’m in the business of making people happy. x

Decanting & Melting Lipsticks

As a makeup artist, it can be a pain trolling through endless tubes of lipsticks to try and find the right colour.
And don’t get me started on organising your kit to travel with SO many lippies! You end up trying to choose your favourites just so you don’t have to pack all of them.

My go-to method for having them all in one place and preventing having to leave any behind when travelling is to decant and melt them down into 1 convenient palette. 
I am over the heartbreak of not wanting to demolish a perfectly moulded lipstick, the novelty wears off when you go through so many.
But no doubt many of you will watch my tutorial on this method and go into sheer panic! 
Fear not… It doesn’t ruin your lippy, or change the consistency. The lipstick was originally melted when poured into the mould, we are just re-melting it and setting it into a new shape. 

As a makeup artist, this is super convenient, sanitary and makes life so much easier as you can see all the colours through the clear plastic lid. 
PLUS… If you are decanting MAC lipsticks, you can take 6 empty tubes back to a MAC store and they will give you a free lipstick. 
You can also combine eyeshadow pots, foundation bottles, etc…

The tutorial on this method will follow this post later!