Help Our Friends Recover from a Fire | Amy Bolme's Fundraiser
Hi everyone! Earlier today, an apartment complex commonly known as "The Complex" was incredibly damaged by a fire. There are walls missing, holes in some of the ceilings, and a lot of water damage. Everyone is safe and no one was injured, but a lot of personal belongings were lost. Two of our friends involved lost literally everything that they once owned, including clothes, school belongings, a few musical instruments, and some very expensive audio/recording gear. Most of these people are already struggling to get through school and work in one piece, and now they have been uprooted from their homes and much of their lives are gone. I know that most of us have already spent a lot of money on gifts for our friends and family members, but if you have even just a few dollars to spare, please donate to our fundraiser to help out our friends at the complex.

To any of my Sigma Alpha Iota sisters, Phi Mu Alpha brothers, and Mu Phi Epsilon sisters and brothers, most of the people affected belonged to these organizations (University of the Pacific).  To everyone, please help out if you can!! 


The building used for choir, band, cheer, and a variety of other programs at South Albany High School in Oregon was destroyed by a fire early this morning. All of the programs housed in the building have lost a huge amount of supplies and some have lost everything, including sheet music, instruments, and choir robes. 

A fundraising effort has been created to help recover from this devastating tragedy and to help restore the programs. My chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon is doing fundraising and holding a donation drive for instruments and sheet music. Anything that these devastated programs can get will help restore performing arts to this school.

Some news stories about this fire can be found here: link 1 link 2 link 3
A Facebook event where you can learn more about how to help is here

And here is the link to donate through the school foundation! You can specify a program in the special instructions on the PayPal page or donate to the general cause.

I’m tagging this into many of the music Greek tags because it would be amazing to come together to support a program that needs us.

Please reblog, even if you can’t donate.


Guys, I’m losing it right now. Look at this amazing belated birthday present my twin from Mu Phi sent me. JUST LOOK AT THOSE GIRAFFES ON EVERYTHING(I seem to have shifted from the jellyfish girl to the giraffe girl) AND JUST HOW CUTE THEY ARE. The big giraffe I got from my Big back in April, but THE ITTLE BITTY ONE JUST GOES SO PRECIOUSLY and then LOOK AT THE GIRAFFE. ON MY SHIRT. WITH A MATCHING BOW.

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In some weird way, I always find myself befriending either trombone players or Phi Mu Alphas.

I just realized that my big for Mu Phi plays trombone and the new crop of Phi Mu Alphas give me life. Can’t escape. This is my fate and I accept it. Also, the wonderful ladies of SAI that I have the privilege to call friends are wonderful people.


1) I played in front of peers for the first time ever. And I would have been amazing if my accompanist didn’t decide to play thirty beats faster than we had ever rehearsed.


3) The Probationary Members of Phi Mu Alpha serenaded us and the lady candidates of Mu Phi Epsilon at their recital today!