Guys, I’m losing it right now. Look at this amazing belated birthday present my twin from Mu Phi sent me. JUST LOOK AT THOSE GIRAFFES ON EVERYTHING(I seem to have shifted from the jellyfish girl to the giraffe girl) AND JUST HOW CUTE THEY ARE. The big giraffe I got from my Big back in April, but THE ITTLE BITTY ONE JUST GOES SO PRECIOUSLY and then LOOK AT THE GIRAFFE. ON MY SHIRT. WITH A MATCHING BOW.

AAAAAAHHHHHH my Mu Phi Epsilon family is amazing. ;3; <333333333333

I just spent the past half hour stalking the Mu Phi Epsilon tag...


I really love all of my brothers and sisters (especially the ones I haven’t gotten to meet yet) so HEY YALL! Feel free to drop me a line, any time. <3

(Oh, and if you want, follow my chapter–Alpha Pi–on twitter maybe? @TXSTMPE – we also have an instagram [: )

If you guys could see my to-do list for this week, you’d scream. I want to scream. I have to put in for my recital date tomorrow, and my accompanist is the busiest person ever and I have to schedule my recital around the whole freaking world. And Mu Phi rush week starts tomorrow. I feel severely underprepared. I have the first draft of my first paper for my writing class due Tuesday and I have to revise it by Thursday. Pinning is currently supposed to be Sunday. On top of all of this, it’s supposed to hella snow on Tuesday and I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel some of our rush events. Which I have spent so much time planning out and stressing over. Plus, I still have to attend all of my classes, and perform well in my lesson d my ensembles. We got 6 pieces of music last week, a few of them multi-movement, in  Wind Ensemble and I need to have the parts really solid this week.

Here’s hoping I make it out alive.

Mu Phi Epsilon Big/Little reveal!

Just got back from our big/little reveal night. SO glad I didn’t have to go through the craziness this year. I love my Mu Phi family so much cause they are all great people! Happy to welcome my grand little to the family. As much work as it is Mu Phi has really made my college experience so much better. Thanks Mu Phi!

-Member of Epsilon Epsilon chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon