Went to south Texas Comic Con. Kept it low key since I didn’t feel good this week but fans still saw my Pan shirt.

Meet Joey Fatone of N*Sync. Had him autograph the Celebrity DeathMatch game he was in. My goal now is to get every celeb in this game to autograph. Dennis Rodman was there but he left before I could get his autograph. Joey Fatone actually had a lot to say about his animated rolls, I’m impressed he remembers his rolls and name dropped Shorty McShort Shorts.

Also found Paige O'Hara who voiced Belle in the animated Beauty and the Beast. Asked about Rapsitty Street Kids. She was amazed and laughing someone remembers it. She agreeed it was an okay special just with bad animation. She doesn’t remember how she got involved with it.

Also got to 2nd base with a friend online who laughed at me not having experience. Dumb

But yes! I! Pan Pizza! Has made it to 2nd base today

I will discuss more details on the Podcast 

I’m not counting what I did with Cheeralism on the Neopets LP, I rather we erase that from history

Morning Sketch! ^_^ 

Decided to draw my soft boi Kurapika holding extra soft lovie Woble to chase away the Hiatus blues. Enjoy!


doodles I did on a table at a food place. My aunt’s boyfriend’s family wanted to meet her and I had to be dragged along.

oh god it was so awkward and uncomfortable, it was like the stereo typical family embarrasses the son in front of his girlfriend.
They kept calling me out about how quiet I was being- which is bringing attention to me which is the thing I don’t want.

I started drawing weapons n shit because they were getting annoying but I think I creeped out his dad. He didn’t look at me or try and talk to me for the rest of the night- fuck.