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【Shuta sueyoshi FULL YEAR GOODS release decision !!】

We kept you waiting for everyone!
We decided to release Sueyoshi Shuta new goods

What will be released this time
Half-length sleeve Tshirt
Boston bag pouch
There are 2 types!
Both are finished in the design of sticking gimmick ★

March 17 (Fri) from 16 o'clock
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Caboose Alone: Escaping Memories

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typically violence, Character death, Depression & PTSD, Mentions of gore
[Post-Season 13 Finale] When the smoke cleared, when they finally made it back to their heroes, only one of the Reds and Blues was left standing. Caboose is all alone now.

A/N: Thanks to @goodluckdetective and @toaradical for the awesome idea!

This fic has done a real good job of making me sit back and think of the more horrible combination of things that could happen possible and digging into gritty parts of canon to support those assumptions. Not exactly for this chapter, but there’s a few hidden surprises coming up that I think will catch everyone off guard :B

Thanks for the feedback to @toaradical, @mo-and-mu, Yin, and @ephemeraltea on AO3 and tumblr!

Washington looked over the choices a few times, biting a bit on the nail of his thumb as he focused. Caboose was swaying back and forth to his side, pulling at the various corners and seams of his loose gown.

Without a proper uniform or survival suit like they had been used to wearing for so many years then, Caboose was left with all the largest shirts and sweats that Chorus could scrounge up for them. Most of them were too long or too loose for Caboose’s liking, but at the same time were best for not aggravating his various stitches and casts. Hospital gowns on Caboose, however, were even worse.

It was a losing battle no matter how they tried.

Much like trying to choose the next cast color.

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Ca ben ti njet per me marr kaq fame edhe me u bo personazh pubik

Un se kam me qef , mos mpyt mu , pyt veten qe ke hy deri ktu sje lodh me e bo ket pytje

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Senin boyun mu kısa bana mo öyle geldi acaba

neye göre, kime göre? o değişir de kısa sayılırım,
hem nerede gördün sen boyumu benim :/

List of Japanese Katakana

This is a list of all articles of Katakana in my blog.

Katakana all articles

ア[a]  イ[i]  ウ[u]  エ[e]  オ[o]

カ[ka] ガ[ga]  キ[ki] ギ[gi]  ク[ku] グ[gu]  ケ[ke] ゲ[ge]  コ[ko] ゴ[go]

サ[sa] ザ[za]  シ[shi] ジ[ji]  ス[su] ズ[zu]  セ[se] ゼ[ze]  ソ[so] ゾ[zo]

タ[ta] ダ[da]  チ[chi] ヂ[zi]  ツ[tsu] ヅ[zu]  テ[te] デ[de]  ト[to] ド[do]

ナ[na]  ニ[ni]  ヌ[nu]  ネ[ne]  ノ[no]

ハ[ha] バ[ba] パ[pa]  ヒ[hi] ビ[bi] ピ[pi]  フ[fu] ブ[bu] プ[pu]

ヘ[he] ベ[be] ペ[pe]  ホ[ho] ボ[bo] ポ[po]

マ[ma]  ミ[mi]  ム[mu]  メ[me]  モ[mo]

ヤ[ya]  ユ[yu]  ヨ[yo]

ラ[ra]  リ[ri]  ル[ru]  レ[re]  ロ[ro]

ワ[wa]  ヰ[i]  ヱ[e]  ヲ[o]  ン[n]

Index          Archive

Kurr mos meno se njerzt qe t’dojn kan met prit ty gjith jeten, edhe kan met pranu kurdo qe ty t’bjen n’men mu kthy. Mos harro qdo njeri lodhet ni dit, bile edhe aj qe esht shum i dashurum.
—  Ledri Vula

COUNTDOWN KPP BEST Q&A by mu-mo Part 5/5

Q. What’s the first thing you do in the morning after getting up?

A. Put my contacts in

Q. Any music you’ve been listening to a lot recently?

A. Tsukiakari Funwari Ochite Kuru Yoru (Ogawa Nanami)

Q. I feel like you’re pretty busy every day. What do you do to refresh or blow off steam?

A. I go to karaoke with my friends

Chart depicting the Japanese katakana, along with the Chinese characters from which they were created.

Row 1: a, i, u, e, o
Row 2: ka, ki, ku, ke, ko
Row 3: sa, shi, su, se, so
Row 4: ta, chi, tsu, te, to
Row 5: na, ni, nu, ne, no
Row 6: ha, hi, fu, he, ho
Row 7: ma, mi, mu, me, mo
Row 8: ya, yu, yo
Row 9: ra, ri, ru, re, ro
Row 10: wa, wi, we, wo (only wa is in common usage in modern Japanese; the other three are historic)
Row 11: moraic n (follows one of the others and adds an n to it; cannot stand alone or fall word-initially)

Note that the irregularities in the consonants in rows 3, 4, and 6 are due to phonological processes; underlyingly every katakana has the same initial consonant as all the others in its row.