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Can we get some chrobin action? I see a lot of Chrom and Lucina interaction and f!mu and Morgan, so what about some Chrom and Morgan love? Like the nightmare prompt? I love all your work, btw!

[Despite how much people love Chrom, I never seem to write for him enough…perhaps my Fred obsession just forces me to spoil him and make poor Chrombo suffer. :’(]

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His eyes cracked open blearily when he heard Morgan’s fearful squeaks down below. He felt the blankets being tugged to the side, having exposed his arm to the chilly night air and woken him.

He glanced over, finding you fast asleep and completely oblivious to the tiny child trying desperately to get your attention. With a soft sigh, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, gave a tired yawn, and peered over the edge of your side of the bed.

“Morgan, isn’t it a little late for you to be up?” He said as quietly as he could. Morgan’s head snapped up, revealing big, hot tears in Morgan’s eyes that perfectly mirrored his mother’s. Chrom felt a twinge of concern, waking up quickly. “Why are you crying?”

“I had-” He hiccuped, shaking like a leaf, “I-I had a…a bad dream, Papa.”

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PLEASE use that quote with Fred???? Like if MU is in a bad accident post-endgame and Fred is like "I just got her back again this can't happen!"

[That’s okay I didn’t need my heart anyways-]

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The trip to Ferox was supposed to last  a few days. Frederick was left behind with assurance that Robin and Chrom could protect each other, Lon’qu had Lissa and vice versa, and Raimi to escort you back past the border.

Sumia had also been asked to stay behind, with Frederick there to help with the duties she had. Neither were happy about it, but Frederick most of all.

He didn’t want you away from him, especially when he couldn’t see you. He could survive training days when you were in meetings, but days apart? It reminded him too much of the cold when you were gone.

It had been six months since then. Too soon for you to not be here. Even if you promised you’d be all right, he didn’t like the thought of you gone. The ominous stirring in his chest agreed.

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I must maintain a certain distance, even from my family.

Okay, this is one too many princes and princesses. Good thing they’re dead before Fates begins. And good lord I killed a toddler?! How dare I!

edit 3/21/16: A little late, but they have names now

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I have had the worst week ever, do you think you could write some corrin/leo fluff?

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When he finally made it to your quarters, he expected to be able to relax. After all, your room was a haven for the two of you, and there were few times he ever found himself in a stressful situation when present.

This, however, just happened to be one of those times. His brow furrowed as he approached, the door opening to the sound of soft sniffles coming from your bed. When he let himself in the rest of the way, he found you lying atop the blankets, your face buried in the pillow as your shoulders shook.

Leo’s eyes widened. You were crying. 

“Corrin?” His voice was incredulous, having never witnessed you being upset in such a way. “What in the gods’ name- A-are you hurt? That damn mage Odin must’ve injured you when you last fought.” He grumbled, coming to your side. His perplexity increased when you shook your head.

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some fire emblem sketches! I actually don’t know if I want to romance Chrom… but so far, I would bet that MU has a crush on him

ft. Lissa and big bodyguard Frederick, and Sully and Stahl

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We need some saizo fluff to help us through this rough time of politics

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Saizo was used to waking up long before you did. It was part of his daily routine; get up, get dressed, leave a wildflower on the bed beside you, and then go.

But he wasn’t even able to get past part one.

He froze when his arms wrapped around his waist, holding you tight and pressing your forehead against his back. Saizo looked back at you, quirking an eyebrow.

“Corrin? What are you doing up…?” He asked quietly, to which you hummed in response. You nuzzled against him, squeezing him tighter and in turn making his face burn bright red.

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How would Xander, Siegbert, and fCorrin react if Kana got really hurt. (Kind of like the one you did with Siegbert) You're da best fan fic author that I have come across. Thanks for your hard work.

[Are you ready for this? I’m not :”D]

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“Stay close to me, Kana.” Xander told his youngest son. The two of them approached a dark mage, one who looked particularly sinister. Kana, being the most obedient princeling he could, happily complied. “He will be dangerous.”

“Okay! I know we can take him, though. We always do!” Kana said cheerfully, grabbing his sword. Xander would have smiled, if it weren’t for the situation. After all, you were all caught on the battlefield.

Also known as, the last place he wanted his sons to be.

Siegbert was with you, so he wasn’t worried. You would do well to protect each other. He only hoped he could do the same for Kana. His little boy was still, well, little. He would do everything in his power to keep Kana safe, especially from the likes of the oncoming mage. He readied his blade; the demon would be defeated, with Kana by his side.

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And I Forgot To Tell You I Love You (Harry One Shot) *Request

A/N: Here I am being a broken record again; I’m so sorry this took forever and a day to finish. It’s so very sad, it was difficult to dive into it like I wanted to. 

This is technically a request, one that got wildly out of hand, for an angsty blurb about being married to Harry and finding yourself at odds with each other. So, my dear anon who requested that, please consider this your blurb! 

I should say that this one shot surely wouldn’t have been finished without the help of two wonderful people, Carly (smut-reading-mum) and Vanessa (vanessavanessafoundaboy), both of whom listened and offered advice and guidance when I repeatedly went crying to them for help with this. I don’t think I’d be posting this without them, so thank you! 

And of course thank you to all of you who waited patiently for this! I hope you like it xx

((oh and btw, from here on out italics will indicate a flashback))

Mornings with Harry used to be your favorite. Every single one was a gift; the hotel mornings where he ordered breakfast and smiled softly at you when you thanked him, the early mornings, yawning every thirty seconds and blinking sleepily at Harry as he readied himself for some pre dawn obligation. The mornings far far apart, when he was in a distant time zone and managed to squeeze a Skype session in to share coffee over. The mornings where you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. The hangover mornings after a long drunken night, the sad mornings where you only held each other, the crazy mornings with hardly a moment to spare to sneak in a kiss. The happy birthday mornings, the lazy mornings, the rainy mornings, the lie in mornings. Every one was unique and every one was perfect because you got to spend it with him.

You exchanged vows, and the mornings were even better, waking up with his ring on your finger and hearing him call you “Mrs. Styles”. You got pregnant with your first child, and you got used to feeding schedules and wandering down the hall to find Harry asleep, long legs dangling off your child’s bed, with the young one dozing on his chest.

You don’t know when that ended, when the mornings lost their brilliance, with the hours in between quickly following suit. You don’t remember when the thought of waking up next to Harry didn’t fill you with warmth from head to toe.

Somehow you let it slip through your fingers, and every breath you take feels like one less in the way of a catastrophe.

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more family fluff of frederick and baby marc! What if morgan's super jealous about the new baby? ; M ; he's not mommy and daddy's little angel anymore!

[He’ll always be daddy’s little angel what do you mean]

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When Frederick burst into your home that afternoon, you weren’t sure what to expect. You knew it couldn’t be good, though, when you saw how grim his expression was.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think there was a war on the horizon, and he was the first to know.

“Frederick? What are you doing home at this hour?” You questioned curiously, your hands preoccupied with the newborn girl in your arms. Frederick’s frown deepened, and he shook his head.

“It happened, Robin.” Frederick said darkly, grip tightening on the doorknob. “Morgan has…acted out.”

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