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10 Reasons Why You're Still Single (Taglish Version)

Being SINGLE maybe is a choice. But sometimes, we can’t help but wonder and ask ourselves why are we still single. Is it because of you, your standards, your zodiac, or you just haven’t met the “right person” that everyone is looking.

So, I list some honest, funny and brutal reasons why “maybe” you’re still single:

1.     ‘Di Pa Nakaka- Move On sa Last Relationship

Admit it, hindi ganun kadali makalimot sa ex especially if marami kayong first time na ginawa when you were still together. That feeling of fighting against your memories and trying to forget everything. Well, may dalawang reasons bakit mahirap mag move on, it’s either na LULUMBAY/EMOTE or NAGSISISI. Nalulumbay/nag-eemote because you know that you’ve risked and given everything for it to work. Nagsisisi because sya na sana yun, pero di ka kasi kontento, and now that he/she is no longer in your armsngayon mo lang na appreciate how lucky you were to have her/him.

2.     Nadala na Dahil Ilang Beses Ng Nasaktan

The past is a significant factor in how we conduct ourselves in the present or future. Na trauma because of a bad relationship experience. No’ng nag seryoso kana sana pag-ibig, gniloko at sinaktan ka lang. Remember this equation: Emotional Investment = Emotional Risk. Dahil ikaw ay umiibig at iibig, prepare to get hurt.  Maybe he/she was not the right person for you, maybe that was not the perfect time, yet. Busa ayaw katagam. Just because you’ve been bitten by a snake before, it doesn’t mean everything on the grass is snake; So never let your past predict your future.

3.     Umaasang Magkakabalikan Pa Kayo ng Ex mo

This is the usual reason for people na tumagal ang last relationship, then walang closure, or maayos na hiwalayan or nag cool off lang. You’re not alone because according to a survey, 51% or over half of Filipinos ang naniniwala that “Love is sweeter the second time around.” This could be true because you already know the feeling to be with her/him and you’re kinda used to it na, and you’re so attached to it, and now the feeling na wala na sya really sucks, so you keep on longing and hoping na magkakabalikan pa kayo.

4.     Ayaw ng Commitment dahil Hindi pa Ready

It’s in our nature to try to pursuit for “something better”, competition is normal for us because we’re animals and it’s part of our nature as well to be in competition with each other, so we always go for something or choose to be with someone na nakakabuti or mabuti sa atin. We try to  wait for that “better person” to come at a “better time” when you’re already ready, when you’re no longer “busy”, and you’ve already accomplished your other priorities (family, career, travel-goals).

5.     Trying to Find Yourself by Being Independent

Being single is not really a big deal. Well in fact, it is the BEST time to make yourself the best version of yourself , to find yourself, to get to know yourself, to work on yourself, and to confront yourself.  Doing what you love and finding your purpose, creating and building a career, be financially stable and training yourself to be independent. Perfecting the ‘I,’ before you start expecting everything out of others.

6.     Ayaw Mong Mino-monitor at Sinasabihan

You hate being asked kung “San ka?”, “Anong ginagawa mo?”, “Kumain ka na?” or ayaw mong magka-jowa na parang confused and frustrated parent daig pa yung papa/mama mo sa sobrang strict at sinasabihan ka ng  “Gumagala ka na naman?”, “Umuwi ka na.”, “Wag kang magpa gabi”, “Sino na naman mga kasama mo ngayon?”  But to be honest, nakakamiss din minsan ang ganyan basta wag lang palagi.

7.     Mas Gusto mo ang Fling, No Strings Attached or M.U.

What is a fling? A fling is a casual “relationship” between two people without the necessary expectations of commitment normally present in a formal romantic relationship.

Most of the time you prefer a fling it’s because of reasons #4 and #6 thinking things will get less complicated . You try to set boundaries and to keep it strictly within limits. Just be very careful and make sure you know what to do when feelings develop and you decided to pursue a REALationship.

Remember, a fling can be fun but it isn’t for everyone. So enjoy it while it lasts and when it ends, MOVE ON.

8.      Mataas ang Standards Mo

Medjo maypagka-choosy ka to the point of setting your standard unrealistically. You’re trying to look for that “Perfect Guy” or “Perfect Girl” material. “Dapat mas mataas pa sa akin” or “dapat mas mataas pa ako”, “dapat ganitong edad”, must have a college degree, “dapat may motor”, “dapat famous”, “dapat maputi”, “dapat sexy” or “dapat macho”. Daig mo pa ang mga malalaking company sa haba ng requirements mo at kulang nalang magpa IQ test and entrance exam ka. Remember, if you want to find a catch, you have to be a catch yourself.

9.    Hindi mo Finorward ang mga Chain Messages

Remember those chain messages sa text or sa Facebook na hindi mo finorward or shinare? Yung “share/forward this to 10 people in 7 days, if not bad luck will fall upon you for 10 years”, baka totoo yun, who knows.

10.    Walang Nanliligaw(for girls) or Hindi Sinasagot(for boys)

Just because you’re single dahil walang nanliligawor walang sumasagot sayo, it doesn’t automatically mean na pangit ka or masama ang ugali mo. It’s just that sometimes, akala at nag-a-assume ang mga tao na TAKEN ka na because you’re just so damn good looking, blooming and you carry yourself very well for you to stay/be single. But if you think you’re not really that good looking and medjo maypagka bad attitude ka, well, it’s time for you to reflect and do something about it. Okay lang naman magpaka hard to get ka, just make sure you’re not “Hard to Want”.