Day 4 @saboluweek!!!!

My first fanart for the Saboluweek!!! :D sorry guys I’ve been busy with A LOT OF WORK

I sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work :/ The second chapter of MTW will be ready this monday since I couldn’t do it last weekend sorry u.u

For this day Mt. Colubo I wanted something romantic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  BUT WITH feels like remembering good times and the past </3 I kinda based on the fanfic “Show me how you feel ” by Furtive :) well in this fanfic Sabo tells Luffy “I don’t want to be your brother anymore” AND I WANTED TO DRAW LUFFY’S REACTION REALLY REAAAAALLY 

I really loved that fanfic <3 try to check it guys ^^

It was a very uh… sketchy drawing? sorry :c I have to sleep and the colouring is not the best u-u

I finished sketching the second chapter of MTW (more than words) xD I will do some final lineart and then go to sleep :)

pss! there alre in total 29 vignettes!