Liam Payne Says There's 'Too Much History' For There Not To Be Love Between Him & Zayn Malik | MTV UK
Okay he's now officially the nicest guy EVER.

It’s never nice when former bandmates fall out, especially when it comes to One Direction and Zayn Malik.

Which is why when we heard what Liam Payne had to say about his pal today (August 3), we basically cried like a baby.

Chatting to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 this morning, Payno opened up about life without Zayn, and just why he quit all those months ago.

“One Direction was never Zayn’s sort of music so he kind of always wanted to find something else,” he told Grimmy.

Adding: “If your heart’s not into something you can’t just carry on doing it because of fame and stuff. You have to go and do what you want to do.”

As for how the rest of the band are doing?

“He’s off doing his own thing at the moment which is cool for him, but it’s nice that we’ve banded together and I feel like we’re stronger than ever now actually, which is strange but it’s worked out really nicely for everybody.”

Liam continued: “Congratulations to him on his new record deal and stuff, it’s cool.”

But are they still friends?

“There’s too much history for there not to be love,” he explained.

He even added that him and Zayn did a lot of writing together on songs that we’ve not even heard yet, which they’re now going to give to other artists.
Niall Horan Is Snapchat's Real MVP And We've Finally Worked Out Why | MTV UK
Happy Birthday Niall!

Niall Horan joining Snapchat might just be the best thing to ever happen to the app, because you really just haven’t lived until you’ve see the Irish guy wearing a flower crown.

We’re even going to make the bold statement of him being better at it than Kylie Jenner, mainly because he isn’t showing off his diamond watch collection every five seconds.

But to prove our point, here are just a few reasons why he is Snapchat’s true MVP…

  • he doesn’t avoid the obvious.
  • he sticks to the classic selfie pose, no lumee case needed.
  • he’s not afraid of looking a little silly.
  • he’ll happily show off his really quite good acting skills, a la that time he got turned into an elephant on safari.
  • but he also likes to use snapchat just to keep fans updated on his general health, which is nice.
  • he’ll even just give the people what they want. which is usually him in some form of glasses.
  • oh and this is how good he looks wearing the butterfly crown. honestly.