Generazione Y. E’ ciò che siamo. Siamo la successione della generazione X, siamo nati tra la nascita dell’AIDS e l’11 Settembre. Siamo stati la prima generazione a nascere senza la preoccupazione di una guerra. Siamo caratterizzati da Media, masse digitali. Alcuni ci chiamano MTVGeneration. La generazione del millennio è stata plasmata dai leader, siamo nati nell’epoca di internet, degli SMS. Un epoca dove non vediamo l’ora di postare su Facebook che stiamo mangiano un panino per farlo sapere al mondo intero. Siamo cresciuti guardando i film della Disney. Siamo la generazione che è stata penalizzata economicamente dal crollo finanziario del 2007, e per conseguenti cause sociali, sembra che la disoccupazione giovanile continui a crescere in paesi sviluppati nonostante i governi di Regno Unito, Italia, Spagna, Grecia, Germania, USA e così via stiano cercando di invertire la tendenza.
Siamo la generazione che è cresciuta con il timore del mondo esterno, quella che è stata schiacciata dai nuovi modelli antropologici. La generazione che preferisce voltarsi invece che ascoltare scomode verità. Ci chiamano generazione globale. Certe persone attribuiscono questo nome al fatto che non riusciamo più a vivere senza far sapere a chi ci circonda quello che stiamo facendo, o cosa stiamo pensando. Siamo la generazione dell’indifferenza, un’indifferenza alla sofferenza.
—  Adatto da American Horror Story: Coven.

vindiesel: In 2008 after @gal_gadot sent in a self taped audition all the way from the other side of the world. We cast her to play Gisele in F4… She instantly became family… so her presenting the MTV Generation Award last night made it all the more special. Proud of you… All love.

GalGadot: You gave me my 1st chance in the film world. I am so grateful. I was SO happy to present this to u. Well deserved #fastandfurious @vindiesel


Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster accept the MTV Generation Award for ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise onstage during the 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on May 7, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Levels of Lou Reed fans

Level 1- You liked the Velvet Underground and while you wanted to explore Lou’s solo work, you really haven’t expanded upon anything beyond Transformer. “Perfect Day” is your favorite song or wait no maybe its “Satellite of Love.” You constantly joke about the unholy trinity. You hang on to every half-assed recollection that Mick Rock can offer up. Oh and Lou definitely had a crush on Bowie you just know it.

Level 2- Berlin is your fave album. “It’s his masterpiece that the critics never understood” you proclaim, despite the fact its generally regarded by most today as his best album. You see yourself superior to those who like Transformer. Lou plods across the stage wearing ill-fitting leather which of course, he subsequently rips but you don’t care. The pudgy, sweaty, makeup smeared Lou of this era has stolen your heart.

Level 3- You’re such an edge lord that you were born wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, whilst Metal Machine Music wailed in the background. So long to the chubby Dr Frank-n-Furter reject, Lou has transformed into the bleached speed queen he was always destined to be. Like Lou, you may have even briefly bleached your hair for a second. The only person that could possibly outwit and out bitch Lou was none other than Lester Bangs. You constantly praise Lou’s snarky rude responses to interviewers even though he basically just ripped off Andy Warhol. Don’t forget to buy your black nail polish. 

Level 4- Coney Island Baby is your favorite album. Like Lou, you lament having wanting to play football for the coach even though your uncoordinated nonathletic self would have gotten your ass handed to you. You actively search across the internet looking for any clues as to whatever happened to Rachel. You may possibly know the lyrics to “Street Hassle” but we all know “Disco Mystic” is the true masterpiece. Hey remember when Lou punched Bowie for having the balls to tell him to clean himself up?

Level 5- The era of the “average guy straight as a whistle” Lou. The recently reformed, rehabbed, remarried Lou is ready to appeal to the MTV generation and has a handful of poppy songs that detail the monotonous trivial plights of everyday life, because hey he’s an average guy. No longer the bitchy speed queen of yesteryear, 80s Lou can be summed by one quote “hey, don’t settle for walkin”

Level 6- Unlike those in Level 5 you despise 80s Lou and welcome his return to form with his “New York” album. You worship at the holiness that is his mullet and cry while listening to “Songs for Drella.” 

Level 7- You totally excuse Lou’s part in the failed Velvet Underground reunion and blame his wife. But hey, Lou sending a fax to John telling him to go fuck himself will always be gold. You actually listened to his 90′s albums…Harry’s Circumcision anyone?? (bonus points if you actually bought the albums and willingly listened to them more than once)

Level 8- A rat terrier named Lolabelle is your idol and is far cooler than Lou will ever be. You try your best not to cringe when looking at the album cover for Ecstasy and silently chastise Lou for “the Raven.”

Level 9- You listen to Hudson River Wind Meditations everyday as you practice your tai chi

Level 10- Lulu anyone??????


10,000 Maniacs- “Hey Jack Kerouac”

SINCE RDJ IS GETTING THAT MTV GENERATION AWARD THINGY:  Here’s a 25-year-old Robert Downey Jr. with his then-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker, attending the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards (September 9, 1990).