One Direction

Harry Styles

You get your wisdom teeth out

You are a famous singer and meet Harry at the MTV Awards

Someone writes an awful article about Harry and you defend him

You are sick and Harry takes care of you

Sick on Christmas Day

What’s It Like to Get High?

“Y/N and Harry get high together.”

Come Home, Harry, Come Home  [Part1]  [Part 2] [Part 3]

“Y/N is 5 months pregnant, and Harry gets into a car accident.  The car accident affected Harry severely with a loss of memory.”

What’s His Name Again?

“You are A$AP Rocky’ s baby mama, and he makes fun of your relationship with Harry Styles because he’s a pop singer.”

Niall Horan

You are a barista and Niall is a frequent costumer

5 Seconds of Summer

Luke Hemmings

You Fucking Ruined Me (!BestFriend Luke)

“Y/N just broke up with her boyfriend that wasn’t good for her. Even though he wasn’t good for her, she is struggling to get over it, and Luke is there to be her support system through every step.”

Christmas Eve, Meeting the Family

Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow

“Y/N passed away, and Luke can’t cope with the loss of the love of his life. But there was this saying Y/N would say “The rain will make the flowers grow” from her favorite show Les Miserables. Luke never got the meaning until she was gone.”

Ashton Irwin

Christmas Morning

Poison and Wine

“Y/N finds out Ashton has been cheating on her, and she confronts him about it. Instead of fighting for the relationship, he decides to give up.”

Calum Hood

Let Me Love You

“Calum gets angry with you for no reason, so you go shopping to calm yourself down. When at the mall, Calum finds you to apologize, but you won’t listen to him, so he creates a big scene.”

I’m Your Idiot

“Calum is mad at you and gives you the silent treatment. To make him forgive you, you use cheesy pickup lines, the classic yawning and putting your arm around him, and other funny things. He still hasn’t answered so you leave him alone for a while and go to bed. But while you’re in bed he comes up and you guys make up.”

You Aren’t Weak, You are Human

“Its’ finals time and you’re stressed out for your exam and everyone is expecting you to do real well. With the stress of the exam, and the unintentional pressure from your family to do well, that you finally broke down. Calum then comes into the room and sees you crying and he rushes in to help calm you down.”

The Stupidest Decision I Could Ever Make Would Be Leaving You

“You and Calum have been pretty distracted, and when he comes home from work, he finds your engagement ring on the counter. He starts to get incredibly nervous, thinking you left, but you happened to take off your ring because you were taking a shower.” 

Michael Clifford

Happy Valentine’s Day Dork


5 Seconds of Summer

How You Two Meet

First Date

First Kiss


5 Seconds of Summer

Luke Hemmings

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?”

“Luke gets mad at you, but you two make up with kinky make up sex.”

Harry Styles

Possible Side Effects

“He’s addicting, no matter how many times you told yourself that you wouldn’t come back, you always do.”


One Direction

Harry Styles

Lost in the City That Never Sleeps

“Y/N is a senior in college and goes on a vacation in the Big Apple with her family before heading off to med school.  While Harry Styles is in one  of the biggest boy bands in the world. On the day of the performance on SNL, he gets lost in the city that never sleeps with a girl he doesn’t mind getting lost with.”

Her Eyes

“Even with all the money, parties and women Harry has, he feels like he’s missing something. Walking down in the lobby of a hotel, he meets a girl that intriguing and is exactly what he’s been looking for.”

My Personal Writings

Dear My Ex Love, My First Love