We’re here thinking about ourselves, I don’t know how the girls must be feeling about their promotions ending so early. They confessed how they were so frustrated that their comeback was being delayed and that their reality show was cancelled. And now russian roulette wasn’t promoted enough nor did they get enough tv appearances, they could only win 5 times, and their promotions happened around the time of holidays when all the music shows get cancelled. Our girls have work so hard for this, they deserve better. 

∞ - (707 x mc/reader)

prompt: flutter

rating: none (707 name spoilers)

notes: so. this damn prompt. i did an idea change three different times. sigh. so it took a while to get out because i just couldn’t get anything out. additionally, i wanted to use an equation for the title, but… math is not my forte, lol. i also have been in unknown-land the past couple days so, i’m squinting at my main man here. /shot

also, it’s not entirely based off it or really related but i listened to nagi yanagi’s vidro moyou on repeat while writing this. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy~ :3

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