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Justice For Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was ONLY 17 years old when the whole world started hating on her for no reason and making jokes about how she “never” smiled. She was judged by everyone and even people of adult age literally cyber bullied her. fck it, you are all idiots and she deserves better. Kristen Stewart is a damn Queen.


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Ruby Rose, 28, oozes raw sex appeal even in an orange jumpsuit, as the newest inmate – and lust object of both Piper and Alex – at Litchfield Penitentiary on this summer’s third season of ‘Orange is the New Black.’>> ELLE Magazine on Australian model / MTV VJ / Actress / DJ / Muse on joining OINTB.

I know a lot of people ship Emrey and i dont dislike them at all, like i wouldn’t be mad if they got together, i’d actually be kinda happy because yay another bisexual protagonist! but honestly i love what Bex said on afterbuzz, i always suspected that Audrey had a crush on Emma before season 1, but i never really shipped them, and I think it’s because there’s already too much baggage between them, Emma hurt Audrey so much already, it’s good that Audrey told Emma about how she felt, because now she has closure, all I want is for them to be friends and be happy and for Audrey to get a new amazing girlfriend and for Emma to be supportive and happy for her.

This are just my thoughts and you have every right to disagree with me, let’s all be kind and supportive :)

New Girl (Part Two)

Why was she even here? And why was she wearing a skirt that was a bit too short? She didn’t even know who this person was but she was dressing up for them anyways. What if it was someone she found attractive? What would happen if it was someone she didn’t really know? Or what if it was a joke? What if Brooke invited her into a trap because she thought she had killed Jake? Hannah stomach was in knots as she leaned against a wall and watched everyone else having fun. It seemed like a normal party to her but it could still be a trap and Hannah kept a look out for any signs of any foul play.

She sipped on the cup of whatever alcohol was being served and watched some guy try to hit on a girl and him get rejected. He probably called her something horrible before walking off to join his asshole friends. There had been a view stares here and there from people but most were too busy drinking and enjoying the party to even notice her against the wall. She had yet to spot Brooke which was extremely weird since it was her party.

Hannah gulped down the rest of her drink before stepping away from her comfort zone and walking around. Brooke’s house was huge, way bigger than her own home. Her family wasn’t as well off as Brooke’s. She found her way outside and there were a lot of drunk teenagers hanging out around the pool. She had only had one cup of whatever it was and wasn’t feeling anything and that was probably all she was going ot drink.

“Hannah!” The girl turned to see Brooke waving her over, she was surrounded by a few of her friends. Hannah let out a small sigh before walking towards the blonde, who met her half way. She pulled her away from her friends so no one could hear them. “They’re here,” Brooke smirked. She took a step back to look over the other girl’s outfit before unbuttoning the top three buttons of her plaid pullover. “If you got them, flaunt them?”

Hannah felt a little weird over the gesture but didn’t fix her shirt. Instead she said, “Who is it?” She was beginning to grow impatient. When Brooke didn’t say anything, Hannah took it as a sign to start guessing. “Is it Noah? He’s cute and all, but he creeps me out.”

“No, silly,” Brooke rolled her eyes and placing both her hands on the other girl’s shoulders. “He has a thing for Zoe, I think they’d be so cute. He’s a bit…awkward. Anyways,” she said before turning the girl around to face her group of friends. Brooke didn’t look it but she was surprisingly strong.”Keep an open mind when I tell you, okay?”

Who was Hannah to judge anyone? She was the one always being judged and she didn’t want to do that to anyone, she did’t want them feeling the same way she did when she walked down the halls. “The way you’re talking about them makes it sound like they’re some slime monster. I don’t date slime monsters,” she joked. “I promise I won’t judge anyone.”

“You know Audrey, right?”

“Audrey?” It was Audrey? She turned her attention to the short haired girl. She didn’t believe in perfection, but Audrey was damn near close. She had this adorable laugh and smile. But she was also this tough bad ass that didn’t take any shit from anyone. Hannah admired her for that. “It’s Audrey?” She was now growing even more nervous than she had been before.

“You didn’t hear it from me,” Brooke smirked before squeezing Hannah’s shoulder. “Come join us if you get the courage.” She grinned and began to walk back to her friends.


Instead of walking over to Brooke and her friends, Hannah decided to go home. She didn’t wanna start something with someone when she was so new and just in case Brooke wasn’t telling the truth. She wasn’t quite ready to settle down in this neighborhood, not a lot of people made her feel welcome and there was just a murder. Her mother thought it would be a good idea to move back to the neighborhood she had grown up in, Hannah didn’t think so. They were both fully aware the murders that had happened not too long ago. Hannah had to bite her tongue just to keep herself from telling her mother she was right about it being a bad idea to move back. But her mother refused to move again, they just couldn’t afford it.

It had been a couple of days since the party and Hannah decided to try to avoid Audrey altogether, it was better that way. It was probably better not to interact with the survivors of the murders since it looked as if they were being targeted again. If this even was like last time, no one knew. It obviously wasn’t Piper but was it her accomplice doing it? There were rumors about her having some sort of help and Noah voiced his opinion about her having at least one. It had even turned into a class discussion at one point and Hannah kept her mouth shut doing the whole thing,she didn’t need that attention. But she did stop Noah after class to give him her idea.

“What if she had more than one accomplice?” Hannah walked beside Noah as they walked down the hall. “I mean, it’s a lot of work for two people. What if there were three? Or four? Who knows how many people were behind this.”

Noah stops in his tracks and looks at the girl, his eyes wide and a weird smile on his face. “I like the way your think. But so far, I could only think of one person being her accomplice. The more people involved, the stickier the situation. If Piper was smart, she wouldn’t enlist a ton of people to help her-”

“She couldn’t trust too many people to help her. That’s why one would be enough. But two would also work. If both kept there mouths shut about what they were doing. But how do you just find people to help you murder people?”

“Have you heard of the Murder Board?” Hannah shook her head. “Well, I constructed this board that connects everything together-”

“Have you figured out who helped her?”

Noah shook his head. “Not yet. Audrey keeps saying I’m asking for trouble.”

“She’s right. The person probably doesn’t want anyone to figure out its them.”

“That’s what she said.”

“Do you think its me?” She turned towards the taller boy. “I mean, lots of people think it’s me and that I’m some freak. I’m sure it’s crossed your mind.” She didn’t want to tell him that she had heard him talking about it.

“I mean, you’re on the list of suspects. But you’re not number one.”


“Hey, guys,” Audrey’s voice interrupts their conversation as she comes rushing up to them. “What’s up?”

“Just talking about murder,” Noah says casually as if every teenager talks about murderers in their spare time.

“Ugh,” Audrey groaned. “Can you not?”

A/N: There’s gonna be another part. But this is the end of part two. Enjoy!

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