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hello (: hope you're doing well! i was just wondering, what are some of your favorite interviews with rh band members? it's hard to find quality interviews in which the interviewer actually gets to the point and keeps the person they're interviewing engaged... i liked that one with thom and charlotte roche from 2003 for example! are there any others that come to your mind? have a lovely day <3

Hello! Thank you, i hope you are ok too. First of all, i’d like to apologize for answering your message just now but i wasn’t home and i wanted to give you a long list ;) I wasn’t ignoring you! 

OK, here i go: 

Thom and Jonny at MusiquePlus, 1993

Thom Yorke Interview Deadeye Video Magazine, 1994 

Thom, Colin and Ed at the Sideshow, 1994

Radiohead for British TV, Vancouver, 1995

Thom and Ed on MTV, 1995

Thom Yorke on MusiquePlus, 1995

Thom, Ed and Colin on VideoMusic, 1995

Radiohead at MuchMusic, 1995 (It gives me second hand embarrassment but the band is so cute so you have to watch it too)

Radiohead for Scottish Music Programme, 1995 (A PADDLE, SIR?!)

Thom and Jonny on The Beat, 1995

Thom and Jonny at MTV 120 Minutes, 1996

Ed O’Brien at the PinkPop Festival, 1996 (look at those sideburns!)

Radiohead at MuchMusic, 1997

Radiohead MTV Japan, 1997

Thom, Jonny and Ed, MTV 120 Minutes, 1997

Thom and Ed, Much Music, 1997

Thom and Jonny, MuchMusic, 1997

Thom and Jonny, MusiquePlus, 1997

Thom and Colin, MusiquePlus, 1997

Radiohead, Music Factory, 1997

Thom and Phil, MuchMusic, 1998

Radiohead, MuchMusic, 2000

Thom, Music Express, 2000

Thom, Lola Da Musica, 2000

Radiohead, MTV, 2001

Ed and Phil, MuchMusic, 2001

Thom Yorke being Interviewed by Sook Yin-Lee, 2001

Ed and Phil, PinkPop Festival, 2001

Thom, Ed, Colin and Phil, Fan Documentary, 2002 (Mostly Thom, lovely interview)

Radiohead, Montreux Jazz Festival, 2003

Radiohead, MTV, 2003

Thom, Jonny and Colin, MusiquePlus, 2003

Radiohead, Le Reservoir, 2003

Radiohead, Trafic Musique, 2003

Jonny, Colin and Ed, 2004

Thom, The Culture Show, 2006

Thom Yorke, 2006

Jonny, Caroline Martel, 2006 (i adore this one)

Thom and Ed, Japan, 2007

Thom and Ed, Dave Fanning, 2008

Thom, MTV, 2008

Thom and Ed, Multishow, 2009

Thom and Adam Buxton, Latitude Festival, 2009 (too cute)

EDIT: I can’t believe i forgot to add these important interviews! 

Thom Yorke, (I wanted to be…) at Malta Festival, 2013 (I just love the way the interviewer looks at him)

Thom Yorke, (About music) at Malta Festival, 2013 (1:40 the long romantic stare… i mean… me too, girl. and thom just goes “………… you know…..”) 

Thom Yorke, (About dance) at Malta Festival, 2013

Thom and Nigel: Ask A Grown Man, 2013. (I watch this when i’m sad because it’s just so adorable)

Thom and Stanley, Filter Magazine, 2013 (The Best, tipsy thom keeps talking and laughing)

Phew! and that’s it, I hope that helps! You can also find more interviews on this channel


Jeff Buckley, So Real (MTV’s 120 Minutes)


A clip of Jeff Buckley & Michael Tighe hosting MTV’s 120 Minutes, which premiered on June 18, 1995, 21 years ago today.