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when one of your friends is hooking up with a serial killer, after her previous bf was a serial killer; your other friend is dating some jumpy bitch, when she should be dating your other friend, since she can’t find a sane boyfriend; your boyfriend is probably the next killer/victim; your other friend is obsessed with murder AND you are all probably going to die very soon.


         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               12. The Lakewood Six // “That’s what everyone’s been calling us lately.”

  • Audrey: *has heart eyes for emma*
  • Audrey: *super overprotective of emma*
  • Audrey: *is always there to comfort emma*
  • Audrey: *would do anything for emma*
  • Audrey: *obviously in love with emma*
  • Emma: wouldn't it be fun to date the creepy new kid who shows NO emotion and is extra shady all the time?! hahahahah

“It was 15 hours to Berkeley, at least that’s what we told each other; really it was 7. But when you drive slow and stop for gas all the time and grab dinner and hit traffic, oh thank God for traffic, the hours add up and the moments slip away. Matty and I still had a lot to figure out, but we knew that somehow we would. We jumped through too many hoops to let a little thing like distance come between us. We wouldn’t let it because deep down we knew that love would conquer all.”

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“… of course that’s not quite what happened.” 

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Cia: Hello MTV. And welcome to my crib. Come on in!

*walk into Cia’s crib*

Cia: As you can see, my whole crib is dedicated to Link and every form of Link. Even his Wolf form is carved out of solid marble. I spared no expense in showing my sexual-i mean-admiration of all his looks throughout the ages. 


Don’t think about having to watch Audrey get over Emma. Don’t think about the nights she cried herself to sleep, often in your arms. Don’t think about her looking over at Emma and her new friends at school, ripping up the notes in her hands. Don’t think about the light finally returning to her eyes. The easy smiles that came back. The ones you pretended were for you. Don’t think about the day she told you she met someone. Or the times she stopped talking to you for days. She was just busy. It was nothing. She wasn’t forgetting you. Don’t think about the time you met Rachel and your heart stopped because Audrey was so happy. Whatever you do, don’t think about her kissing you the night of Rachel’s funeral. Or how she ran away after, saying it didn’t mean anything. It was an accident. Too many emotions. Just, please. Don’t.