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I feel like this is a great example of racism in the media. Both of these are reporting on the same event, but TMZ portrays Nicki as the “angry black woman”. First the choose the picture that makes Nicki look like she’s attacking, while Buzzfeed used a picture taken seconds before but portrays Nicki as much less aggressive. Then TMZ goes on to use buzzwords like “explodes” and then includes “You Bitch” in the headline, all to make Miley seem like the victim and to demonize Nicki. It’s the little things like this that change the story and leaves Nicki as the villain and lets Miley escape scandal unscathed. The same thing happened with Nicki and Taylor’s made-up “feud”.

Beyonce in Francesco Scognamiglio haute couture and Blue Ivy Carter in a custom made dress by Mischka Aoki with Bergdorf Goodman at the 2016 VMAs.