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Stiles Stilinski - Anchor

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This was requested by @seriesanddylanmyeverything

Request: Hi! I just love your imagines and was wondering if you can make a Stiles to me that the reader is werewolf and he’s the anchor of it ?? Can be?

     You remembered the night you had been bitten. It all happened so fast. You were out in the woods, completely alone. Something sparked and you felt the need to go out. Suddenly, something had jumped at you. When it ran away, you noticed a searing pain on your arm, where whatever that thing was had bitten you. Turns out that thing was an alpha werewolf who’s name was Scott McCall, and was you best friend.

      Scott. He had a lot to explain when you came to school the next day. He knew it was you he had bitten when he noticed to large gauze wrap on your arm. He noticed your heightened senses, and how you were outstandingly good in P.E that day. He noticed, and then he, and your boyfriend Stiles, confronted you. Scott, who was now not just your best friend, but also your alpha, showed you how to control your urges, but it barely worked. You hadn’t told anyone yet, but what you had needed was an anchor. And that’s exactly what you got last night.

Last Night

      It was the first night of the full moon. Because of the bad things that had happened on your last full moons, when you convinced Stiles and Scott not to stick around, they decided they definitely weren’t going anywhere this time. They brought you to an old building, fashioned out of steel. It seemed impossible to break through at the moment, but that was always the case before you wolfed out. Everything was possible when your claws were out.

     You entered the building. Scott closed the door behind you guys, and double bolted it shut. Stiles dropped the duffel he had been carrying. It kissed the floor with a thud, meaning there were heavy things inside. He unzipped the bag, and pulled out an assortment of chains and handcuffs. 

     “You really think I need that much security?” You asked laughing awkwardly, even though you knew what would happen if you weren’t chained down. Stiles and Scott assumed you were joking, and pulled out the rest of the chains.

     “I don’t think you guys should be here,” you said, looking down. “I mean the last time there was a full moon-” 

     “Hey, it’s okay,” Stiles said. “We’re here. I know you won’t hurt us.” A single tear fell from your eye, and Stiles wiped it away with the tip of his thumb.

     Your eyes glowed a bright yellow, and your claws lashed out. You growled and took a swipe at Scott’s face. With all the strength you had, you took one last try against the chains. Finally you slumped back against the wall, and began to cry. You still weren’t completely human yet, as your eyes were still glowing, and your claws were still out. 

     “Y/N! Y/N!” Stiles said, in attempt to calm you down. Scott had gone outside, because he thought he had heard something.

     “Stiles -” you started.

     “Hey, hey, hey, it’s going to be okay,” He said.

     “Please go away,” you said. “I don’t want to hurt you.” You said. The tears were rolling off your cheeks and into your lap.

     “You won’t,” Stiles said confidently. And then he kissed you. It took you by surprise, but you kissed back. You finally pulled away, out of breath. You looked at your hands, and your claws were gone, which probably meant your eyes had gone back to normal too. 

     “You’re my anchor,” you told him, smiling.

     “Well, I am your boyfriend..” He said chuckling.

Author’s Note: Hope you like it guys! Ships are not open, but requests for imagines are! Also, on another note… pt 3 for ‘Neighbors’ will be up soon :)

Liam Dunbar - Die In Your Arms

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A little long disclaimer before I start this imagine (please read :D). So I know it’s been a loooooonnnnngg time, and I really have been feeling terrible about it. I should really be studying since I have a final exam for my summer course tomorrow ugh. BUUUUUTTTT I needed to update so I thought I’d do a couple of SHORT imagines to make it up to you guys. I haven’t really been feeling any long stories, but I am NOT the person to leave a story hanging and never finish it so I WILL be finishing those old things. I hope you enjoy anyways :)))

 I thought it would be fun to link a song that would be perfect to listen to while reading sooooo…  it’s Die In Your Arms by Justin Bieber :)

     You loved your boyfriend, Liam. Actually, love was probably an understatement for the two of you. You basically worshipped each other, and everyone could see it. When you walked down the halls of Beacon Hills High School, everyone, no matter if they hated you or loved you, they could all admit that you were ‘goals.’

      Liam particularly adored you. You sometimes made of him for being so clingy, but it the end you really didn’t mind at all.

     You guys were just cuddling together in bed when Liam randomly started talking.

     “Do you love me?” He asked.

     You laughed. 

     “What do you think?” You said, laughing.

     “I know, but I just.. wanted to make sure, cause you know, I would kinda die if you were with somebody else,” He said, with a face so serious you thought he was joking.

      You said nothing and pulled him into a big hug, wrapping your legs and arms around him and running your fingers through his hair. He kissed your head and the two of you fell asleep.

Author’s Note: So what do you guys think of these ‘short imagines?’ Some of them will probably be longer than this one (yes I am aware it’s short af lmao) (like realllllyyyyy short). So I listen to music a lot, and I’ll probably write these short song imagines for songs that, idk, touch me lmao. Haha hope you enjoy!