mtv tee

Joe’s new vlog killed me. Literally

so we have :
→ Joe freaking singing and wearing the MTV tee-shirt that suits him so well and idek
→ Caspar being all “I’m going in 20 minutes” and looking so sad like he isn’t going back in a few day and Joe’s sad little voice they’re gonna miss each other so much and they know it  bye
→ Oli’s little rub on the chin
→ Caspar’s “don’t talk maybe” but which sounds like “baby”
→the “ who am I bloody climb  and exploring with y'know we had such a great time yesterday” and their sad faces again
→ Oli and Caspar hug (Oli got his hug after all) and Joe acting all jealous about him only getting a “fucking high five”
→ But still following Caspar back to the door
→ kicking him out of the house
→ and the “we gonna miss you, LOOK AFTER HIM PLEASE, HE’S PRECIOUS” He’s precious, he. is. precious.  
→ Joe’s precious laugh
→ Joli’s little chase in the house
→ and last but not least Joe in bed, which is probably one of my favorite thing in the world, watching Tintin because he is a “tired Sugg’

I need a break bye