mtv style

The One Direction singer holds nothing back on the ballad, which starts out quiet enough and swells to an earth-splitting climax complete with a backup choir of probably literal angels. It sounds very little like One Direction or either of its solo offshoots, and very much like Harry has prostrated himself at the shrines of David Bowie and John Lennon like we were promised.
—  MTV

This week you might have seen my face in a couple of different places over the inter-webs. It was with great honor and excitement that I got to participate in Beyoncé’s e-commerce for her new line! And boy what a week has it been… Seriously, I can’t even express the feeling.

I mean we’re talking about Queen Bee + Formation + Shop + ME = Internet takeover!

SO i want to take this moment to thank all who have sent me beautiful messages and are now following my adventures! Without your positive messages I wouldn’t have been where I am right now, we all must remember to stick together for a better future.

If you haven’t checked it already click here to see all of Bey’s shop: