mtv movies awards 2011

What Went Wrong At The MTV Movies Awards 2011!

The MTV movies awards was on Sunday and I was looking forward to it because there were good movies in every category, new clips and trailers of this year summer movies and believing that Twilight was not going to win anything or not a lot of awards this year…but I was wrong.

First off, the host of the show was Jason Sudeikis who I know from Hall pass and Saturday Night Live and I thought he was funny, but not better that Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. He made me laugh when he at the piano and the fast five but the only problem is that not everyone knows him and I believe they should got someone like Jack Black or bring back Jim Carey who was also funny at the show as well.

Second,TWILIGHT WON EVERYTHING!!. they won best fight, best actor, best actress, best kiss (every year) and best film which I strongly believe they wouldn’t win it because they were up against Inception, Black Swan, The Social Network and Harry Potter. I have no beef with the Twilight fans but come on, there are films out there to watch than just Twilight, it’s like that all they watch in there lives or even they didn’t read the category names and just press vote with Twilight in. You can even see it in Twilight cast faces that they were fed up, there's no point them coming next year because we all know they already won it.


The music performances were bad, they should have got Coldplay and Beyonce because they both going to bring a new album soon, so they need to promote it.Just everything about the show was just ahhhhhhh… I felt like going there and just directed everything my self and know I’ll do a better job. The only thing I rate was Reese Witherspoon (Who looked stunning) speech about girls celebrities doing sex tapes and taking photo’s of themselves just to get more famous “I know it’s cool to be bad; I get it,” she said. “But it’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show.”  That made me love her even more and hopefully the speech got to so called famous girls heads and think twice that your showing your self cheap just to be known.