mtv movies awards 2011


Robert & Kristen Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards 2011

LOVE this one

stonefield masterpost part 1: 2011

I’m going to try to do this post in chronological order! :)

So, Andrew and Emma met each other in the screen test for TASM 2 in September of 2010. And in 2012, here’s what Andrew had to say about it.

In June of 2011, they were in a public event kinda together for the first time, the MTV Movie Awards.

In July of 2011 we had the Comic Con and got a lot of cute photos and great moments at the panel!

August, 2011: first candid of them going out.

October, 2011: first photo of them holding hands.

Cutest Halloween couple.

Andrew visiting Emma on the set of her movie Gangster Squad. And also wearing a Gangster Squad hat because he is the most supportive boyfriend.

The first time they went to a public event as a couple, 7th Annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation, in November of 2011.

You can only eat like that in front of a person when you know for sure they love you. Seriously.

Being casually adorable.

And in november, to close the year, we got photos of them hiking. But, really, hiking isn’t supposed to be this adorable.

2011 was a pretty good year to the Stonefield fandom, huh? 2012 was even better! Next week I’ll be posting it! xo