mtv movie awards

“In the 34 years that have passed since the birth of MTV, I have grown up.  I have struggled, I’ve failed, I’ve succeeded, I have partied way too much.  

I have squandered, resisted, surrendered, repented, labored, begged for second chances, and literally crawled my way to the top.  

I have tried to live honorably and never forget my love of the game or my friends.  If a man is judged by the company that he keeps, then I must be doing something right because look at who I’m running with [looks at his fellow Avengers]. 

On behalf of my fellow Avengers, I invite you to dream big, work hard, keep your nose clean, and be of service, and yes because you can, define your generation.”

– Robert Downey Jr. at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards (April 12, 2015).

Trends speak louder than words. Here’s what was noisy this week:

  • In Palm Springs: Merrymakers pose for Valencia-tinted selfies under the desert sun at Coachella. And #reclaimthebindi, a campaign against cultural boho-priation of South Asian traditions for disposable fashion.

  • In entertainment: BB-8 bounced and bopped its spherical bum through the sand in the second Star Wars trailer. Hollywood glamorati hobnobbed at the 23rd (yeah) annual MTV Movie Awards. Some of them won a bucket. And The Royals is E!’s first scripted show, not counting their other shows. 

  • In the news: Hillary Clinton has been driving around Iowa in a van solving mysteries.

  • In history: A century has passed since the Armenian genocide began.

  • At school: The theme for this year’s promposals is signs.

  • In Homestuck: Lord English’s true nature was revealed in the proximity of some horses. True fact. Look it up. 

  • In music: The sound of hysteria: Green Day is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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