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I’m hoping for a secret Taylor Swift performance tonight
—  a guy from the band All Time Low, on the MTV VMA preshow….the host seemed nervous and changed the subject

CARYN GANZ It’s fury, it’s vengeance, it’s gossip. It’s a horror movie, a fairy tale contorted into a calamity. Musically, it’s a pubescent growth spurt — sudden, jerky and accompanied by a sneer.

“Look What You Made Me Do” feels like pure calculation: This one isn’t for the moms toe-tapping at the “1989” concert, or the radio stations still chin-scratching over whether Ms. Swift is country or pop. This song is for the base — the superfans on the internet who are always ready for a fight.

The music? It can be fascinating, alternately cinematic and grindy. The lyric video? It’s stark and striking. Taken together, they feel almost like a Twenty One Pilots project, shape-shifting and dark. But then there’s that “you” looming over everything.

The song isn’t called “Look What I Did,” it’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” a surprising flipping of agency at a moment where Ms. Swift is being heralded for her strong language in court, where she testified that a radio host assaulted her with no equivocation: “I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions. Not mine.” But making this song was her decision: not his. It sounds powerful, yet joyless.

And while the track may be about her longtime antagonist Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry is once again collateral damage here: Her album “Witness” came out the same day Ms. Swift restored her catalog to Spotify, and she’ll be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night — where Ms. Swift is unveiling her full new video, ensuring the name on everybody’s lips is gonna be Taylor.

ts1989fanatic I had not thought about the KP angle but DAMN GIRL way to make a point.

[Eric’s] parents went upstairs, and Eric asked if Susan [DeWitt] wanted to listen to music. They went into his bedroom, downstairs in the basement.

It was just about Eric’s last chance to get some before Columbine.

Susan recalled a poster of the blond, one-time MTV host Jenny McCarthy, and other band posters. Ticket stubs from concerts and movies were stapled around the window. Eric had CDs he had made on his computer, and soccer jerseys hanging up.

They listened to soft tunes, although Eric favored more head-banging stuff. Susan didn’t notice anything suspicious. […] She stuck around for about thirty more minutes and at one point, Eric put his arm around her. When she left, he kissed her on the cheek as a way of saying goodbye.

—  Columbine: A True Crime Story by Jeff Kass

Go Out! is a brazilian YouTube series produced by Bolovo and hosted by Deco and Lucas, ex MTV Hosts.

“Y/N,” Tom spoke as he looked at you. You had only walked in seconds ago and his words already made you nervous. You would hope that it wasn’t visible but the bigger worry was weather or not you were fired. It’s not like you had done anything wrong, but Tom was ruthless when it came to employees. Hell, he had just let go a small girl that forgot to call in an order for candles. It’s not like he wouldn’t be able to get them later, nevertheless, it didn’t stop Tom.

“Mr. Holland,” You spoke with a shaky voice. He smiled widely, quite enjoying the sound of you being nervous on his behalf. Who wasn’t nervous around him? His family and best friend. Other than them, he was feared. “You called for me, Sir?” You voiced once you swallowed thickly. God, you wanted to be out of there as soon as possibly.

“I did,” he confirmed. It made your heart rate bounce a few times more before taking a quick pace. Your hands shook and sweat began to coat your hands and underarms. “I need you to be my date for my Gala tonight.” He smiled and made your eyes widen. He needed you to be his… date? This had to be a joke. Where were the MTV cameras and the host coming out and yelling ‘gotcha!’ loudly into your ear?

“I-Excuse me?” You asked in disbelief while Tom’s eyebrows lifted as a smile coated his face. “I’m not too sure what you mean? I think Susan is still here, she would love to go with-” you were cut off by Tom getting up from the black leather rolling chair that sat behind his desk, speaking almost immediately.

“Susan isn’t as hard as a worker,” he hummed, “unlike you, dove.” His smile never faltered as he walked close to you. He stood in front of you, hands leaning on his desk as well as his ass. He looked you over before biting his lip and continuing.

“Anyways,” he continued, “you always seem to want to go to one. So, I’ll get my stylist up to my office during lunch and she’ll find you a dress. You’ll continue working like any other day and I’ll bring you lunch or something before going back to work. You will be met outside of the building at approximately six o'clock and by a driver of mine who will take you back to your apartment, where you’ll be met by a makeup artist and hair stylist as well as the stylist I had mentioned earlier. I will then show up around eight o'clock and we will leave from your apartment building to the venue.” He explained as you tried to take in the information. “Is that understood?” He asked as you nodded.

“Tell me the main points then, darling.”

“Meet with the stylist at lunch, go back to work. Meet the driver downstairs at six and leave my apartment at eight.” You voiced and he shrugged and nodded in approval.

“See you then, darling.” He smiled as you nodded and turned on your heel to leave. Heart rate quicker, cheeks darker and palms sweatier.

- becca (@tom-hoiland)