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15 MTV Films Every Millennial Should Watch

Founded in 1996, MTV Films has become a pivotal part of the millennial experience, producing big screen adaptations of the channel’s own programs, such as Beavis and Butt-head, and original box offices hits, including Napoleon Dynamite and Save the Last Dance.

One of my favorite films on the list is Better Luck Tomorrow about bored Asian American teens who slowly get sucked into a world of petty crime. The film, directed by Justin Lin, first introduced the character Han who has since appeared in six of Fast & Furious films.

I’m gonna/thinking of make a list of other projects he scream cast are working on and how to support the cast if the series is cancelled if anyone is interested in it


Scream: The Webseries - webseries (2016-2017)

Density - short film (2016)

The Boonies - webseries (2017)

Fallout: MacCready - short film (2017)

Silver Tongue - short film trilogy (2017)

After the End - webseries (2017)

anonymous asked:

Wait what jenelle left jace on a drug dealers porch 7 years ago, how? Why? When? Who? And what the actual fuck she never had him she used walk out and just leave him with babs why was this not shown

MTV weren’t filming at the time. I doubt they would have included it anyway.

anonymous asked:

Is MTV filming? Is that why Jenelle has the kids?

Yes, they’re filming and that’s most likely why Jenelle has been spending more time with Jace.