mtv fat camp

Fat Camp!

                Well, I’m here in Florida and got a little bored so I decided to watch that show Huge on ABC. I saw an ad for it in a magazine and decided I should probably give it a try not only because I read the book a few years ago but because I work at a weight loss camp for kids every summer. The show was cute I guess, nothing amazing, but it kind of bothered me. I don’t really know why, maybe because I know firsthand what a camp like that is like? Not sure. Anyways I decided to bring this show up so I could also talk about my camp. I went there as a camper at the age of 17, summer before my senior year.  It really changed my life, I went from a self-conscious and depressed overweight teen to a confident and motivated overweight teen. Yea, I lost weight but I gained a lot back after the summer. That’s when I decided to return again as a counselor, being a counselor there is tough but amazing. This upcoming summer will be my 3rd year working there but I was promoted to group leader. It really is an incredible place where you make great friends and feel really good about yourself.  If you guys want to know anything else about the camp, which is called Camp Pocono Trails (aka MTVs Fat Camp), please feel free to ask me!