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Lesbian/bisexual representation in my favourite shows

“If anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form.”


Who made this?!!! 😂😂😂

I think Teen Wolf writers should embrace the Vampire Diaries epic speeches, I mean Teen Wolf writers should learn to go deeper... like this!
  • Stiles: Lydia you will forget me
  • Lydia: I won’t, stiles I won’t! I won't!
  • Stiles: Lydia you will, but you know what? I believe in you, I believe in us, and I believe in what we’ve build up together ok? Remember that you were the first girl I’ve ever danced with, remember that losing you will make me go out of my freaking mind so you do have to remember ( they both smile after that, and she can’t hide the tears anymore!), remember our first kiss, how you took my breath away in that moment, and in every moment that we were on a life and dead situation and I looked at those beautiful green eyes of yours, and I would have my hope that everything was going to be ok, because I had by my side the most intelligent and beautiful girl on this world, remember that you are my emotional tether, in this supernatural world and every other world that tries to tear us apart, remember that for me has always been you, my 8 years old crush that went on freshman year, sophomore year, junior year, Lydia remember, please remember all of this, remember that I love you!
  • Lydia: Stiles I...
  • The ghost riders take stiles...
So stydia has been cannon for 3 weeks & kai is back on the vampire diaries ...I honestly feel like I need to be sedated I just can't handle being so happy.

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Originally posted by yourreactiongifs