mtv confessions


        There were multiple ‘pluses’ to having Lydia Martin as a best friend.  One of them being her expert ways at reading men. She had been telling you for days that she thought Brett had a crush on you, and you brushed her off every time. Why would Brett have a crush on you? Sure you two were friendly, but it wasn’t exactly like you hung out together all the time. 

        With you constantly dismissing her gut instinct, Lydia took matters into her own hands.  She’d met Brett during a pack meeting, so it didn’t seem all that weird when she ‘ran’ into him in town one night and went out to coffee with him.  Under the table at the Starbucks, she discreetly pulled out her cell phone and dialed you up, placing the phone on the tabletop by her side so you could hear what was going on.

        “Hey Lydia, what’s up?” You asked, answering your friends call and frowning when she didn’t reply.  IT seemed like she had butt dialed you, and you were about to hang up before you heard Brett’s voice speaking.  That conniving girl!  You couldn’t help but laugh to yourself.

“So come on, spill the beans.”  Lydia spoke clearly.  “Everyone in the pack is crushing on each other like mad.  So who’s your crush?”  She asked, not beating around the bush with this one.  You could hear Brett laugh slightly uncomfortably in the background.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  He answered, coughing at the end of his sentence.

“For a werewolf you’re a horrible liar.”  Lydia stated quietly, not wanting anyone around them to hear her sentence.  “Spill. Or, I could always guess.”  They both went quiet for a minute.  Not one to be kept waiting, Lydia huffed and you could basically hear her roll her eyes.  “Y/N.” She stated, and you had to stop yourself from replying to your name over the phone.

“Is it that obvious?”  Brett asked after a couple of moments.  You assumed that Lydia must have nodded because he continued.  “There’s just something about her.  She’s stunning, and then at pack meetings she’ll zone out every once in a while and I just wish I knew what she was thinking about.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it bad.”  Lydia commented.  You could tell that a smirk was plastered to her face. All right.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

“I think that I do.  She just seems to be so independent.  And she’s always messing around with Stiles, goofing off.”  He paused, and you imagined him shrugging.  “I don’t know I guess.”  He concluded.  Lydia said something else, too muffled by movement of the phone for you to be able to understand it.  The line went dead a few minutes later, and you pulled the phone away from your ear, a grin crossing your face.  He liked you back.

Almost a half hour later Lydia called you again.  “Did you hear all that?”  She asked, a smile evident in her voice.

“Yeah I did.  You’re very conniving, you know that?”  You asked, laughing lightly.  Lydia huffed before laughing lightly as well.

“I told you that he liked you!  Now you have no choice but to believe me.”

“So what do I do now?”  You asked, uncertain of what steps you should take from here.

“Now we go shopping before the next time you see Brett.  You need to look good for your future man.”  Lydia laughed, knowing that shopping wasn’t exactly your favorite pastime.

“Thank you, Lyd.”  You smiled.

“Now, say that you’ll never doubt me again so that I can go to sleep.”  Lydia teased, waiting patiently on her own side of the phone line.  You rolled your eyes, thinking about just hanging up instead of saying anything but you did kind of owe Lydia a little bit.

“Fine, I’ll never doubt you again.  Thank you.”  You relented, sighing.  “Goodnight.” You said, hanging up and smiling at the ceiling of your room.  Brett liked you back, and you had Lydia to thank for uncovering the truth.  God, she’d never let you live that down.

Love Potion - Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski)

Anonymous said:can you make a one shot where stiles teaches me chemistry and it ends with our confessions? :3 thx

You groaned again, not getting anything of what was being explained in the pages of the book in front of you. Chemistry had never been your strong point, and having Mr Harris as a chemistry teacher didn’t exactly help either, as he was far too judging for your taste. Well, for everyone’s taste, and then especially for the boy beside you. Stiles.

You had been struggling extra hard in class today and Stiles had taken a notice, offering to give you a little tutoring lesson after school. So here you were, sitting beside him on the floor in his room, Stiles trying to explain some task for you.

«I think you’re thinking too complicated…» Stiles trailed off, looking at the answers you had written for some of the tasks.

«Really? Because I’m pretty sure it’s chemistry who is complicated.» You threw your arms in the air to prove your point. Stiles chuckled beside you.

«Just think of it as magic then.» He said, trying to put it in terms that you might understand.

«Like what kind of magic?» You asked, your major fantasy geek peeping around the corner of your obsessive mind.

«Liike….ehm..» He trailed off, trying to remember any of the magic used in Harry Potter. «A love potion!» He said at last.

«A love potion?» You repeated doubtingly.

«Yeah, you need to chemistry between the ingredients to make a perfect and balanced love potion.»

«And what is a perfectly balanced love potion?» You tested him, seeing which answer he would go for.

Stiles hesitated, starting to fumble with the hem of his shirt.

«Both sides have to be equal?» He tried, trying to look anywhere but at you.

Stiles wasn’t used to being close to girls, he often became way too nervous when topics he had no experience about came up. And right now, he was on dangerous ground.

«Do you have an example for me?» You tried, feeling your own heart picking up speed.

You had always had a little crush on Stiles, and when he had agreed to help you, it had kind of grown, since he hadn’t really talked to you that much. It hadn’t exactly been reduced in the little time you had spent with him.

«Like for someone to call what they have love, it has to go both ways, or else it’s just a crush?» His answer sounded more like a question than a answer, so you decided to make it go a bit further.

«So if I liked you, and you liked me back, it would be a perfect love potion. But if I liked you and you didn’t like me back, it wouldn’t?» You asked, seeing Stiles was actually blushing.

«Yeah, that’s right. Just that the last one would probably be the other way of it was in real life…» Stiles voice went down in sound at the end, making it just above a whisper. He almost sounded a little sad.

«What do you mean Stiles? I-« You took a deep breath. Why not tell him now, when you already were talking about it? «I like you.»

Stiles head shot up, looking at you with two very surprised eyes.

«You-« He paused, gulping. «You l-like me?» He stuttered.

You nodded, biting your lip, so he wouldn’t see how terrified by his answer you really were. Stiles face broke out into a huge smile, his eyes shining with happiness, but the nervousness was still there.

«I-I like you too.» He said scratching his neck. You both grew silent, both of you sitting there with goofy smiles on your faces.

«Oh, screw it.» You said, when no one of you did anything, as you leaned forward and crashed your lips with his.