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You know what, Im not ok. They’re so pure and right and Scalia gonna open their heart to each other😍 and the future in the new ep., soo

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Archive of Olicity’s Physical Awards

-2015 E!online Best Ever TV Awards Steamiest Moment

-2015 E!online Best Ever TV Awards Best Couple

-2015 MTV Ship Of The Year

-2016 MTV Ship Of The Year

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I already made a second account for the voting :) could u please make a post featuring all the contests Olicity is involved in and the dates these contests close???? Also those including EBr and SA :) we all need reminders and also I am confused with the E! Poles. Aren't they supposed to be closed???

Eonline threw everybody for a confusion loop.  As lots of people messaged me during it, some poll pages said the polls closed June 25th, other pages said all polls closed June 28th.  So hours after those on the 25th were supposed to close, Eonline said, “Oh, btw, we’re extending these….” 

Handy, right?

There is a new Green Arrow TV Awards Category (villain) and The Fallen is up for Spoiler TV’s episode competition.  Other than that, it’s all pretty much the same voting that’s been going on.

Here’s a guide to the voting as far as I know:

MTV Awards

- MTV Fandom of the Year: Arrow (website voting, unlimited voting). Ends: June 29, 2015

- MTV Ship of the Year: Olicity (exclusive voting on Tumblr, unlimited reblogging to cast your vote) Ends: July 8, 2015


***All poll voting ends Sunday, June 28 at 5 p.m. PT.***

- Best Couple: Olicity (Currently 1st)

- Sexiest Moment: Oliver & Felicity (Currently 1st)

OTHER Olicity Related Eonline Voting with large % gaps or not specifically Oliver/Felicity 

- Best Kiss: Oliver & Felicity

- Best Drama Actor / Actress: Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards 

More Eonline Polls, all ending June 28th

Best Guest Star: Matt Nable as Ra’s al Ghul

(scroll to last poll on page)

Best Cast on Social: Arrow

Best Fandom: Arrow

Best Fight - Team Arrow vs. League of Assassins

Best Shocker - Ra’s kills Oliver

Biggest Baddie: Ra’s al Ghul

Star You’ll Miss Most: Colton Haynes 

SPOILER TV 2015 Episode Competition

Day 12: The Fallen vs. American Horror Story - Ends June 28th (each round lasts 24 hours)


One vote allowed, per person, per category. There is no ending date on these awards. They seem to open & close them kind of willy-nilly.

Stephen Amell: Best Male Actor (still open last I checked but supposed to have closed)

Emily Bett Rickards: Best Female Actor (still open when I checked)

Favorite Director (I voted for Antonio Negret for multiple reasons, but he directed The Fallen)

Favorite Writer (I voted for Guggenheim just because people hate on him so much)

Best Guest Star (I voted for Charlotte Ross)

NEW! Best Villain (I voted John Barrowman)


Teen Choice Wave 1 - Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, Actor & Actress

Sexiest Dad - Stephen Amell


Teen Choice Wave 2 - date unknown (figure mid July, if past experience is anything to go by)