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BTS who are celebrating their 4th anniversary today (June 13), came a long way since their debut on 2013. This post intends to show you not only their great achievements through the years but also how it took them 2 years (half of their career so far) before getting any recognition and how their hard work and perseverance payed off.


  • Melon Music Awards New Artist of the Year 


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  • Golden Disc Awards  Newcomer Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards New Artist of the Year (Male Group)
  • YinYueTai Rookie Award
  • Seoul Music Awards  New Artist Award
  • Arirang TV Pops in Seoul Awards  Rising Star Award


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  • Melon Music Awards  Best Male Dance “I Need U”
  • Melon Popularity Award “Run”  Weekly Popularity Award (December 7)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards  Best World Performer
  • Golden Disc Awards “Dark & Wild” Disk Bonsang
  • Seoul Music Awards  Bonsang Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  World Rookie Award
  • MBC Music Show Champion “Run” Best Performance Male Group
  • Cable TV Broadcast Awards Hallyu Star Popularity Award 
  • MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Act 
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best New Artist (Asia) 
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 New Artists Award (Asia) 
  • Arirang TV Simply K-Pop Awards Best Performance Boy Group


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  • Melon Music Awards  Album of the Year
  • Melon Music Awards  Top 10 Artists
  • Melon Popularity Award “ Blood Sweat & Tears”  Weekly Popularity Award (Ocrober 17 - October 24)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Dance Performance - Male Group
    Mnet Asian Music Awards HotelsCombined Artist of the Year
  • Golden Disc Awards “ The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1 ” Disk Bonsang 
  • Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award
  • Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Cultural Minister Award
  • Asia Artist Awards Best Icon Award, Singer
  • Asia Artist Awards Best Artist Award, Male Singer    
  • Hanteo Awards Wings Album Award
  • CJ E&M America Awards Best Male Idol
  • KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 “Fire”  Best Music Video Boy Group
  • KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 “Blood Sweat & Tears” Best Music Video Boy Group  
  • KBS World Radio Best Boy Group
  • KBS World Radio “Fire” Best Song


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  • Seoul Music Awards Wings Album of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist
  • Melon Popularity Award “Spring Day" Weekly Popularity Award (February 20)
  • Golden Disc Awards Wings Disk Bonsang
  • Golden Disc Awards Global K-Pop Artist Award 
  • Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
  • Seoul Music Awards Best Male Dance Performance Award 
  • Seoul Music Awards “Blood Sweat & Tears” Best Music Video Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  Album of the Year – 4th Quarter
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards V Live Global Popularity Award 
  • YinYueTai Best Stage Performance Award
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 Albums
  • Shorty Awards Best in Music
  • Global V Live Awards Global Artist Top 10


2013 - 2014: NOTHING BUT HOPE 

After 2 years of not getting any win, they started to tell each other “Let’s just not expect anything” but deep inside they all dreamed of a win, as V says “To be honest, just because you say “don’t expect anything” doesn’t mean we expect nothing” It was a hard time for both BTS and the fans. 


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  • 2015 The Show May 5 “I Need U”
  • 2015 The Show May 12 “I Need U” 
  • 2015 The Show December 8 “Run”
  • 2015 M Countdown May 7 “I Need U”
  • 2015 Music Bank May 8 “I Need U”
  • 2015 Music Bank December 11 “Run”
  • 2015 Show Champion May 13 “I Need U” 
  • 2015 Show Champion December 9 “Run”
  • 2015 Show Champion December 16 “Run”


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  • 2016 The Show October 25 “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • 2016 M countdown May 12"Fire"
  • 2016 M countdown October 20"Blood Sweat & Tears
  • 2016 Music Bank January 8 “Run”
  • 2016 Music Bank May 13"Fire"
  • 2016 Music Bank  October 21 “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • 2016 Music Bank October 28 “Blood Sweat & Tears”    
  • 2016 Show Champion October 19 
  • 2016 Show Champion February 22"Spring Day"
  • 2016 Inkigayo May 15"Fire"
  • 2016 Inkigayo October 23"Blood Sweat & Tears"


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  • 2017 M countdown February 23 “Spring Day”
  • 2017 Music Bank February 24"Spring Day"
  • 2017 Show Champion  February 22"Spring Day"
  • 2017 Inkigayo February 26 “Spring Day”

If you have been with Bangtan since the start or just joined the fandom a month ago, It doesn’t matter because greater achievements and memories are yet to be made. Happy 4th BTS anniversary everyone. Let’s reach even higher from now on ^^.
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BTS' Awards;

I made a quick compilation of the awards that BTS has achieved so far from debut year to this year!


New Artist of the Year { MelOn Music Awards }

Rookie of the Year { PCKI Awards }

Rookie of the Year { Soompi Awards }

Breakout Artist { Soompi Awards }

Best Rookie Group { SBS PopAsia Awards }

Best Debut Male { European So-Loved Awards }

Best Single Album Release { European So-Loved Awards }

Best New Artist { German Korean Entertainment Awards }

Best Breakthrough (Debut) - Male Group { Hello Asia! K-Pop Awards }


Newcomer Award { Golden Disk Awards }

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B.A.P + wins (2012)

  • SBS MTV Best of Best - Best New Artist
  • SimSimTaPa Awards -  Best Condition
  • Show Champion Awards -  Best New Male Artist, Most Appearances and  Best Audience Moment
  • Koreanupdates Awards - Best Male group
  • Soompi France Awards - Male Rookie of the Year
  • Eat Your Kimchi Awards - Best Rookie Group of the Year and Best Aegyo
  • Remarkable Awards 2013 (Germany) - Song of the Year (No Mercy)
  • Jpop Asia Music Awards - New Artist/Band of 2012 and  Most Promising Artist/Band
  • Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards - Best Male Rookie 

On this day in music history: October 19, 1985 - “Take On Me” by a-ha hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by Morten Harket, Magne Furuholem and Pål Waaktaar, it is the biggest hit for the Norwegian pop music trio. The version of “Take On Me” that becomes a worldwide hit is actually not the first version of the song recorded. The band first record and release the song as a single in Europe in 1984 which fails to attract any attention or chart. They re-record it with producer Alan Tarney (Cliff Richard, Leo Sayer) and it again fails to make an impact. Only after they make the now iconic video directed by Steve Barron (“Billie Jean”, “Don’t You Want Me”, “Money For Nothing”, “Electric Avenue”, “Africa”) that the record enters the charts and climbs to number one. Taking nearly four months alone to finish the clips distinctive rotoscoped animation, Warner Bros spends over $200,000 on the promotional video. Once MTV puts the clip in heavy rotation, the buzz generated by the innovative visuals of the infectious song spreads to radio. Entering the Hot 100 at #91 on July 13, 1985, it climbs to the top of the chart fourteen weeks later. The success of “Take On Me” propels a-ha’s debut album “Hunting High And Low” to Platinum status in the US and several other countries. “Take On Me” spends twenty seven weeks on the Hot 100, tying with Diana Ross’ “Missing You” for the longest run on the chart that year. The video is nominated for eight MTV Video Music Awards (winning six) including Best New Artist and Best Concept Video in 1986.

Blaine Anderson: Unzipped

A follow up to Rockstar!Blaine by several requests. gleekto asked for the first date and littlefluffythings gave me the idea for Kurt’s pants. This seems to have turned into a series.

Kurt is tempted to wear baggy drop crotch harem pants just to be contrary, his natural bristling at someone telling him what to wear sort of an automatic first response. But it’s not every day he gets to have dinner with a rock star, and dressing to impress wins out over obstinance.

He yanks on a pair of jeans from his own line, so tight he has to hop around the apartment and flop onto his bed to tug them the last bit over his hips, sucks in a breath and does the top button then rubs the feeling back into his legs as the fabric stretches and gives just a little. Puffs out a lungful of air and stands to do up the rest of the button fly- a long asymmetrical line from left hip to the top of the right inseam of his leg, safety pin accents done up over the buttons.

He pairs it with a soft gray henley with sleeves pushed up to soften the look a bit, and a lavender neckerchief secured with a silver skull pin. Pulls on black leather boots, swishes some mouthwash and sprays one last layer of hairspray on and he’s ready to go. Easy. And about forty five minutes late.

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If there’s any doubt about such behavior being deserved, simply look at the stats: more than five million copies of Hot Fuss sold worldwide (the last time a new-wave, dance-pop album did that kind of business, Molly Ringwald and Dweezil Zappa were Hollywood’s It couple); two Hot 100 singles (including the Top 10 hit “Mr. Brightside”); three Grammy nominations; an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. They’ve been on Letterman, Leno, Conan, Kimmel, SNL, and of course, The OC. They’ve hung with Bono, Morrissey, Bowie, Noel Gallagher, Elton John, and Paul McCartney, and hired famed rock photographer/filmmaker Anton Corbijn to direct the video for “All These Things That I’ve Done” because they’re fans of his. And because they could. Perhaps more important, even those critics who initially explained away their crossover hits as crafty pastiches of Duran Duran, New Order, and U2 had to acknowledge the song-craft. Modern rock simply doesn’t make it onto hip-hop- and ballad-dominated pop radio these days unless the hooks are irresistible. By the time you read this, phase one of the Killers’ campaign for world domination will be complete. (Spin Magazine, December 2005)


DNCE Wins Best New Artist | 2016 Video Music Awards | MTV

You guys are incredible, and we’re blown away that you guys would take the time to actually vote for us! Three MTV EMA’s for Artist on the Rise, Best New and Best Push Act is extremely crazy… you’re all unreal and amazing and awesome. The journey we’ve been on together over the past 3 years has been insane… And we love you all, to infinity and beyond…

Selena tells Mtv News that Justin deserves winning Best New Artist (September 9, 2010)

Selena: “I think he deserves it!”

 “I think he’s worked really hard. I think he works harder than a lot of people I know, so he deserves it.”

“I think just the fact that he’s 16 and you’re gonna see him onstage with all these other artists that have been around, like, much longer than he’s been alive, it’s gonna be really cool to see him next to these people that have been idols and icons in the music world”


150101 2014 MTV Best of the Best - Best New Artist: GOT7


150101 2014 MTV Best of the Best - Best New Artist: GOT7