mtv amp


MTV’s “AMP” 1997-2001, the most trippy show in the world.

It’s Time For Change

After three and a half years on both American coasts, MTV & Katy Perry have decided its time to expand the show past the borders and hop across the pond. They’ve bought dying hotel, spruced it up and moved all the basics to the new home. 

Don’t worry to much about your jobs, they’ve been told that you’re leaving, and Katy has even arranged new jobs for many of you in London. The only thing you need to worry about is packing up your things and place it by your door; leave enough stuff to get you through the next little bit and prepare for your flight across the pond.

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one of my great nineties kids’ memories is staying up late to watch MTV Amp and seeing THIS and the music video for Kraftwerk’s The Robots.


Fluke - Atom Bomb

The Wipeout soundtrack was an early influence for Smash TV. Seems like only yesterday that this kind of stuff on MTV Amp was warping our fragile little minds.


First David Bowie song/video I’ve ever seen. Not a bad introduction. That old MTV AMP show introduced a lot of awesomeness into my life at a young age.