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Having Liam stay the night was nothing new - your parents had remarkable trust in him, despite his anger issues, and barely seemed to care if the two of you slept in the same bed. Though they’d probably draw the line at being half-naked…they didn’t trust him that much.

It was a Friday night when Liam decided to waltz into your room and announce he was staying the night while seemingly not realizing that you were, in fact, half-naked and acting like a deer caught in the headlights. He stopped two feet into the room, the inner hormonal teenager coming out as his eyes raked over your body while you quickly came to your senses and found something to cover yourself with. Your cheeks were on fire as you slipped a shirt on. When you noticed Liam was still just standing there, you chucked a pillow at him.

“You did not see anything. And - wait, why are you smirking? Is this funny to you?! Dunbar, you are so dead!” The realization hit you and you were chasing him down the stairs, knowing you couldn’t catch him because of his abilities, but when you tackled him to the ground, you knew he let you catch him. “You asswhole,” you muttered in his back, holding him from behind as he laughed.

“You still love me though,” he teased, flipping you over easily and hovering above you. You rolled your eyes. Tonight would surely be interesting…


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Just Like Scallison (Requested)

Thanks for requesting this! I know it’s very late but I hope you like it anyway. When I read this message I almost screamed because this request is absolutely amazing! I have never thought of this and I haven’t read another imagine like it so thank you so much!

Requests are open :)

You loved Liam. He was your first boyfriend, your first kiss, your first date, your first love. You didn’t want to be with anyone but him. You loved his big blue eyes and his perfect smile. You loved the way he played lacrosse and the way he always tried to impress you. 

The only problem was that Liam was a werewolf and you came from a family of hunters. You were an Argent; Allison’s cousin. Her dad and your dad were brothers, making Chris your uncle. Your dad had made it very clear that you were never to see Liam so you had to meet with him in secret. Making up lies that you were going to a friends’ or going to the library to study. Which is exactly what you told your father when he asked you where you were going today. You were going to meet up with Liam at the preserve to look over the cliff. It was your guys’ usual meeting place. You had heard that had been another couple’s meeting place a few years ago as well.

You rolled your car into the preserve and parked it a few feet from the cliff. Liam stood near the edge with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. You stepped out of the car and he instantly pulled you into a hug. 

“I love you,” He whispered into your hair.

“I love you too.” You took the flowers from him. “Thanks.”

He grabbed your hand and led you back to your car. You in the drivers’ seat and him in the passenger. 

His face grew serious. “What’d you tell your dad?”

“That I was going to the library to study.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Did he believe you?”

You shrugged. “He didn’t say anything. He had kind of this look though.”

“What look?”

“Like he didn’t believe me. Like he was suspicious.” You noticed the worried look on his face. “Liam, I’m not going to let him do anything to you okay? I promise.”

He nodded. “I know. I’m just worried that he’s going to forbid you from seeing that.”

You chuckled. “He already did that.”

He smiled. “Yeah I know.” He turned his face from yours. 

“Hey.” He turned his head back, ready to answer you when you placed your lips on his. He immediately reacted and started kissing you back. You put your hands on his neck and he put his on your waist, trying to pull you closer. You were so caught up in each other that you didn’t even hear another car pull up next to you guys. You didn’t hear the sound of a car door slamming and your name being shouted. 

The passenger door of your car flew open and Liam was yanked away from you. You watched in horror as your dad slammed Liam onto the hood of your car and pointed a gun at his face. 

You leaped out of the car. “Dad stop! Dad! Please don’t hurt him!”

He turned to look at you, fury in his eyes. “I warned you to stay away from him (Y/N) and you deliberately disobeyed me!”

Liam struggled against your dad’s grip. You could tell he was getting angry. His eyes glowed yellow and his teeth sharpened into fangs. He growled loudly at your dad, fighting to break loose. Your dad cocked the gun towards his face.

You grabbed him by the shoulders. “Dad! Please stop! I’ll do anything you say!” You were in tears now and didn’t know what to do. 

After a few minutes, your father stepped away from Liam and lowered the gun. You immediately ran to Liam’s side, who was trying to catch his breath. 

“No more (Y/N). You can not see him anymore. And you are grounded,” your dad said to you.

You grabbed Liam’s free hand as his other wiped away your tears. “Dad, I love him.”

“(Y/N), you’re sixteen. What do you know about love?”

“Allison and Scott were in love. He loved her and she loved him,” you said.

Your dad’s eyes darkened. “And that’s why she’s dead (Y/N). I’m sorry but it’s true. If she wasn’t so involved in saving her werewolf boyfriends she’d still be here. And I don’t want to see you make the same mistake.”

“You think this is a mistake?” Your voice began to rise. “You think me being happy is a mistake?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. Come on, we’re going home. I’ll come back for your car later.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Yes you are. We’re leaving.” He stepped towards you and went to grab your arm when a very upset Liam stepped in front of you. His eyes glowed yellow and he bared his fangs, growling heavily.

“Look at him (Y/N). Is this what you claim to be in love with? He’s going to hurt you and I will not allow that. Look at him. He’s a monster.”

You took a step forward and grabbed Liam’s hand. “He’s not a monster. He’s a werewolf.” You glowed your yellow eyes at your father. 

“Like me.”


Dear CARYL Family;

I know we are feeling a bit emotionally wrecked and even exhausted from this shipping rolacoaster ride after yesterday’s debacle BUT I come to you with a little piece of CARYL goodness you might want to keep in mind for the future.

Everybody remembers this;

“Oh, what about The Walking Dead, they’re not rushing the romance.They’ve spent 5 seasons letting Daryl & Carol fall in love”

“So - we are all watching the zombie show to see if the hick and the housewife will sleep together.?!”

“That’s why I watch it…A girl loves a little romance with her gore”

MTV and that scene showed that five years and five seasons later CARYL still had not just shipping validity but obvious longevity in terms of ROMANTIC EMOTIONAL potential.

The best part about that scene is that after a bit of legal research we can also be relatively sure not just that AMC was aware of the scene but that MTV had to get SCRIPT approval from TPTB before even filming the episode (let alone airing it)
That means that AMC and TWD TPTB were perfectly fine with a huge portion of the audience being “told” that Carol and Daryl are out there being characterized as a romantic couple - who have been FALLING IN LOVE over the span of FIVE seasons on air. 

Carol and Daryl are fictional characters which means that they are intellectual property of AMC and Robert Kirkman, who had to approve the CARYL vision Riley on “Scream” presented so bluntly and without a trace of ambiguity. 

We are not talking about minor characters here - Carol and Daryl are major players on TWD and we already know that Daryl’s love interest storyline is suppose to be a BIG DEAL, which only underscores the importance of the approval given to MTV to go ahead with the script characterizing the dynamic in such an open ROMANTIC fashion.
The fact that it reminds the audience that the CARYL connection is a “slow-burn” and was allowed to be a “slow-burn”, only validates the statement more because it reinforces what we have been seeing all along.

Does it mean that CARYL is destined to reach ROMANTIC CANON status soon?

Absolutely NOT!

What it does mean is that interpreting the CARYL dynamic as Carol and Daryl FALLING IN LOVE over all this time, is not just a VALID way to see what’s going on but it provides a positive-hopeful reinforcement for their future!
AMC had to approve the script that emphasized a ROMANTIC ANGLE of the CARYL bond and they had no qualms about this view being publicly showcased on a major media outlet like MTV, as a ‘slow-burn’ process of FALLING IN LOVE!

If we as CARYLERS are supposedly ‘delusional’ for seeing the romance on screen then that means that an entire team of writers working on another show is 'delusional’ too!
These writers work within the same medium and in the same professional community; meaning that one set of colleagues looked at the others work and saw a romantic angle being contemplated and pursued enough to warrant it being mentioned in theirs as a valid way to see what’s really going on between the two characters they too are watching.

To up the stakes even higher here - MTV most likely had to PAY to both reference the TWD and mention Carol and Daryl in any capacity in their script.
That means that MTV “Scream” saw enough of a romance between Carol and Daryl, so much so that they were willing to make a financial investment in order to have it included in their script.
It’s kind of like putting your mouth where your money is!

CARYL IS REAL - it’s very much alive and still very much relevant “out there”….

So much so that it’s now spilling it’s FEELS on other shows, worming it’s way in to the minds of other writers and showing TPTB just how much the audience actually WANTS to see it happen!
The MTV “Scream” CARYL inclusion wasn’t so much about making CARYL more “real” on TWD but it was about making CARYL more “real” to US and this fandom as a whole.

If anything it’s just another sign that no matter what is being said about Carol and Daryl being played like 'siblings’ or who is actually saying it, there is a HUGE portion of the audience that is not picking up on that vibe whatsoever - and hasn’t picked up on it for 5 YEARS!

It’s not a lot but it’s a spark of hope! 

A bit of positivity to remind all of us that we are seeing something a lot of other people are too - a developing LOVE STORY! 

A love story MTV paid to mention on AIR!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



If you want to see for yourself a mere glimpse of the kind of legal procedures and mind numbing details MTV had to go through to talk about Carol and Daryl as them FALLING IN LOVE then click HERE!