Okay so this is what we know about season 2B

After watching the season 2B trailer, we saw so many different things that shocked and confused us so this is what we know about season 2B not only based on the trailer.

1. Lindsey Shaw is playing Shane’s sister (she’s not playing a gay character).

2. We will see Reagan and Amy’s relationship deepen, but also get really challenged.

3. We’re going to see Reagan and Karma’s interactions and how they try to find a common ground.

4. For Amy, it’s going to be an intense, volatile, and emotional ride that isn’t easy.

5. Karma isn’t the thing that comes between Reagan and Amy, but she’s more of just a symptom of the bigger problem that comes in their way.

6. Amy is keeping from Reagan that she is questioning her sexuality and that she doesn’t know where she is on the scale. This hurts Reagan because she’s been hurt before by a girl who was unsure about her sexuality and left her for a boy. When Reagan finds out, it’s a hard pill for her to swallow.

7. We’ll see more of Shane’s entire family: his sister and mother.

8. New recurring characters, Felix and Zita (played by Chloe Bridges)

9. Reagan tries to introduce Amy into this whole new world, maybe a wild side of Reagan that Amy can’t quite adapt to. WTF?! DRUGS?!

10. Karma and Amy’s relationship starts up on a rough patch because Amy doesn’t believe Karma is fully over what happened with between Amy and Liam so she feels she has to walk on egg shells around Karma.

11. Karmy’s relationship will get worse before it gets any better.




In this week’s episode of Braless, Laci Green talks about the 5 trans misconceptions Bruce Jenner cleared up in his groundbreaking interview.

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Scarlett going to bat for Brucenat. She totally commandeered the conversation and explained it in full!

“I will say that these characters come from having a lot of trauma in their past. They’ve experienced a lot of loss and destruction, that they’ve very much been a part of. For Banner, it’s been a totally out-of-body experience. For Natasha, she hasn’t made a lot of active choices to participate in these horrendous things she’s been a part of. She feels very disconnected from that part of herself. They’re coming together as two people who are reluctant superheroes and are seeing similar things in each other. They’re tethered to this greater cause that’s greater than any kind of potential love. It makes everything very complicated for them.”

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Anonymous said:

Imagine where your insecure about your body and liam comforts you?


You looked into the mirror, pulling the baggy sweater longer down, so it surpassed your hips. You hated to feel like this. Like everyone saw every little flaw on your body. So instead of living with that constant feeling at school, you hid your body in baggy clothes that maybe made you look more like a puffy teddy bear.

A pair of strong arms sneaked around your waist as you were looking at yourself, his soft eyes met yours in the mirror. 

«What are you thinking about?» He asked, his lips brushing your ear. 

«Nothing.» You gave him a weak smile, turning around to face him, your arms around his neck. 

«Spit it out.» Liam said, as he searched your eyes. 

«Spit what out?» You asked innocently. 

«I know there is something bothering you, so come on.» He said, concern lacing his voice. 

You tried to back away from him, but he only tightened his hold on your waist, keeping you against him. 

«Y/N.» He said patiently, looking down on you where you stood in his arms, trying to avoid his gaze. 

You sighed heavily. Liam was never going to leave this be, this stubborn little wolf. 

«It’s just…» You started, not knowing how you could get the words in your head to become actual sentences. «I just feel so out of place in my own body. Like every time I show it off, everybody is judging me. Looking down on me.» You whispered, afraid to speak the words too loud for anyone but Liam to hear. 

«Y/N…» Liam said, lifting your chin up with his finger. «I can tell you one thing, Y/N. And that’s that if you show your body off people will do nothing but adore it.» He said, his eyes sincere. 

You gave him a weak smile.

«But then again, I wouldn’t let you do that, because your sexy ass belong to me.» He winked, trying to cheer you up. 

You laughed lightly at his corkiness. Oh, how you loved this boy. 

«Thank you, Liam.» You whispered, just before you reached up to kiss him. 


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