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10 Million Votes for Bamon

It’s time to flip the script, guys. Julie Plec has acknowledged/lauded/defended our efforts in this poll and Bamon’s nomination, and she’s also called out the bitter DE shippers who are voting against us out of spite. We’ve racked up over 7 million votes so far (and counting!). We’ve got even more people talking about us and our ship than we had before all of this started, and you know they already had Bamon fever!

We’ve already won. They see us, they’re starting to understand what we’re capable of when this incredible fandom comes together and works hard for our ship.

Now let’s really show them, because our numbers got their attention, but numbers is not all that this fandom is about. Numbers is not what makes this fandom incredible, even as we’ve demonstrated that we have them. The Bamily is beautiful because of its heart. Because of how we come together in even the darkest moments and make something positive, something weird, something hilarious, something perfect out of them.

So let’s not vote because we have to beat anyone else, let’s vote because this fandom is amazing and we love our ship, and celebrate the heights that we reach regardless of what anyone else is doing. Let the DE shippers maintain their “legacy” of tearing down other people’s joy out of spite. They don’t have the power to actually take our joy from us.

The way I see it, we have a choice at this point. Those DE shippers actually helped us initially, pushed us to vote even harder, to reach even greater heights, and this isn’t meant to demean any of our previous efforts along those lines. But we aren’t the DE fandom, and we can’t let their hateful framework continue to dictate how we experience this moment. There’s always a choice.

And if you ask me, we should choose love over their hate. We should choose now to enjoy ourselves, and take this opportunity to grow even closer together using things like our voting parties and group chats.

So, can we do this for our ship and for our fandom? Can we get to 10 MILLION votes for Bamon?? How amazing would that be?

(If anyone wants to join the groupme chat and hasn’t yet, or if you messaged me and I missed it, please message me again! I just need your email address. It’s a great place to be, especially now that we’re shrugging off the DE negativity. A lot of the above is stuff that we talked about just last night in there.)


This isn’t exactly a normal imagine because I couldn’t think of an example of Liam being overprotective of the reader.  I hope you like the interpretation I took on the request, however.

Liam generally wasn’t the overprotective type.  Sure he had a temper, but that rarely transferred to him being more protective over you than normal.  That changed during full moons and fights with the supernatural, however. On the week leading up to a full moon he tried to steer as clear as you as he could.  At first you hadn’t really noticed that that was what he was doing, but eventually you caught on.  As the next full moon approached you noticed Liam pulling away from you more again.

Instead of hanging out with you after school to work on homework and just hang out together, he would come up with different excuses as to why he had to go home. He had to work out for lacrosse. He didn’t have any homework that night. He promised to hang out with Mason. His list of excuses kept getting reused each full moon.  This time you weren’t going to stand for it.  You wanted to know why he wouldn’t hang out with you like usual during those weeks.  Of course you knew what the full moon entailed, but Scott and Stiles were working with Liam on keeping control and said that he was doing good.  As far as you were concerned there was no reason for your boyfriend to be cautious of this week.

“Hey, Liam.  Are you still going to come over and study today?”  You asked at lunch, taking a seat next to him and watching him tense up slightly.

“I actually can’t tonight.  Dad wants me to be home for something right after school.”  Liam covered; shooting you an apologetic smile that you knew was fake.

 “Liam that’s bullshit and you know it.”  You groaned, taking the young werewolf by surprise.  “Every time a full moon comes around you’re MIA.  Why?”  You demanded, hushing your voice slightly so none of the students scattered around the quad could overhear your conversation.

“I…” He started, looking around in vain for help.  Finally, when neither Scott nor Stiles was around to give him any backup he sighed and hung his head slightly.  “I’m still learning my control.  It’s a hard process, and I don’t want you to be around in case I wolf out or something. I don’t want you to get hurt.”  He finally revealed, glancing over at you out of the corner of his eye.  

His sincerity pulled at your heartstrings, and making the aggravation you had had at his disappearances all the time lessen.  “Liam, I trust you.  I don’t think that you would hurt me, wolf state or not.”  You reasoned.

“That’s a chance that I don’t want to take.”  Liam argued.  Not wanting to start a fight in the middle of the quad you sighed, leaning over and resting your head on his shoulder.

“It’s a chance that I’m willing to take.  Liam a full moon is just one day out of the month.  You don’t have to avoid me for the full week.  You’ve got enough self control for that.”  You tried to compromise.  He seemed to weigh your statement, considering it’s pros and cons.

“We can try that.”  He finally agreed, kissing the top of your head.  “I just want to make sure that you’re safe.”  He reiterated.

“I know.  I trust you.” You repeated, smiling before lifting your head from his shoulder.  “So let’s try this again.  Are you going to come over after school and do homework?”  You asked.

“Actually my dad want’s me home after school.”  He replied, taking in your fallen face before breaking into a wide smile and laughing.  “Kidding. Of course I’ll come over after school.” He laughed.  Rolling your eyes you gently shoved his arm, laughing along with him while you both ate your lunches.


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