TDA Las Vegas SOTY Master List

Mini/Junior Ballet

Teen/Senior Ballet

Mini/Junior Jazz

Teen/Senior Jazz

Mini/Junior MT/Specialty

Teen/Senior MT/Specialty

Mini/Junior Contemporary/Lyrical

Teen/Senior Contemporary/Lyrical

Mini/Junior Tap/Hip-Hop

Teen/Senior Tap/Hip-Hop

Self Ship Weddings

YOOO, I got tagged by @shiroe-is-my-baby to do this cute self ship wedding tag!! And I loooove talking about Sans’ and my wedding~ <333 So thank you for tagging me, sweetie pie!!!! <333

Ship: Sans and Ashley (Ash) [Ship name: sash]

Venue: The ceremony is held at Mt. Ebott Event Hall, which was built after the Monsters were freed to hold events for both monsters and humans to enjoy, and then our reception is at the Mt. Ebott Monster Community Center, which was built by Asgore years after freedom. I’ll include links to wedding pictures at the bottom!! <3

Colors: Lavender, Dark Blue, White

Dresses: My bridesmaids wore lavender dresses in whatever style of their choosing!! Just as long as it’s not a long dress or mermaid style. Some chose high-low dresses or tea length!!

Then my wedding dress is a very light lavender, mermaid style with a sweetheart neckline~ <333 (CHECK THE PICS SECTION BELOW~)

Flowers: White roses!!!!!!! I love how simple, yet beautiful they are~

Party: My friends are all apart of the wedding party!! Undyne, Alphys, Papy, Grillby, and my buddies here too!! <333

Fics: The proposal (Kiss Me) and the Sash Wedding Event

Pics:  The Proposal   Wedding Photos   Wedding Commission   Bridesmaids Dress Example   Current IRL Rings

Tagging: @zeethenerd @shadeblade16 @emmshipping and whoever else wants to get married to their f/o <333


Why can’t we talk more about this?

Josh Klinghoffer - Sycamore Trees (Jim Scott cover)

Performed at MTS Center, Winnipeg on May 26, 2017

lunasspecto  asked:

As a child I was fascinated with the 1966 Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center on Mt. Rainier, WA. To me it was the most architecturally interesting building I had seen in person. However, it didn't fully meet ADA requirements and was very energy-inefficient, so it was replaced in 2008 -- with a smaller building in a completely different style. While I understand the need for a replacement, I also miss the old building and wonder if you have any background on the modernist traditions it came from.

The original building was designed by Whimberley, Whisenand, Allison & Tong with McGuire & Muri of Tacoma, Washington. The structure’s round shape and distinctive roof were intended to fit its surrounding mountain landscape. A flyer produced for the opening ceremony spoke of “the swooping, bough-like shape of the beams, the branching ‘tree’ columns, the ‘switchback trail’ ramps, and the sloped ‘cliffs’ of the stone base”.

Jackson Visitor Center 

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US and Canada - We are coming to warm it up for you when the Shepherd of Fire tour comes your way this April. See you in the pit!


04/12 Dawson Creek, BC - EnCana Events Centre

04/13 Prince George, BC - CN Centre

04/16 Moose Jaw, SK - Mosaic Place

04/17 Edmonton, AB - Shaw Conference Centre

04/19 Winnipeg, MB - MTS Center

04/21 Minneapolis, MN - Target Center

04/23 Huntsville, AL - Von Braun Center

04/25 Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum

04/26 Jacksonville, FL - Welcome to Rockville

04/28 Lafayette, LA - Cajundome

04/30 Hollywood, FL - Hard Rock Live

05/02 Virginia Beach, VA - Farm Bureau Live

05/03 Charlotte, NC - Carolina Rebellion

05/06 Knoxville, TN - Knoxville Civic Auditorium

05/08 Hershey, PA - Giant Center

05/10 Bangor, ME - Rise Above Fest

05/11 Quebec City, QC - Colisée Pepsi

05/13 Montreal, QC - Centre Bell

05/15 Syracuse, NY - The Oncenter

05/17 Columbus, OH - Rock On The Range

Sky gazers see the red side of the moon

CNN:Sky gazers were treated to a view of the red side of the moon overnight as refracted sunlight during a total lunar eclipse produced a reddish hue known as a ‘blood moon’

Photo: The moon takes on a deep red color in a view captured from the Mount Lemmon Sky Center (UA Mt. Lemmon Sky Center)

Second Thoughts || Closed Make Up AU @glitch-generation

It was a temperate night in late October, probably one of the last nice evenings before winter butted in, and on any other day Green would have spent it sitting out on the bench behind his gym, enjoying the fresh air and the view. But he hadn’t been out there for a couple months – not alone, anyway. He’d hardly ventured beyond his apartment without Red since the two of them had made up.

That wasn’t to say that they were spending every waking moment together (though of course they tried to see each other quite often, making up for the three years they’d lost that Red was on Mt. Silver). Rather, when they weren’t together, Green would suddenly find himself reluctant to step out the door, even just to go to work. There were a lot of feelings mixed up in it: fear of the unknown, guilt over what might happen if Red came to visit and he missed it, and a gloomy certainty that he deserved to lock himself in a tiny room and never see the light of day again. None of which were particularly normal feelings for the usually-cocksure young leader of the Viridian City Gym.

He’d first noticed it after he was starting to recover from the flu, but had attributed the odd sensations to lingering malaise from his illness. But two months had passed since then, and he couldn’t pretend to himself that it was a side effect of the flu any longer. He wasn’t physically sick, but he still felt his stomach squirming with guilt at seemingly random times, he still got occasional shivers even when the sun was shining down on him…he still dreamed, almost every night, of the things that Mewtwo had shown him in the Pokemon Center on Mt. Silver.

The only thing that ever seemed to ease Green’s persistent anxiety was seeing Red – but as soon as his best friend was gone, he’d be consumed by a whole slew of new invasive thoughts, like what if he secretly hates me and what if I’m a terrible person after all. He’d been as careful as he could to appear normal around his friend, although it was hard to tell if he was succeeding or not.

Which brought him back to today, sitting on his bed and staring rigidly out the window, waiting for Red to show up. He’d closed the gym two hours early because no competitors had shown up and he couldn’t concentrate. His thoughts were spinning out of his control. His only hope was that Red’s presence would put a stop to it sooner than later…