1. start with a minor chord
  2. tension must grow
  3. fade into bass, gain momentum
  4. stop
  5. bring the beat back
  6. a beat you can’t ignore
  7. bring sexy back (they love that)
  8. the chords are 1, 4, 6, 4
  10. hurry up and get to the chorus
  11. words you should know: “DJ never let me go” “shots and then we lose control” “baby, baby, baby, baby, baby”
  12. higher, desire and fire
  13. guitar and strings
  14. filter swing and keys
  15. gang vocals
  16. hurry up again here comes another chorus
  17. you can pitch shift your voice if you want
  18. the bridge is the part when you bring in a rapper friend
  19. simplify, slow the beat, abbreviate
  20. quick now, fill in the gap (or try)
  21. give ‘em a classic
  22. boots n cats
  23. autotune your full name

all i want to know is how this idiot

is the same person as this idiot

because i don’t understand how someone can be this

while simultaneously being this

honestly i never know when to awkwardly laugh in pity

or admit to being turned on

because he’s a fucking dork

but then he pulls this shit out

one of the world’s mysteries: josh ramsay