Meeting The Porn King || FTF

Are you sure your dad is going to like me? [Mercedes gnawed on her bottom lip and looked at her husband. She was going to be introduced to Sam’s dad at lunch today and she didn’t know what to expect. To be fair, he did make porn for a living. How bad could the guy really be right? Even after all the little talks that she had had with Sam, she was still unsure on how to behave around the older man.] I hope you are right he likes me. I’m not your girlfriend anymore, Sam, I’m your wife. What if he hates me for eloping with you? Oh my god, he’s going to disown you and we’re going to be kicked out of the apartment! We shouldn’t tell him that we’re married. [She looked at her engagement and wedding ring and took them both off.] Quick, take off your wedding ring, Sam.