it is doneeee! (I should do more screencap redraws, these last few pieces turned out so great it’s really mtoivating)

@phosphorescent-naidheachd prepare for some lineage feels, you asked for them

as you’ve all probably gathered I’m obsessed with this particular Jedi teaching line and how fucked up everything turned out for all of them (my poor precious Jedi/Sith sons and one daughter!)

which is why I will be forever angry that the movies didn’t explore Dooku’s relationships with his grand-padawans a bit more - instead we got some lightning torture and a limb chopped off (ok a limb that ultimately saved the entire galaxy but still), and did Dooku even interact with Ahsoka? I don’t remember. (just imagine dooku going ‘pay attention to your surroundings’ in the middle of a fight, and then promptly crashing something on her head just to teach her a lesson 'cause 'clearly, your master(s) isn’t(aren’t) doing it’ or something like that)

ANOTHER missed opportunity, it would have carried so much more weight if he’d shown up like at the end of TPM for his padawan’s fucking funeral pyre, and see his grand-padawan knighted (maybe he was the one that cut the braid, I don’t remember if it was Yoda in canon, or if Obi-Wan himself had done it - I’ve read to many fics, it’s all blurry) or maybe to have been on the council - I don’t know for sure if he ever had a seat on the council, but I know that he was part of the Old Guard (unofficial group of people most likely to be appointed to one of the four concils, funnily enough Qui-Gon - along with Obi-Wan - was also considered a part of this group) but just imagine Qui-gon and Dooku arguing in the Council chamber, or maybe just talking outside of it - I think Dooku would tell him much the same as Obi-Wan - 'if you listened to them even a  little bit you’d be on the kriffing council, and then you could fuck shit up from the inside, have I taught you nothing, my old padawan?’

also imagine qui and obi arguing and qui-gon goes like 'now you’re starting to sound like master dooku’ and poor obi doesn’t know what to make of it before he snaps back to himself and is like 'stop derailing the conversation, master’

or on the flipside imagine obi-wan discussing something with dooku and dooku goes 'you sound like qui-gon’ (basically a version of yoda’s line 'qui-gon’s stubborness i sense in you, need that you do not’) and obi’s fighting not to smile (maybe this is after qui-gon dies, and anakin overhears the conversation and just feels pride and delight rolling off of obi-wan)

also Dooku having to tell Obi-Wan that he was Qui-gon’s master in AotC was just plain dumb, are you telling me that in those 12 years he was Qui-gon’s apprentice he never once got introduced to his grand-master? or never once asked qui-gon what his own master was like or who he was?

also - when I was screencapping AotC (for this scene as well as others) I noticed something - after Dooku chops off Anakin’s arm and Force-pushes him towards Obi-Wan - there’s such a sad, disappointed look on his face, it’s like the epitome of 'disappointed grandpa’ it’s not even funny, and what I’m choosing to interpret as kinda sad 'you’ve pushed me to this, and it’s such a waste’ it was almost pity towards Anakin, and it fucking broke my heart for all three of them

even this scene would weigh so much more if we knew that these two know (or know of) each other,
just imagine Dooku telling barely-knighted Obi-Wan that he’s leaving the Order, and it happens like days after Qui-Gon’s funeral - *stab me in the heart right now*

also when he says to obi-wan he wishes Qui-Gon was here now, and that he could use his advice, also that whole 'join me obi-wan’ - and Obi-Wan spits bloody venom and goes like 'you left! WE needed you and you left!’ (I’m headcanoning in those few first month of Anakin’s apprenticeship that Anakin was one of the reasons that Obi-Wan actually bothered to get out of bed and do things, but he’d never tell anyone that - although maybe he tells Anakin one night after he’s had a bit too much to drink, and it’s like during the war or sth, Anakin can’t believe his ears, 'cause obi-wan is always so perfectly-infuriatingly-calm and in control)

(maybe Yoda would have been there for Obi-Wan to vent occasioanlly, and learn how to actually be a master to Anakin, when he’s not pantsing it, but even yoda can only do so much, he’s the Grandmaster of the entire order, although I don’t see little!Anakin going to Yoda of his own free will lol - although that little bit in the end of season 6 of the clone wars when he talks to yoda always warms my heart, but that is knight!Anakin, who would actually got to Yoda, if somewhat reluctantly, and possibly as a last resort)

(lol just imagine after a few training sessions with Dooku, or just being babysat by the man for a few days, Anakin just goes to Obi-Wan and is like 'I’ll never disobey you again I swear’ because Dooku was even worse of a disciplinarian, that Obi-Wan looked mild in comparison - maybe it would have been a good thing lol)

or imagine after finding out that dooku is a sith lord and obi’s terrified (and not because he and anakin just got their butts kicked, although that is bad enough on it’s own), but being scared of turning out like Dooku, like he’s aware that anyone can fall given enough time, and he’s aware of the similaritites (real or imagined) between him and his grand-master, idk just gimme obi-wan struggling with himself b/c of Dooku, or wondering why Dooku and Qui-Gon drifted apart, and being afraid of the same thing happening to him and Anakin because they’re basically mirroring their (grand-)masters - maybe this is the time that obi-wan decided to take things a little easier with Anakin (I remember that one line in Wild Space immediately after Geonosis when Yoda tells obi-wan that anakin right now needs a master not a friend, and obi-wan decides fuck that and does the exact opposite which i guess leads to their relationship as shown in the clone wars)

and I’m kinda dried out for now, I’m not even sure if this is cohesive lol, but hey look nice picture ololol