November 2, 2017



Street art may not be the first thing you associate with Lexington, Kentucky, but given the importance of Bourbon and the checkered history of Prohibition, it just kinda makes sense that PRHBTN was launched in 2011 to celebrate “art forms that have been criminalized, marginalized, and under-appreciated in the mainstream.” In a quiet city as yet uncertain about its embrace of street art French artist MTO’s 2014 visit pushed the envelope for some residents. MTO’s standard offerings, painted around the world, are large murals spelling out his initials. At more than 20,000 square feet however (MTO’s largest ever), the huge hands reaching through bars of this Manchester Street mural, have been interpreted by some as gang signs and elicited fear of gang activity among a few neighbors. MTO is not unhappy to have provided a catalyst for conversation among Lexington residents—hopefully it continues to do so.  @mtograff  @prhbtn  


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If going by Skids’ “Three Minute Life Expectancy”, it would have been common for M.T.Os to be created and pushed into an active battle within 24 hours.

So it is most likely that Brainstorm is one of those. That he was thawed and thrust into an active battle so shortly after coming online. And there he actively made the decision not to kill anyone face to face, which already makes him a helluva lot different from several other M.T.Os.