Street Art by MTO

French-born, Berlin-based artist, MTO’s work is characterized by incredibly detailed renditions of popular actors and musicians with a dash of red as his signature or around his work as a signifier of its boundaries. The photo-realistic nature of MTO’s work, with the constant attention to small detail, makes it spring into life. 

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Selected by Very Private Art


If going by Skids’ “Three Minute Life Expectancy”, it would have been common for M.T.Os to be created and pushed into an active battle within 24 hours.

So it is most likely that Brainstorm is one of those. That he was thawed and thrust into an active battle so shortly after coming online. And there he actively made the decision not to kill anyone face to face, which already makes him a helluva lot different from several other M.T.Os.

Mermaid Extensions

Made to order with the colors you choose, 100% human hair, 2" wide, 18-24” long (you choose length) clip-on extensions

This is the perfect way to get that in-style, colorful look, without the commitment of dying your own hair! Will look fabulous in any color hair.

Made from soft, silky, 100% human hair.They can be straightened, crimped, curled, and styled [even re-dyed] just like your own hair!

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