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YOI Characters as Things People at my Sleepaway Camp have Said
  • <p> <b>Yuuri:</b> You know, I was worried that you'd tell a counselor I smuggled pretzels from the other cabin and I'm eating them in a bathroom stall, but your kind eyes and can of Mtn. Dew give me a sense of security<p/><b>Viktor:</b> (whispers in my ear) You're my husband now<p/><b>Yuri:</b> I've learned a lot of Russian from CS:GO servers<p/><b>Otabek:</b> Can I trust you with a secret? [Me: yeah] I thought the moon was a planet until you told me it wasn't a few minutes ago<p/><b>Phichit:</b> I have three years of camp experience, two chinchillas, an eight-pack, and zero direction in life<p/><b>Chris:</b> So if you're new to making out, the trick is just to recite the alphabet and don't stop until you're done.<p/><b>JJ:</b> I'm everyone's favorite! *Gets hit in the head with an empty jug* [thrower: THAT WAS INTENTIONAL]<p/><b>Georgi:</b> WE ARE ALL HERE! HOO HA HOO HA HOO!<p/><b>Michele:</b> YOU ARE A FALSE PROPHET OF ITALY! BEGONE, THOTTICUS!<p/><b>Sara:</b> (trying to comfort a screaming child) Can you maybe chill for like three minutes like holy shit<p/><b>Emil:</b> Look, when you hugged her and said she's the best, I immediately thought you two were meant to be! How the hell was I supposed to know that you two were siblings?<p/><b>Mila:</b> (set up dinner, which was supposed to be potato salad, without any utensils) BOOM, PRANKED!<p/><b>Kenjirou:</b> I propose we blow up the sun, sir!<p/><b>Seung-Gil:</b> I love dogs and men. That's it if you're not a dog or a man please get out of my sight<p/><b>Guang-Hong:</b> Just because I'm only eleven doesn't mean I won't pay a counselor to murder you on your hiking trip<p/><b>Leo:</b> Can we sing something other than All-Star for the love of God? [Literally everyone on the bus: NO]<p/><b>Minako:</b> If you want to tell me something, make sure you can say it in front of a grandma*looks directly at their co-counselor*<p/><b>Takeshi:</b> My name is [redacted], I went on the hiking trip, and I'd like to thank [redacted] for making me gay<p/><b>Yakov:</b> Please refrain from screaming "THE BULGE" when the parents arrive, okay<p/><b>Lilia:</b> (when asked if a camper was sick) Shut up and keep hiking<p/><b>Isabella:</b> You never know how good you are at blindfolded waltzing until you try it!<p/></p>

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How would that second date w Michael go o:

this is gonna be the last one i answer for tonight!


  • so you go to michael’s house and his parents are super nice??? like w ow how are they so nice
  • (light of the world started playing rn it’s a sign)
  • you go up to michael’s room
  • its… neater than you thought it would be
  • anyway you sit on michael’s bed and he basically just plays music and talks to you about it and spews off random facts that he knows either about the band or singer or song or album or anything
  • it’s actually really cute like w ow this boy knows a lot
  • i can bet u his mom comes by at least once to make sure u two arent… doin things….
  • she knows how u teenagers are
  • u teenagers and ur hormones
  • basically you two sit around and talk about music more
  • his phone buzzes and ur like ???
  • shitshitshitshutupjeremyshutuup’ but its rly soft 
  • michael and u go back to talking but his phone buzzes again
  • ‘is it jeremy?’
  • ‘yeah don’t worry about it’
  • apparently whatever michael said to jeremy shut him up
  • after a while the two of you are just sitting there listening to music
  • michael gets up after a bit and goes down to get you both something to drink
  • his phone buzzes while he’s gone
  • u… are kinda tempted but you don’t wanna piss him off?
  • you just glance to see whether it’s jeremy or not
  • his phone buzzes again and its actually bc it’s dying now gg michael charge ur damn phone
  • you put his phone back on his nightstand because its none of ur business but is michael talking to jeremy about u-
  • he comes back in and u… moved? alright, whatevs, he hands you a can of mtn dew or something idk
  • he sits back down next to u and u two talk a bit more
  • at one point a rly good song comes on and ur just listening
  • he’s singing softly under his breath and its rly cute???
  • you end up leaning against him a lil
  • the song ends and you two just… dont move?
  • his phone buzzes again
  • he picks it up and starts to hum along to the next song
  • “jeremy again?”
  • “… yeah.”
  • “what is he saying?”
  • “nothing! just dont worry about it sorry i’ll tell him to shut up”
  • “michael?”
  • u notice it’s kinda late and you gotta go home
  • michael walks u out and to ur car
  • you two kinda stand at ur car for a few minutes………
  • ….. its kinda quiet…….
  • neither of u say anything………
  • you look at him before he kinda whispers
  • “can i kiss you?”
  • you nod
  • it’s quick but it’s a peck on the lips and lasts only seconds but it’s still a kiss
  • “goodnight” he says
  • “i’ll text you when i get home?”
  • you go home and u change into somethin comfortable and u lie in bed and text him
  • at one point you’re basically just like “maybe next time we can kiss for real u nerd”
  • he doesn’t respond
  • “michael?”
  • he apologizes because hE WASN’T EXPECTING THAT???
  • (aka he texted jeremy and was like ‘DUDE’)
  • it’s adorable tho and then he’s like
  • ‘wait does that mean there’s a next time???’
  • there’s a next time

(anon if u send another ask about the third date i’ll answer it tomorrow because i’m lovin this)

(goodnight my friends im de ad)

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Please write a kindergarten au snippet of that last ask omfg

At around six o'clock PM, JD was disturbed by something tapping on his window. He looked up from his storybook and ran over to find Veronica, wide eyed and red in the face, trying to come in.
“JD,” she panted, “I’m in big trouble!”
JD opened the window quickly as she climbed in.
“Why? What happened? Did Ms. Zales catch you hiding under the slide after lunch again?”
Veronica shook her head. “No, it’s Heather. She was teasing Martha at Ram’s birthday party, so I told her to stop, but she wouldn’t. Then she started calling me names, so I yelled at her, and she got really mad and pushed me, and then…” Veronica looked at the ground, embarrassed. “I accidentally threw up.”
JD snorted and then laughed, earning a glare from Veronica.
“His birthday cake was really good!” She frowned. “Heather said she was gonna ruin my life on Monday, which gives me…” She counted on her fingers. “Thirty hours to play!”
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” JD said. “We can play if you want.”
“Look,” she said, pulling two cans of Mtn. Dew out of her backpack. “My mom said I can sleep over, and we can drink these!”
“We each get a whole can?” JD asked, surprised. Veronica nodded and dragged him to his backyard where he had an old, questionably safe teeter totter.
“Now get on,” she demanded, pushing him on it. “We’re gonna be up late tonight.”