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Please write a kindergarten au snippet of that last ask omfg

At around six o'clock PM, JD was disturbed by something tapping on his window. He looked up from his storybook and ran over to find Veronica, wide eyed and red in the face, trying to come in.
“JD,” she panted, “I’m in big trouble!”
JD opened the window quickly as she climbed in.
“Why? What happened? Did Ms. Zales catch you hiding under the slide after lunch again?”
Veronica shook her head. “No, it’s Heather. She was teasing Martha at Ram’s birthday party, so I told her to stop, but she wouldn’t. Then she started calling me names, so I yelled at her, and she got really mad and pushed me, and then…” Veronica looked at the ground, embarrassed. “I accidentally threw up.”
JD snorted and then laughed, earning a glare from Veronica.
“His birthday cake was really good!” She frowned. “Heather said she was gonna ruin my life on Monday, which gives me…” She counted on her fingers. “Thirty hours to play!”
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” JD said. “We can play if you want.”
“Look,” she said, pulling two cans of Mtn. Dew out of her backpack. “My mom said I can sleep over, and we can drink these!”
“We each get a whole can?” JD asked, surprised. Veronica nodded and dragged him to his backyard where he had an old, questionably safe teeter totter.
“Now get on,” she demanded, pushing him on it. “We’re gonna be up late tonight.”

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Mattmello apartment headcanons? Give us the MTV cribs tour of your mind yo

*MATT ANNOUNCING LOUDLY* HEY MTV AND WELCOME TO OUR CRIB *POINTING* over here we have dishes that have been sitting in the sink for two months, over there is a pile of Mello’s 37 jackets that are all the same jacket just in different shades of black, aaaaand to top it all off- fuck- *spills a bong all over his laptop* fuck– *trips over 63716235 power cords laying all over the floor* – we have– fuck– *slips on a used condom and is impaled by a rusty spring that pokes out of their mattress with no sheets on the floor*

mello: ANYWAYS, like he was saying about the coats, this shade isn’t even black, it’s called “noir” and I–

OK but seriously:

+It always kinda smells musty even with the windows open… but it’s hard to notice over the haze of burnt coffee that’s constantly filling the apartment because Mello never remembers to turn the pot off.

+Matt always leaves the window by their bed open because he overheats when he sleeps and it has no screen because their landlord is a piece of SHIT, Mello yells into the night; anyway, there HAVE been pigeons inside and to this day Matt will not admit fault.

+There’s usually some annoying videogame pause-screen/title page theme playing somewhere in the apartment, but it’s become like a white noise machine to Mello and he doubts he could sleep without it.

+All their furniture is RAGGED with burn holes and shoe dirt but what is a vacuum and why would you need one?

+Table centerpieces include 30 Mtn Dew cans filled with cig butts and pot stems, dirty pajama pants, piles of cardboard and other garbage that’s too big to fit in the trash can, overflow garbage because they forgot to take the trash out last week and the can is full until next Wednesday. :/

+Even with all of the lights off, the walls always twinkle with colorful reflections of the blinking buttons that line Matt’s rows of computer towers and vijya systems, and Mello watches them like they’re stars while he works cases or writes late into the night.

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AU where everyone's in kindergarten and killing Heather C is them painting her red bottle a different colour and messing with her scrunchie, and killing Kurt and Ram is squirting them with water guns. Dead Girl Walking, the sex is replaced with a Teeter-Toter

“JD, Heather said she was gonna kick me off the playground on Monday so we have to play on the teeter totter as much as we can. I even got my mom to let us drink mtn dew so we can stay up late let’s do this”

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what is your opinion on the new lime green redesign of the mtn dew bottles, cans, and 12 packs? in my opinion, its a bit of an eyesore

I suppose it serves it’s purpose of being much, much more readily noticeable on shelves, but as an artist, I have to agree that it isn’t nearly as visually appealing as the previous design.