this week’s spread is brought to you by my love of totoro, and yoi as well as my inability to draw/colour with mildliners (*´ω`*) it was very heavily inspired by the original drawing, but I can’t seem to find it so please link it to me if you do find it, so I give credit where credit is due ! ! !   This week has been busy, I hope I’m not coming down with anything. ( 0 4 / 0 2 / 2 0 1 7 )

Edit: i just looked closely and realized I had written the credit to minatu, so it must be them! OTL

What’s inside / how I use my (midori) traveler’s notebook! Many of you wanted to know about “my little brown notebook,” so here you are. This is by far the most customizable and fun organizational system around in my opinion. Hope you enjoyed the peek inside!


[繪手帳]2 月小回顧
(3 月都過一半了還沒畫到😂)
Little’s Drawing Diary : A look back at February diary 2017 (ink and watercolor on traveler’s notebook)
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05.02.17 | 7.21am | an official attempt to try and revive my studyblr with my new bujo! I say new but what I really mean is that I got this to try bujo-ing instead of using a regular planner this year, but have been unsatisfied until now about how my spreads look; I think I’m getting there though? also, not sure why the photo layout is the way it is - anyone have any tips to change the look of it so I can choose which photo is largest?


Sunday by mush m.
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…all the fun stuff! On the bed! Books to read, traveler’s notebooks to write in, pens and highlighters to write with, plus a basket full of washi tape, inserts, stickers, stationery, Zink paper, and more!


November 20 2016 by am kennedy


154 – My Traveler’s Notebook and Fountain Pens by Barron Fujimoto
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LAMY Safari and Pilot Kakuno. And an Animal Crossing keitai strap.