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Power of Love Cygate
Power of Love Cygate

Still playing around in Audacity, finally got the adapter for my mic and it works pretty well. Trying to figure out their voices. I wanted Tailgate to have more of a squeaky singing voice, but I’m not sure if I’ll stick with that.  Any tips? 

The Power of Love © Huey Lewis and The News   

Robot flirting.

This is from my upcoming book “Comics I Deemed Unworthy Of Being Drawn Because The Joke Is Way Too Old And Easy And Isn’t Good In The First Place But Time Made Me Consider To At Least Post It Before It Becomes Even Older”. 

This has probably been done five hundred times already I’m sorry

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Hope this isn't too weird but can I have headcanons for Tfa poly jettwins, Ratchet, Blitzwing, Blackarachnia, Mtmte Rung,Poly cygate, Megatron with a Bot!s/o with the worst needle phobia like as soon as it mentioned they're out the door running and hiding, they have to be held down by multiple bots to get it and they have been known to accidently punch and kick without meaning too and after they got the needle they kind of pout with teary eyes (Sorry this just happens with me and needles a lot )

Literally me! I hate needles so much

Jetfire & Jetstorm:
-They try to hold you back when someone mentions needles and ask them to drop the conversation
-When it comes to you getting a shot, they’ll hold you down and tell you it’s okay while trying to distract you
-If you punch one of them, the other laughs. If you punch both, they both laugh and brag about how strong you are to everyone
-Afterwards, they pepper you in kisses while telling you how brave you are and that they want to take selfies with their brave s/o

-He easily catches when someone mentions needles and tells you to knock it off because no one has a needle with them right now so there’s no point being scared
-He will use restraints on you if he has to in order to give you a shot
-If you manage to punch you, he shoots you a death glare and says “stop that, it isn’t that bad.”
-Afterwards, he apologizes and gives you a kiss to make it feel better

-He calmly catches you and holds you then switches from icy to hothead to yell at the other con who dare mentioned needles in your presence
-He holds you to him as Random trying to distract you as the needle comes to you
-If you punch him, he goes straight to Hothead and yells at you, “I am trying to help you, you are lucky I am here! I could just leave you here alone with the little needle you little coward!”
-Afterwards, he apologizes and says he didn’t mean it and that he is so sorry he let his emotions get the better of him. He promises to make it up to with dance lessons and kisses (careful, Random is known for using way too much tongue…)

-She lets you run. She’ll find you later and comfort you, but she knows right now you’re freaking out
-She gets snippy because you should be tougher than this and not scared of a tiny needle
-If you punch her, she leaves. She knows it’s bad that she left but she doesn’t want to end up starting a fight
-After its done, she’ll hold you and tell it’s okay to be scared, but she will never understand your phobia

-He quickly covers your audios before the needle is even mentioned and changes the conversation after explaining your phobia
-He’ll sit with you while stroking your helm telling you comforting things
-If you punch him, he doesn’t get mad. He’ll just hush you and tell you that it is okay, he does not blame you
-Afterwards, he will sit with you and assure you everything is okay and offer you help to get over your fear

Cyclonus & Tailgate:
-Cyclonus will let you run, he knows where you’ll go and knows you’ll be back. Tailgate will run after you and hug you, unless Cyclonus holds him back
-Cyclonus holds you and tells Tailgate to calm you down from afar, no way is he letting Tailgate near you when you’re like this
-Because Tailgate stays back he never has been punched, but Cyclonus gets hit a lot. He is used to it and can take it
-After, Tailgate suggests cuddles to make you feel better, Cyclonus will agree

-He doesn’t understand why you are so scared of needles but if you run, he won’t stop you. He figures you just need to be alone
-When it comes to you getting a shot, he watches from across the room until he is asked to help. He doesn’t want to interfere with the doctors
-He tries to hold your hand, then he’ll restrain you and get punched in the face in the process. But blame you? Never!
-He will hold you afterwards telling it’s okay to be scared and he will help you get over your fear

So my regular parter in crime Ed Pirrie aka have a deep and special love for Beast Wars and we talked about homaging the MTMTE #1 cover (itself and homage) and getting to work with some of our favourite characters.

So here they are, the good guys. Bad guys to follow…


So here are some of the characters I’ve been working on lately which have shown up on the cover to MTMTE 41 :) Yes, They are all female transformers and out of these designs 3 of them I also choose the names for. 

It was fun to help create these characters. I know I’ve wanted more female characters in transformers for a while now. I’ve always placed one or more in the background of various TF projects I’ve worked on.  Now we have the opportunity to have more of them and I’m very happy about that.

When the story came up for having new female characters I knew that I would like to have some of the characters that haven’t been used yet. I know I really wanted Firestar and James was able to get her for MTMTE.  Then we were talking and he asked me to come up with a crew of new characters, both male and female and I was pretty excited about that.  He didn’t have any names in mind at the time, so I wrote down a bunch of names and looked up on the wiki and if they had been used. A lot of them hadn’t to my surprise so I showed them to James and he liked them.  I then came up with a head sketch of them, and mentioned which ones were female and which ones were male, and he liked them.  then I set out to design them.

These are the design I came up with. I wanted there to be a lot of different looking bots.  First I started with Firestar.  She is the more traditional look for a female TF, but where her main difference is her height. She is a very tall bot. She towers over most of the others. Not as tall as Megatron or Ultra Magnus, but she’s taller then Rodimus and most of the other Lost Light crew.  I also had the idea to give her fire hair since in alt mode her head is the where the exhaust of the car. It also help add a little more emotion to the character since I can have the fire doing different things when she’s feeling different emotions. I thought it was different and something interesting to play with.  With her torso design I decided to give her the same style of split canopy that Nautica has since it solved a design issue I was having at the time. Also I like the idea of some of the characters sharing similar design features :) 
Next is Javelin. She was fin to draw since I wanted something very different looking.  I enjoy the look of the head where is a single eye. i thought can we have a character with a single eye and not be a victim of empurata? why not?.
Next we have Proxima. When I described her to James I said she would be the equal of better of Perceptor.  She would be a extreme multitasker. With her e4 head design she has main visor style eye, but 3 other eyes where 2 can move around her head.
Roadmaster was fun to design.  I wanted a big characters that looked like she would bend and break you if you looked at her the wrong way. She is the biggest of the characters I’ve designed so far, matching Ultra Magnus in height (well to his head, not shoulders) When I was working on this character I thought an interesting variant would be to make a strika out of her, but then I would want strika to be a bit bigger then her.  But the idea is in the back of my mind so maybe I’ll work something out of it?|
Last character who isn’t on the cover, but I saw that she was partially shown on a post on the credit’s page is Velocity. Another fun design where I got to play around with features that I don’t normally see with many TF’s :)

Thats it for now

Enjoy :)

quit this day and age // a fanmix for the crew of the lost light

patience is the hallmark of the old and the infirm

listen on 8tracks - warnings for #drugs #alcohol #emetophobia and #death

01.starships / nicki minaj 02. love shack / the b-52′s 03.planetary (go!) / my chemical romance’s a disaster / ok go 05.losing touch / the killers 06.time to pretend / mgmt 07.getaway / mother mother 08.simple x / andrew bird our bedroom after the war / stars 10.the world we live in / the killers