mtmte 11

minimus riding around on rodimus’ shoulders is my new aesthetic tbh

my other commission from nick roche! i had just asked for rodimus and minimus, so this adorable idea was all his! and i love it so much omfg

like look at the expression on roddy’s face he is taking carrying mims around on his shoulders so srsly and minimus is just up there being Determined™

During the month I did a bit of a collage piece of Terminus, Censere, Roller and Megatron and posted them on separate days during the month.

From Days 11, 12, 14 and 15 of Lost Light Fest this year!

so I started reading MTMTE last week and hOOOOLY HECK IT’S BEEN QUITE THE RIDE!!!

I’m having a great time but I’m also Not™ and idek man I just gotta draw something cute and happy to try to help ease my pAIN AND HEARTACHE


Prowl never explained to Tumbler/Chromedome what he was doing, or why he was doing it. As we’ve already seen, it appears as though Prowl was quite hurt by what he saw as Tumbler siding with Pax over him. Here, it seems as though Tumbler was equally hurt by what he saw as Prowl abandoning him - probably interpreting it as spite. For all their similarities, and their somewhat awkward affection for one another, it seems like they weren’t especially good at reading one another, at least not back then.

With the Humble Bundle going on with MTMTE, I’m starting to see people getting to issue 24 or so and being confused because there seem to be missing issues. And I’m going to explain why that is for those that are unaware.

After issue 22, More Than Meets The Eye does a crossover arc with Robots In Disguise, which takes place in the same universe as MTMTE (literally a “meanwhile, on Cybertron..” situation), and this crossover is known as Dark Cybertron. There are technically 12 chapters to Dark Cybertron, but the issue orders and such are very confusing. I actually didn’t realize the actual order of things until I’d read through and accidentally skipped a few chapters, and stopped to look up why it felt like I was missing so much.

Chapter 1 of Dark Cybertron is by itself and not considered an actual issue of MTMTE or RID. Chapter 2 is issue 23 of MTMTE. Chapter 3 is issue 23 of RID. They flip back and forth like that until chapter 11, when the finale/chapter 12 of Dark Cybertron is again not technically an issue of MTMTE or RID.

Normal issue order resumes at issue 28 of MTMTE.

Dark Cybertron Chapter Order
Chapter 1 - The Transformers: Dark Cybertron
Chapter 2 - MTMTE #23
Chapter 3 - RID #23
Chapter 4 - MTMTE #24
Chapter 5 - RID #24
Chapter 6 - MTMTE #25
Chapter 7 - RID #25
Chapter 8 - MTMTE #26
Chapter 9 - RID #26
Chapter 10 - MTMTE #27
Chapter 11- RID #27
Chapter 12 - The Transformers: Dark Cybertron Finale

sometimes I’m struck by just how big an influence Megatron must have been for Orion Pax. And how similarly they saw the world, with all its injustices and imbalances. It’s methodology that drove them apart - and even with all of the fighting and war and mutual antipathy I can’t help but think there’s a part of Pax that still feels as though he owes Megatron a great debt.

I really get the feeling that there’s a lot more to Rung than we’ve seen so far. He seems to have been around for a very long time, been tangentially involved in the lives of almost all the bots on the Lost Light…maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think Rung is just a passenger in this story.