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Hello! Could I please request TFP Starscream, TFA Prowl, and Whirl reacting to a human s/o who's a really good writer? And thank you so much, this blog makes me incredibly happy. :D

Aww thank you darling ^.^

TFP Starscream

  • He won’t outright ask you read your writing, partly because he know’s that kind of thing is private. If you ask him to, though, he’ll do so happily.
  • He’s less into flowery poetry and more into satire, politics, or science. He might prod at you to write about some of these things because he really thinks you could nail it. 
  • If you write something about him he’ll be over the moon.
  • Starscream is a great editor. He’s good with precise wording and cutting down on the Extra. 

TFA Prowl

  • He’s curious about your writing, but would never read it without your permission.
  • He loves the way your words flow and paint a picture. He goes on and on about how in awe he is of your skill.
  • Once he builds up the confidence he writes poetry for you. It’s sappy af but also very beautiful.
  • When you have writer’s block he takes you to the park or star-gazing, or let’s you meditate with him. It’s a good way to get those creative juices flowing.


  • You can’t tell, but he’s actually curious about your writing. He’d just never say it out loud. You have to offer to let him read it, and even then he just says, “Sure. Whatever, shorty.”
  • It’s hard for him to stay still and focused, so he usually paces while reading your work. He also talks to himself, “Whoa, that was that guy?!”
  • He likes action-packed stories (who would’ve guessed) but he’s also into that dystopian society stuff. 
  • He becomes that friend who takes your notebook and pesters you for that next chapter. He gets super invested and is pretty much a one-bot fandom for your writing. Throws a fit when you kill off one of his favorite characters.

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Hey, it's me, the Stargazing S/O anon person, and I'm here to say that they were very cute! Could I also get Fort Max and Ultra Magnus?

I’m glad you liked it ^.^

Fortress Maximus 

  • Max thinks you’re absolutely precious and gushes over your when you get excited about the stars. He can’t help but pick you up and cover you in smooches.
  • He cuddles with you next to the window and you make up constellations together.
  • When he’s being especially romantic he calls you “Starshine.”

Ultra Magnus

  • You make his spark skip a beat with how cute you are. 
  • He’s eager to tell you about all the places he’s been and what he’s seen. His tales are enrapturing; he has a perfect story-telling voice.
  • He convinces Rodimus to steer just a bit off course in order to show you sth prettiest places, galaxies that swirl like liquid rainbow and shooting stars raining across the vastness. It’s beautiful- but not as beautiful as you.

I can post these now! These were my contributions to the TF fan calendar.

I am so so happy I got to work alongside a team of good beans, wonderful people who all did stunning artwork for this project, it was a lot of fun and exciting to do, and I hope everyone who got a calendar is happy with it, thank you all so much again for getting one! We greatly, greatly appreciate the support, it means a lot to all of us ;w;