Cygate thought #3

Cyclonus makes a deadpan joke/comment.

Tailgate, who is standing next to him, is the only one who gets it, and has to bow his head, offline his optics, press a single servo to his mask and does not make a single sound.

Cyclonus at first thinks hes done something wrong. As he secretly looks closer,he realizes that tailgates trying to hold in laughter and it makes him smile.

I don’t know. This thought made me smile today for some reason.

anonymous asked:

May I request Rodimus, Ratchet, and Skids attempting to comfort a depressed S/O? Thanks~.

You are the anon that I’ve got to apologize to the most! You’re request is nearly two months old I believe, and I’m so sorry, sweetspark. D: I redid this one over and over again and I’m still iffy about it. I hope you like it and if not, please feel free to ask away when my ask box opens again! <3

  • Rodimus takes you to do all of your favorite things to cheer you up. He honestly isn’t quite sure how to help, but he hates to see you unhappy and is determined to comfort you. He brings out all of your favorite movies, snacks, and wraps you up in blankets. Randomly barges into your hab suite like “’sup cutie” and cuddles you to death cause he’s good at that.
  •  Awkwardly encourages you to talk to him but immediately stops if you make it clear you don’t want to.  He otherwise acts pretty upbeat and energetic to lighten the mood, but underneath it all, he’s terribly concerned and still wants you to discuss your feelings with him. Yes, he might get frustrated but he’ll always get it back together enough to own up to any mistakes he’s made.
  • He will shower you with affection and remind you that he loves you, even more than he already does. All he knows is that your mind may be telling you some pretty nasty lies right now and he’s there to tell you it’s all false. You’re so important to him and without you he’d probably be a hot mess rather than a hot rod. :)
  • Ratchet pretty much confronts you immediately and asks you to tell him how he can help you. He does anything you want and gets anything you ask for within reason and without complaint.   He knows your state of mind is no laughing matter and is serious when taking care of you. Still isn’t a pushover though and won’t allow you do anything detrimental to your health.
  • Encourages you to get out and exercise, even if it’s just a bit of walking around. He will accompany you and talk to temporarily get your mind away from negative thoughts. This is the one of the rare times where he won’t object to you trying to hold his hand in public.
  • He’s doesn’t really make a habit of it, but he does try to make a point to tell you how much you mean to him and your friends and family. He knows you probably don’t believe it at the moment, but he’s going to try to show you even if it he has to live another lifetime to do so.
  • Skids will take you someplace quiet and peaceful like an observation deck to have a talk with you. He’s incredibly concerned and can tell when you try to downplay your feelings since he’s learned your behavioral tells. There’s really no use hiding anything from him and he wants to make it clear that you can tell him anything. He’s got your back.
  • Swoops into your room to kiss you and spontaneously take you on a date. He will sneak you away and go on long drives with you, get your favorite food, and spend time with you whenever he can because he doesn’t want you to think that you’re alone or that nobody cares. ( Psst, you’re not and he loves you.) If you’ve got the energy for it, this nerd will want to take you to theme parks or dance clubs.
  • Skids doesn’t exactly like himself and he’s cynical underneath it all, but he’ll be damned if he lets you go on thinking badly of yourself. Maybe along the way you’ll both learn to love yourselves the way you love each other. His outward attitude of course betrays nothing and he’s got a near constant smirk and is always joking around with you. Seeing you laugh makes him happy.

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How would mtmte fort max, rung, and rodimus react to their human s/o having to wear a space suit on the lost light. And their reaction when the s/o finally can take it off?

Transformers MTMTE

Rodimus thinks the space suit is cool, though he doesn’t really think much else about it. When you can finally take it off, the first thing he does is kiss you without the inconvenience and he probably says something like ‘now I get to see your cute face properly

Rung understands why it’s necessary for you to wear the space suit, and thinks you look cute in it. When you can take it off, he doesn’t say much, but is more relaxed with holding you close. He thinks you look cuter without it.

Fortress Maximus is extremely careful with you while you wear it, in case he accidentally breaks it. When you take it off, he’s still super careful, but more willing to hold you and cuddle with you.

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MTMTE Pharma: How would he react to a human little buddy who was having a minor allergic reaction to something--like pollen or something like that?

fuck pharma i have never hated a plane so much in my liFE aside from starscream but thats STANDARD

Pharma (MTMTE)

  • He’d probably scan you up and try to figure out what the hell was wrong with you, and when that was unsuccessful, he would just ask you what your problem was. When you tell him, he’d be like “what in the name of Cybertron is an allergy?”

  • You have no idea how to explain it, but when you compare it to something Cybertronians get- like rusting, for example- he freaks out. “If you’re rusting, then stay away from me! We can’t both be sick or I’ll never help you!” You need to tell him that rusting and allergic reactions are not the same thing after all.

  • After he finds out the allergen and ways you can avoid it, you both feel a little more relaxed.